ALL of Canada Has Joined The Convoy, Except Trudeau. Accuses Freedom Convoy 2022 of Propagating Hatred, Racism and Violence

Yesterday I stood with friends and colleagues at one of the many highway overpasses in Toronto as we watched a truly historic moment unfold before our tear-filled eyes. Thousands of liberty-loving Canadians from all walks of life were gathered there—as they were throughout the country—in the freezing cold, holding aloft flags and signs to show support for hundreds of courageous transport truck drivers as they passed by us in the Freedom Convoy on the way to our nation’s capital.  — David Skripac, renowned author and  pilot who served as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force


According to Justin Trudeau: 

the protesters “have expressed hateful rhetoric and violence towards their fellow citizens.”

“So to those responsible for this behaviour — it needs to stop, …

Canadians at home are watching in disgust and disbelief at this behaviour, wondering how this could have happened in our nation’s capital. …

Trudeau says that no one has a right “to abuse, intimidate and harass … fellow citizens.”

(January 31 Statement followed by Press Conference, Video below)

“Disgust and Disbelief” according to Trudeau. Millions of Canadians from coast to coast have supported and continue to support the Freedom Convoy 2022.

There was no evidence of racism, hatred and violence by protesters, abuse against fellow citizens as claimed by the Prime Minister.

The Vaccine Is Safe According to Trudeau

Trudeau claims without evidence that the vaccine is safe. We do not support disinformation and conspiracy theories, he says.

He attacks Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party. He calls on politicians to think very carefully who they are supporting.

He calls upon politicians to “respect science”.

Science and Facts

Trudeau calls for “trust in science, trust in facts”. In that regard I fully support him. 

My message to Justin Trudeau:

I suggest you read the official science and facts reports of the EU, US and UK pertaining to reported, recorded and registered vaccine-related deaths and adverse events. Bear in mind: Most deaths and adverse events are not reported.

These are official figures. They are facts.

And Health Canada does not inform Canadians on the deaths and adverse events pertaining to Covid-19 vaccine.

See Trudeau’s Statement followed by Press Conference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “hate speech and racist symbols must not be tolerated in Canada.” 1:46

See video below.

This is what is happening. And Trudeau calls it a “fringe minority”.

Video: ALL of Canada Has Joined The Convoy, Except Trudeau


Trudeau referred to swastikas intimating that the organizers are supportive of Neo-Nazi symbols. (There was one swastika event in Ottawa coupled with a Confederate flag, confirmed by the Times of Israel).

What Trudeau, however, fails to mention is that his government is supporting Ukraine’s National Guard which is controlled by Neo-Nazi elements…


ALL of Canada Has Joined The Convoy, Except Trudeau. Accuses Freedom Convoy 2022 of Propagating Hatred, Racism and Violence – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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