I never imagined anyone could be THIS Stupid . . . I was wrong


A guy takes the Astra-Zeneca Jab, gets blood clots requiring amputation of his leg.  He’s now out PROMOTING the vaccine to others!



Let me see if I have this right:

The guy gets the “clot-shot” – the mRNA gene therapy masquerading as a COVID-19 “Vaccine.”

It causes him to develop  blood clots which require the AMPUTATION of his leg.

Now, he’s out telling OTHER PEOPLE to get the same shot???????   Is he out of his fucking mind?

How far in denial does a human have to be to engage in this kind of public stupidity?


Martin comments: That’s it. We’re doomed. Insanity prevails. They’re even using tinkly piano music on the clip. There are no words…

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Martin Harris

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2 thoughts on “I never imagined anyone could be THIS Stupid . . . I was wrong

  1. Obviously the nanobots (graphene oxide) have replicated since his ‘vaccine’ and now he’s programmable. I guess from here on in he’ll praise and promote this clot/death shot till the day he dies!

    1. I think it’s quite simply a case of idiocy, Elizabeth/bethany. Probably being given a financial incentive he couldn’t refuse too.
      Each to their own, but I personally don’t believe the graphene oxide narrative: You’d see it in the syringe if it was there. Even the tiniest amount stains clear liquid a distinct yellow color.
      That isn’t to say there won’t be “a little something” lurking in the vial, mind you.

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