What Have We Become, New Zealand?


This government has done everything in their power to divide Maori and those of European descent (I refuse to refer to them as Pakeha), but the protests prove that such divisions have failed miserably. We are all New Zealanders. And I thank God for that.

by Christie 5 March, 2022


It has taken me until now to actually co-ordinate my thoughts about the riots at parliament on Wednesday. You see, I know a number of people who attended the protests; they were mostly locals, so they didn’t stay overnight, so I do not know if any of them were there on Wednesday. Actually, I do know of one, but he was heading down there as the rioting started, and so – very sensibly – he kept his distance.

I watched most of it via Chantelle Baker’s Facebook livestream, and her screams of anguish as she watched her father, Leighton, being rough handled by the police still ring in my ears. This is Leighton Baker, former leader of the New Conservative Party we are talking about, being treated like a criminal because he wanted to exercise his right to protest.

What have we become, New Zealand?

Leighton Baker was arrested with a group of others, who were charged and then released fairly quickly, but Baker was not. Being a politician, he was held overnight, to the great distress of his family, who had not heard from him. Eventually, he was released, but one of his bail conditions is that he is not allowed to speak in public against the COVID Response Bill.

Well, if you thought the police were not politicised, then you need to take off your blinkers. This is politics, pure and simple… and now people are being muzzled from speaking about proposed legislation.

What have we become, New Zealand?

It is also notable that genuinely peaceful protests have been condemned, both in Canada and in New Zealand, as being threatening to politicians’ lives, full of conspiracy theorists, “rivers of filth”, and generally violent… but when the supporters of George Floyd went on rampages around cities in the US, actually looting and burning buildings, the media described them (while standing in front of a building in flames) as “mostly peaceful”.

I would love to say, “You can’t make this stuff up”, but we are way beyond that.

But do not despair. All is not lost. We are not alone.

Just stop and think about how a large number of normal, ordinary Kiwis descended on Wellington to make their position clear. Many were vaccinated, but they came out in force to protest the inequalities that are happening in New Zealand. And remember that there were a large number of people of Maori descent among the protests at parliament. That makes me enormously proud. This government has done everything in their power to divide Maori and those of European descent (I refuse to refer to them as Pakeha), but the protests prove that such divisions have failed miserably. We are all New Zealanders. And I thank God for that.

There are still many of us who believe in the values held by most New Zealanders, and nothing has changed. We are all still the same.

It is not us, but the politicians that have changed.

I confess I have no idea who to vote for next year, but it will not be any of the traditional parties. And I was the one who told you to hold your nose and vote National.

Don’t. They do not deserve your vote.

And it would not have come to this, had it not been for our cowardly and selfish politicians who have done a disgraceful job of putting people at risk by refusing to talk to the protestors, and thereby left them at the mercy of serious rioters.

We have a right to protest. All of the politicians in our parliament have denied that. They have denigrated the protesters as “rivers of filth”, as vermin, as second class citizens, but next year, they will all be begging us for our votes and pretending that they love us all, really.

Well, they will not be getting my vote. No party currently in parliament will be getting my vote.

Just about everyone I speak to, whether they supported the protest or not, agree that, if the politicians had talked to the protesters, the awful scenes on Wednesday would not have happened. That is very telling.

It acknowledges that all our politicians see themselves as an elite, and their voters as ‘deplorables’.

They do not negotiate, they command, and if you do not obey their demands, then it is tear gas and pepper spray until you do.

This is what we have become, New Zealand.

And our esteemed prime minister took a tour of the grounds after the riots had ended and all she was concerned about was the damage to the children’s playground. Of course she was. That was Neve’s kingdom. She never gave a thought to the children whose lives have been torn apart by the mandates that she enforces. No. It seems that even amongst children, there are elites and deplorables too.

This is what we have become, New Zealand. Never forget.

WARNING. Photoshopped image credit Eurokiwi. The BFD

AUTHOR: CHRISTIE. Ex-pat from the north of England, living in NZ since the 1980s, I consider myself a Kiwi through and through, but sometimes, particularly at the moment with Brexit, I hear the call from home. I believe the only way ahead in life is through education and hard work. Political affiliations: National and ACT.

Martin comments: Excellent article Christie. I too am from Northern England and New Zealander since the early 80s.

When I first started attending the TFRC protests in October-November I started hearing talk about the time being right for a new political party. I was very dismissive about this, being concerned about Ardern getting a third term thanks to a repeat of the splintered vote issue. However, after Luxon’s apparent solidarity with his alleged opposition you’ve really got to wonder. The so-called “conspiracy theory” about a hidden hand, call ’em the Illuminati or whatever you want, creating a system with the illusion of democracy but with both sides ultimately achieving the same thing through different paths, is looking (as so many conspiracies do) increasingly real.

We The People are waking up and pushing back. Globally, not just here in NZ. Who will our new leaders be? There is a caution here. The “Last Card” is yet to be played and a false saviour is waiting to emerge and entrap us. Stay awake people and stay sharp.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

8 thoughts on “What Have We Become, New Zealand?

  1. Your vote does not count, and it never did. They have been selected in by the elite, not elected. The vaccine mandate was the perfect divide and conquer strategy ever pulled by the government on its people. There are two types of people in this world, the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated”. The government knew this would divide families, split society, split gangs and fight amongst themselves, by accusing one another for getting each other sick. I am unvaccinated, and cannot be around anymore than 3 people in the same room who have been vaccinated.Even the gang leaders got paid off from the government, just to try get their whole gang chapter vaccinated. Goes the same with the Maori Iwi, sold most of their own tribe out for lots of money. Church leaders as well, all got paid to try get their whole congregation vaccinated. I think the vaccine was made all for money, and to depopulate the world. ” For the LOVE of MONEY is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows”. – 1 Timothy 6:10.

    1. ” Church leaders as well, all got paid to try get their whole congregation vaccinated.”
      That’s a VERY broad generalisation Dan. Which churches specifically? My parents are heavily involved in the Catholic Church and they hold a Vax pass service and no mandate service (at least at their local church) and the unmandated service is far and away the greater attendance.
      Destiny Church I should hardly need to say are definitely unmandated!

      1. But everything has gone silent…of all of the big “organisers for our picnics & braodcasting streams”…except Christchurch…I know, they are all on multible bail charges & not allowed to comment,but we all need to have the odd support of a voice!! at some stage..
        I got one cheering note today, left written on a mask on my side mirror regards my posters on the car:
        “Thank you, love your posters, you made my day.!” A smiley & 2x hearts.
        So did it mine, after watching the sunset in Muriwai…all we need is to support each other! So we can grow strength again…A lot of strength!

        1. It hasn’t gone silent Marion. Sit-ins and other protest events are being held around the country through the week, protests at weekends etc.
          Have you signed up with Freedoms and Rights Coalition or Voices For Freedom? If you are keen join one of their local action groups or at the very least keep an eye on their Social Media platforms. lots going on but you have have to be looking in the right places.

          1. TFRC is quiet in Auckland, no more posts since the harbour bridge crossing, not even an update/photos/videos on your Christchurch event from the last weekend. Some people even commented, that the parliament grounds only turned violent once TFRC crew/supporters left… Most events from VFF are held during the days..

            1. Can’t comment as I don’t live in Auckland We’re busy here in Christchurch. Freedom Camp packing up PEACEFULLY and AS AGREED with cops and council. Announced last weekend as we’re moving to North Hagley park for this weekend’s protest and it will be a goodie. Sorry I won’t be there. The Press and Stuff are predictably reporting a false narrative about ChCh Freedom Camp’s departure portraying the campers are noisy, aggressive, and refusing to leave. Simply not true.
              Sit-in at Christchurch City Library (tomorrow I think). You have to be either present at a protest to hear the announcement or a member of a social media group to hear about these things Marion. Hope you are aware there are are two TFRC FB sites and its #2 that gets updated. Also check Man Up Canterbury (Derek Tait’s page) as that often gets TFRC updates and coverage.
              Not surprised Wellington turned to crap after TFRC left as we’re proudly and resolutely “peaceful but not passive” and focus on resistance through civil disobedience, not violent resistance. Trouble with Welly was (Aside from the obvious police response) too many chiefs trying to run the show, and too many non-protestors attending for a bit of mayhem and disorder.
              Say what you want about Tamaki’s lot, they sure know how to organise a protest and keep it clean.

              1. I placed my comment before I had a look on the FB site. Iam not a member, so I can only see when clicking on it. A march will be held, just like in CHCH & elsewhere this W/E in Auckland, 12th.
                Yes, definetly my heads up to TFRC gatherings & marches, disregarding their past. Without them we would have never experienced how uniformed & strong we can be become. It gave & gives me hope & pride to be part of it.

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