High Strangeness: Ukraine “88” coincidence

Is someone using a code?

The following is a brief excerpt from a blog-in-progress, and thus part of a bigger picture. I felt it worthy of posting as readers may wish to pursue this matter for themselves.

This is just a sample of numerous “88” references with regards Ukraine, and the potential hidden meaning is rather disturbing. Martin

“88” is a numerical code for the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler!” — referencing the fact that the letter “H” is the eighth letter in the Latin alphabet .
88 – Reporting Radicalism in Ukraine

88 KiwiSaver providers investing in the war and weapons set to profit from Ukraine war. (source)

On March 6, Ukraine made a claim that “so far 88 Russian fighter planes have been destroyed”. (source)

The UK has pledged 88 million pounds to Ukraine “to support democracy and reduce Russian reliance” (source)

Ukraine will receive a € 88 million grant from the World Bank for economic recovery (source)

A recent VTISOM poll found that 88% of Russians believe that there are organizations in Ukraine that profess the ideology of Nazism (source)

88% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine will successfully fight off Russia (source)

 88% of Europeans approve the idea of welcoming in the EU people fleeing the war. (source)

BERLIN, April 25 (Reuters) – German defence company Rheinmetall (RHMG.DE) has requested government approval to export 88 Leopard 1A5 tanks to Ukraine,

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office helps donate 88 protective vests to Ukraine (source)

88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs: Wright-Patt medic reflects on childhood in Ukraine (source)

” Ukraine put the new resolution forward at another emergency session of the General Assembly in New York…The draft resolution, seen by AFP, is supported by 88 countries…”

88% of parents stated they are vaccinating children in Ukraine according to UNICEF (source)

Direct damage caused to Ukraine’s infrastructure during the war has reached $88 billion (source)


CFR Journal Volume 88 published 2009: The Key to Kiev: Ukraine’s Security Means Europe’s Stability

“The recent deterioration in relations between Russia and Ukraine should be of great concern to the West, because Ukraine’s security is critical to Europe’s stability. Ukraine must be placed back on the policy agenda, and as a player in its own right, not as an afterthought to a policy toward Russia.” (The Key to Kiev: Ukraine’s Security Means Europe’s Stability on JSTOR)

88 Ukraine Black Lives Matter Pfizer's Violations Face Masks Attendant They Live "Just Coincidence"

Should we be referring to the New World Order as “the Fourth Reich“?

Martin Harris
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Martin Harris

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7 thoughts on “High Strangeness: Ukraine “88” coincidence

  1. The NWO or 4th Reich, see below some dots, that may connect: So this could be the explanation to the ” Satan’s Particle “…you replied to the other week about ” Musk & Free Speech ”

    Quite an interesting connection with the Denver International Airport & the Interview with Steward Swerdlow on ” Time Travel, Portals & the Montauk Project ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZHmS5Dz9D0 as well as CERN & the Hadron Collider…
    So we can spin the wheel to The Earth Alliance which has the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Twenty-Four Civilizations that colonized Earth with humans, and the Council of Five ( even here in NZ ). Out of the CoF there is the “game” DEUS – EX explaining: Augmentation:
    Augmentation is the act of improving a human being by using cybernetics, pharmaceuticals, and nano-technological implants, creating an advanced super-human superior to an ordinary one.
    When “computer games & movies” condition you for the future to come…

  2. Crimes was born ’88.
    The angel number reveals 88.
    A lot of Asian/Chinese use 8( multiple 8 ) on their number plates..
    It’s all a number game, especially for the rich: Musk is valued @ $265 Bill.,acc.to one one source…

    1. The “8” on Chinese number plates is to do with the I Ching and is used in multiples; the more 8’s the luckier the number. Not to be confused with Right Wing “dog-whistling” code 88 Marion.

      1. Yes, I remembered something like this…propbably lucky for them as we just seem to be finding a lot of “lucky” Chinese people in our country, overturning & running over the world by storm. Don’t get me wrong, but it creates a feel, like they are waiting for the trap ( on us ) to snap & that’s the end of it ( for us ). Maybe that’s why a huge % of them aren’t planning & going to mingle with the rest of us NZ’ers and the world – wherever they reside to choose.
        Yes, I know, different cultures & backgrounds…but some kind of nationalities/people simply come across like “visitors”.
        Overall, they are all in this together..

        1. Yes, they are all in the same boat. They don’t care about borders. nationalities or ideologies, but they WILL use these things to divide us and control us. Watch for blog coming soon.

  3. Good article Martin. 88 also ties into the Nazi war machine because of the 88mm artillery piece made famous during the Second World War. Mr Schwab is always talking about the “fourth industrial revolution”, could quite easily translate into “fourth reich” Always seems to be the same people behind it all! Looking forward to full article.

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