Safe & Effective? – 78% of Covid-19 deaths among Vaccinated, 47% rise in teen deaths since they had the Vaccine, 999 calls due to Cardiac Arrest at an all time high (UK)

The public have been repeatedly told that the Covid-19 vaccines are “100% safe and effective” because they have been through the same rigorous testing every other approved vaccine has been through, despite the fact it took less than a year to allegedly formulate a vaccine, test it, and “get it into the arms” of the general public.

Today we can confirm that you have been lied to, the Covid-19 vaccines have not been through the same rigorous testing as other vaccines, and they are neither safe or effective, and we can prove this via a wealth of available official government data.

Public Health England have now been replaced by a new organisation, dreamt up by ex-Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. The new organisation is now known as the ‘UK Health Security Agency’. That’s a slightly sinister and extremely concerning name isn’t it?

The new UK Health Security Agency released a report on Thursday September 30th entitled ‘Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 39‘, and within it they have published the number of alleged Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths from week 35 to week 38 of 2021, by vaccination status.

Table 2 of the report reveals that between August 30th 2021, and September 26th 2021 there were a total of 699,489 positive test results for the Covid-19 virus recorded in England. Of these, 316,002 cases were among the not vaccinated population, 53,070 were among the partly vaccinated population, and 273,540 were among the fully vaccinated population.

Source – Page 14

This means that the unvaccinated accounted for 45% of Covid-19 cases throughout September, whereas people who had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine accounted for 47% of Covid-19 cases throughout September.

This is extremely concerning when you take into account that 240,077 of the Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated population were in children under the age of 18. Children are being tested regularly in schools despite the fact they rarely even suffer a temperature due to the alleged virus.

If we remove confirmed cases of Covid-19 in children under 18 from the equation all together then we are left with a very different set of results that tell an entirely different story.

Confirmed cases among all unvaccinated adults over the age of 18 between August 30th and September 26th equate to 75,925. Whilst confirmed cases among all adults who had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine equate to 313,292. Therefore unvaccinated adults account for just 18% of cases in September, whilst vaccinated adults account for 74% of cases in September.

The data published by the UK Health Security Agency on cases also shows that the Covid-19 vaccine actually has a negative effectiveness as high as -66% in all adults over the age of 40, with the average efficacy equating to -50%. This is far from the 95% effectiveness claimed by the vaccine manufacturers, and the data actually shows that adults are up to 66% more likely to develop Covid-19 if they have been vaccinated.

We covered the negative efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines in detail in an article published October 1st 2021 which can be viewed here. But these are the results of the effectiveness of the vaccines by age groups based on the equation used by vaccine manufacturers to claim an effectiveness of 95% –


Table 3 of the report published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shows the number of people admitted to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 from August 30th to September 26th 2021, by vaccination status, and the table tells a similar story to that of cases, except the figures are actually worse for those who have been vaccinated.

The number of unvaccinated people admitted to hospital with Covid-19 during this time was 2,922. The number of partly vaccinated people admitted to hospital was 356, and the number of fully vaccinated people admitted to hospital was 4,378.

Source – Page 15

This means that during September 2021 the unvaccinated accounted for just 38% of hospitalisations due to Covid-19, whilst the vaccinated accounted for 62%.

Table 4 of the report published by UKHSA shows the number of deaths to have occurred between August 30th and September 26th within 28 days of a positive test result for Covid-19, by vaccination status, and again things are worse among the fully vaccinated.

There were 687 deaths among the unvaccinated, 110 deaths among the partly vaccinated, and 2,338 deaths among the fully vaccinated…READ MORE

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