Confirmation From The Mainstream: You’ve Been Conned by Doctor Pfizer!

The following is from The Guardian, a reputable British Mainstream News outlet that has proven to be surprisingly honest and impartial of late. Read and share with your delusional friends who think Doctor Pfizer’s Magical Elixir has saved them from COVID.

People who are fully vaccinated against Covid yet catch the virus are just as infectious to others in their household as infected unvaccinated people, research suggests.

Households are a key setting for the transmission of Covid infections (pdf), with frequent prolonged daily contact with an infected person linked to an increased risk of catching the virus.

However, questions have remained – including the true proportion of household contacts who become infected from an initial case, the duration of their infection, and the impact of vaccination on the risk of transmitting the virus and the chance of catching it.

Now a study has revealed that while vaccination against Covid is crucial to preventing severe disease and death, even fully jabbed individuals catch the virus – and pass it on.

Writing in the Lancet, researchers from a number of institutions including Imperial College London and the UK Health Security Agency (HSA) report how they analysed data from 204 household contacts of 138 people infected with the Delta variant.

Of these contacts, who were recruited within five days of their household member showing symptoms and were tested daily for 14 days, 53 went on to become infected, 31 of whom were fully vaccinated and 15 were unvaccinated.

The results suggest even those who are fully vaccinated have a sizeable risk of becoming infected, with analysis revealing a fully vaccinated contact has a 25% chance of catching the virus from an infected household member while an unvaccinated contact has a 38% chance of becoming infected...

The analysis further suggests that whether an infected individual is themselves fully vaccinated or unvaccinated makes little or no difference to how infectious they are to their household contacts.

The team add that the peak level of virus in infected individuals was the same regardless of whether they were jabbed or not, although these levels dropped off more quickly in the vaccinated people, suggesting they cleared the infection sooner.

“This likely explains why [fully vaccinated] breakthrough cases are as infectious to their contacts as [unvaccinated] cases” said Prof Ajit Lalvani, chair of infectious diseases at Imperial College London and an author of the study.

The team also looked more closely at those who were fully vaccinated.

“What we found, surprisingly, was that already by three months after receipt of the second vaccine dose, the risk of acquiring infection was higher compared to being more recently vaccinated,” said Lalvani.

“This suggests that vaccine-induced protection is already waning by about three months post-secondary,” he added.

The Guardian

Read the full article here:

Jabs do not reduce risk of passing Covid within household, study suggests | Coronavirus | The Guardian

And even the BBC is telling it:

Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home

Double jabbed people are catching Covid and passing it on to those they live with, warn experts who have studied UK household cases.

Individuals who have had two vaccine doses can be just as infectious as those who have not been jabbed.

Even if they have no or few symptoms, the chance of them transmitting the virus to other unvaccinated housemates is about two in five, or 38%.

Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home – BBC News

Take note Kiwis: Your government wants to be your sole source of COVID “facts”. Your government has LIED repeatedly and without remorse. WHO DO YOU TRUST? “Think For Yourself”.

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