NZ Mandates Fall, But Victory is Tainted With Sadness


As the New Zealand Government withdraws vaccine passes and associated mandates well ahead of the June 1st “Sunset” review date, I should be elated. Yet I feel a deep unshakeable melancholy. Why?

The reason Ardern dropped the vaccination pass and employment mandates:

“The reason the draconian Jacinda Ardern has dropped the mandates is because of huge protests across the country on an unprecedented scale, and legal action that declared Mandates on Police and Defence staff illegal (successful High Court ruling) and impending court battles on teacher mandates and a Class Action lawsuit against the government on behalf of the people. With polls showing Ardern’s popularity plummeting, and borders opening to tourists who don’t have a NZ vax pass, the Labour government painted itself into a corner. Ardern found herself with no viable option but to start dropping mandates.”(Comment left on Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube channel by this author following Campbell’s comments on NZ’s “surpisingly draconian” mandates being prematurely and unexpectedly ditched)

If you doubt the veracity of my comment, here’s refresher of what was hanging over the government’s head:

“If you have lost your job, make plans now and prepare to return to work this coming week.

If your workplace will not reinstate your position this week, we will immediately undertake united class-action lawsuits against workplaces on a grand litigation scale never seen before in New Zealand. This is in addition to the High Court cases already underway for the likes of NZTSOS and more.”

UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE: Activation Plan for 1st March 10am » Uncensored Publications Limited

Make no mistake; the protests and associated activism were stunningly effective. The battle is not over, but the dropping of vax passes way ahead of the June 1 “sunset” review date is a win. A major win.

But to use some analogy from fiction, this isn’t a Star Wars victory with fireworks and dancing in the streets, and it was never going to be. It is a Lord of the Rings victory. A victory that came at a cost for both the victor and the vanquished.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Ending 1983 Vs 2011
Victory as portrayed in Star Wars: Fireworks and dancing in the streets.
Éowyn and Éomer | …and then there was Sarah
Victory as portrayed in Lord Of The Rings: Freedom won at great cost.

From Ardern there has been no dancing at the Podium of Truth this time around. Just a potted narrative of the past two years with a rather lacklustre attempt at self-congratulation. A defeated and haggard looking Prime Minister trying valiantly to save face.

PM Jacinda Ardern dances for joy as New Zealand lifts lockdown after  coronavirus 'eliminated' - YouTube
Ardern announcing end of Lockdown, 2020
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's 'new beginning': COVID-19 vaccine passes to  end, unvaccinated teachers can return with mandate shakeup | Newshub
Ardern announcing end of mandates, 2021

Very shortly after TFRC issued it’s March 1 ultimatum for the government to commence retraction of mandates, Ardern retaliated. You all know the details as the police stamped out the anti-mandate Freedom Camp on Parliament Grounds.

Red Sky in the morning: Image (

For the entire duration of the protest, Ardern hid behind the couch, too cowardly to show herself to the people who had come for answers and assurances. Once the cops had trashed the grounds and created a mess for the media to film, Ardern emerged to cry crocodile tears, pausing to flash a Satanic hand signal:

Image courtesy Jo Blogs Red Sky in the morning: Image (

It is very telling that she was showed such emotion over a bit of grass but no empathy or concern was expressed for the protestors nor those they represented: Those who had lost their businesses, the jobless mandate victims she promised never to mandate. The broken families. Those who took the vaccine in good faith only to be injured by it. The “second class citizens” wanting their rights and freedoms returned. No apology, no remorse. Nothing.

“They wouldn’t listen to us”: Distraught protestor breaks down as Police descend on the Freedom Camp at parliament.

Despite the apparent defeat at Parliament, we had victories in the making. The aforementioned impending legal cases were inevitable wins in the aftermath of the successful Police and Defence Force ruling. What a shame the cops shat on our movement in response.

Ardern’s number was up and she knew it. We won. She lost. The media won’t report it that way, and she’ll never admit it. But it’s the truth.

So why the anticlimactic feel? I guess, for me, there is a feeling that something vital has been lost from New Zealand that may never return. People have likened Jacinda Ardern to a number of infamous dictators and tyrants, but the comparison doesn’t quite fit. I think she’s more like a succubus. A female demon that allures, seduces, then drains the life-essence from her victims. She and her cabinet in government have certainly sucked the lifeblood out of the economy, but that’s not what I mean. There has been a wound opened in society, a gaping rift of division, through which compassion and empathy seem to have drained. I think the wound will take a very long time to heal.

It is the effect the Covid Lock Step Scenario and the associated mandates have had on people that saddens me most deeply. Stories abound of firm friends and devoted family members who can no longer bear to be in the same room together let alone look each other in the eye. I am astounded to discover how many people there are in my own neighborhood who are truly nasty, vindictive, and small-minded. People all too enthusiastic to become informants, snitches, narcs. Vaccine bigots.

It also saddens me to realise just how short many people’s memories are, how unquestioning they are, and how trusting of what they see and hear from the Mainstream Media. How quick they are block their ears and close their eyes in the face of information that conflicts with the narrative they’ve clung to.

Short memories: The government depends on it.

It appears that fear is a depressingly effective tool.

I remember one of the burning questions of history was, how did people fall for history’s dictators and tyrants so easily? How did they so easily become enthusiastic in their hatred of certain groups and races and turn a blind eye to the obvious injustices going on under their noses? I guess now we’ve had a practical demonstration of just how it happens. Many people really are like sheep. Short on memory and easily controlled. My faith in humanity’s capacity for learning from past mistakes has taken a big hit, that’s for sure.

Jacinda Put New Zealanders' Health and Wellbeing Second | The BFD

There are the positives, however.

The number of awakened people has surprised me. I recall the elation at seeing the huge crowds attending the Christchurch TFRC protests. One definitely gets a sense of being a part of history-in-the-making at these marches. I’m proud to have been a part of it, to have been up front week after week with camera in hand and shared the experience with Uncensored readers, to have chanted so loudly that I’ve almost lost my voice for two days after each event. The mandates have galvanised the awakened and brought people together like nothing before.

Ardern spoke of diversity, love, kindness and unity. Yet she caused hatred, discrimination and division. Conversely, the protest marches displayed the very attributes she failed to deliver.

One must suspect more than a hint of jealousy in our PM, surely? Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t face us?

Vaccine Protest Auckland Harbour Bridge

For the past couple of weekends, however, I have enjoyed quietly pottering in the garden and the workshop, or simply spending time with the family. Like Samwise Gamgee, I have returned from grand adventures and epic battles to enjoy a simple suburban life. A Lord Of The Rings victory. Like The One Ring, the Vax Pass has been cast into the fire, and Ardern’s tower of power is crumbling and falling in spectacular slo-mo.

Alas, one cannot rest for long. The battle against evil is never over. Our government and their Globalist friends are already brewing the next phase and we must continue the fight.

Covid Jab is a Medical Experiment - a Community crowdfunding project in  High Wycombe by Roxyy Freedom

It’s just a damn shame it ever came to the point where a father and his son get turned away from the local swimming pool because Dad didn’t have his vaccination pass. My boy said “It’s OK Dad, This is what you’re protesting for. You’ll get our freedom back”.

When I told my son the mandates were ending and I could take him swimming again. He just smiled and replied quietly, “See Dad. I knew your protests would work. So when can we get rid of the masks?”

Like I said, it’s never over.

Martin Harris
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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

3 thoughts on “NZ Mandates Fall, But Victory is Tainted With Sadness

  1. Well said! I certainly thought I’d be doing a dance when she announced the end of mandates, but in reality I just felt like we were finally getting back something that should never have been taken from us to start with! Some relief that those of us that want it are being offered Novavax as an option, and more relief still that the coercion to have it is no longer there. I saw a few people in the supermarket with no masks on last week, hoping more people will start following suit and just ditch them!

    1. I reckon the masks will go soon. I can see my co-workers getting weary of the whole “mask-on, mask-off” nonsense in the workplace. There’s no science behind it, and in fact the only real solid studies available point to masks as ineffective. This was the stance of the government until Michael Baker got involved. All I can say is that China makes a lot of money out of the disposable masks (and it appears that slave labour may be involved in the manufacture). I suspect a combination of $$$ and dehumanising is behind the whole mask agenda.

  2. True, so sad & what we once thought, what we took for granted…is gone( for now ? )
    It’s interesting to see the pic from 2021 of Jabcinda…Everything has changed of our PM’s presentation: The ears & face has gone longer, more wrinkles & dark eyes appeared, lies have extended (into a number of years now) & rather her lying nose ( Pinoccio ),it’s more her right index finger, that shows an unusual long length….which has grown….
    I think the more sadned fact is, that a lot of people seem to have given up of fighting. Working in a small shopping mall in Auckland, there was only a handful of shops,that took down the QR code signs the following day….the rest is still asleep today. Upon mentioning it to the health shop, which is my regular psycholical support centre, I said, your sign is still up..NO WAY, we took it down!!!There is still one up!! WHERE?? So we ripped it apart & jumped on it like witches aroud a fire…to make sure the evil is gone & laughed…
    But what do we face next?
    In Holland the emergency covid law has been changed into a permanent law ( Corona, session 96,explained by a dutch lawyer, peaceful protestors awaiting trial against incitement ).
    In France, there is no more “law” for mask wearing, they still put it on.
    I have seen parents now having their 2-3 year olds wearing a mask. They can barley walk, let alone TALK!!
    Most of the old folks have given up…what’s our % in NZ? Maybe 30%-35%….in Germany you have more old people than young ones. BUT those are the voices we need to change/eliminate this government…If the majority of them say..”Well, that’s what it is, I have lived my life, gotta couple of years to go, I go with the flow.,can’t be bothered anymore…FFS..sorry, but you were the ones who put me on this planet & voted for those pr….s all you life. I never did. Along another 30 % who put their head in the sand,another 45% who swim with the tide…do I still have any numbers left? 5 or 10% that have to fight for everything & everyone….hence we feel tired, sadned, disappointed. Mainly to the fact upon realisation of our friends, family, relation & government. Sadly we know now, where we are at, when the ship is sinking…

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