The Qld DPP and Crown Law accused of corruption.

One Nation Party co-founder David Ettridge has just released his latest book titled ABOVE THE LAW which exposes a long list of what he describes as deliberate errors by the DPP and Crown Law that led to his imprisonment with Pauline Hanson in 2003.

June 23rd 2021.

‘I accuse the Beattie Government of that time of political interference, Judges of deliberately ignoring evidence of our innocence, Crown law of not acting judiciously, the DPP of ignoring evidence, plus perjury and errors of a judge that should lead to a mistrial for a wrong 1999 court judgement. My book has been described as a political thriller’ Ettridge said today.
‘Years of cold case style research has revealed an alarming number of errors made in the courts, and evidence of our innocence being destroyed or hidden from the courts and Jury.’ He said.
‘The Queensland Government won’t like my book, as it exposes admissions by Premier Beattie of his intent to destroy the One Nation Party plus how the Electoral Commissioner and the Crown Law barrister at the first trial steadfastly maintained the Electoral Commissioner had never been defrauded. He wasn’t, and the court-of-appeal agreed when they released us in November 2003’ Ettridge added.
‘Our charging was conducted after a lengthy police report said a conviction was unlikely, and that critically important evidence was never discovered in the trial and destroyed for what it contained’ Ettridge claimed. ‘A court of Appeal judgement in 2004 also declared our innocence in spite of all the effort in the courts to prove otherwise and that document has also been destroyed’ Ettridge added.
‘I discovered from early transcripts that the primary evidence of our innocence was not introduced in either of the first two civil trials and when it surfaced in our District Court trial it contradicted the guilty ruling of the judge in court number two. That’s how justice functions in Queensland’ he said.
In correspondence to the Attorney General Ettridge provided more than 115 examples of judicial error in what he describes as a malicious prosecution designed to pervert the course of justice.
‘What we faced was a classic fit-up for a crime we did not commit. Retrospective legislation was applied and double jeopardy trials added to the shame of this dark period of Queensland political history’ He claimed.

Ettridge’s book ABOVE THE LAW is available on For $6.99

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