Govt Knows Masks Are Mostly for Show

Who will be held responsible for any harm caused to children due to long-term exposure to elevated carbon dioxide levels from wearing masks ? 

Colin Parkinson via theBFD

Facebook group message to NZ school staff

The government has required students from year four upwards to wear masks in the classroom, but in order for masks to be of any practical benefit, they must be the proper type and properly fitted.

The “medical grade” masks recommended are not as effective as N95 or similar masks, but are they effective enough? I seriously doubt it. In fact, N95 would be a bare minimum and that should only be for very short-term (maximum 15 minutes) exposure risks.

In order for an N95 mask to operate correctly, it requires an air-tight seal round all edges, otherwise it is not really filtering anything at all and is little more than an expensive ‘gimmick’. Unfortunately, like most of the “health response measures”, mandating the use of masks seems to be more political than health based.

To form an airtight seal, the face must be clean shaven and it is recommended to use Vaseline or similar to help seal the edges of the mask. The mask itself should have a rubber/silicone seal which is usually not found in cheaper, disposable “N95” masks.

If the mask is not properly sealed, then air can enter in through the sides of the mask bypassing the filter and rendering the whole mask effectively useless in filtering virus particles. This would then offer no real advantage over a scarf or T-shirt pulled up over the nose and mouth.

The problem with a properly fitted N95 mask is that it makes breathing quite difficult, raises CO2 levels and also increases the risk of heat exhaustion.

A powered respirator like the one in the below link would be the minimum PPE necessary to be of any benefit in reducing chances of infection while maintaining relatively ‘safe’ levels of CO2 concentrations. One look at the picture should indicate why this is unlikely to be implemented in a classroom environment.

There are reasons that you see pictures of scientists working in labs wearing inflatable suits.

Basically, the only real way to ‘eliminate’ the risk of passing on a virus is to implement the same protections found in a P4 lab – and even then there can be failures, especially when children are involved.

Questions to consider when evaluating the reduction of risk due to spreading of a virus:

  • What is the exact level of reduction expected in a classroom environment?
  • How often are masks/filters being changed and who monitors this?
  • What measures have been taken to ensure that masks are not contaminated (virus free) before use?
  • Who is responsible for this? When properly fitted an N95 mask should filter 95 per cent of material 0.3 microns or larger. Virus particles are actually smaller than this at around 0.1 microns so I would expect the true efficiency to be much lower, even when properly fitted. As the masks are not 100 per cent efficient it can be expected that after more than about half an hour spent in a room together, children still pose a reasonably high risk of spreading infection even with a properly fitted mask.

In practice, ‘N95’ masks are unlikely to be properly fitted by students, so they will offer very little benefit in reducing the chances of spreading a virus in a classroom environment. The small benefits gained should be weighed against any risk to health.

One of the main health risks to consider is the increased CO2 concentrations while breathing through a mask.

A few health and safety questions to consider:

  • Will carbon dioxide levels of students wearing masks be monitored?
  • How is this done?
  • Who is responsible and what training have they had?

Infomation on toxic levels of CO2 concentrations can be found here:

The following study shows the increased level of CO2 concentrations from wearing a mask reach the 15-minute safety limit and are significantly higher than the eight-hour limit.

I do not recommend continuous use of masks for more than 15 minutes at a time and definitely not on a daily basis. See diagrams here for clarity:

The following study on carbon dioxide levels raises many other areas of concern to consider:
See the issues raised in section 3 (points 3.1 – 3.14). I would recommend going through each point carefully to identify each risk and ways to eliminate or at least minimise these risks.

Who will be held responsible for any harm caused to children due to long-term exposure to elevated carbon dioxide levels? The “medical grade” masks are mostly for show, and it seems that the government is aware of this, as every time there is a positive case identified in a class group the whole class is required to isolate. If the masks worked, there would be no need to isolate. There may be some minor benefit in some situations, but I sincerely doubt that there is any benefit at all for those spending an entire day in the same room. The only thing the children would be protected from is likely just much-needed oxygen. This is just giving a false sense of security and push fear onto children and their families.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

3 thoughts on “Govt Knows Masks Are Mostly for Show

  1. Latest Developments in Compulsory Vaccination/Water Fluoridation:

    The previous chief “science” adviser (Gluckman) to the royal NZ
    (conservative-fascistic) government advocated “the more fluoride, the
    better”. He got the royal title “sir” for his official public-henchman
    prostitution: In fluoridated Auckland there were 50 new children added
    to the 2000+ waiting list every week for emergency dental treatment
    (current waiting time is 8 months; RNZ news 17/11/20), which this
    water fluoridation should have prevented while instead causing
    widespread bodily damage only visible through tooth decay. This
    real-life evidence against water fluoridation is of much higher
    quality than the official report’s statistical pro-fluoridation pseudo
    evidence that could not be established due to the dominance of
    toothpaste fluoridation, but water fluoridation is here to stay:
    On RadioNZ 28/7/2022 the unelected NZ Director (dictator Bloomfield) of Public
    Health, having already resigned as consequence of wrong covid-related
    decisions, used a recent law change to order in his final days
    fluoridation of water supplies of some localities that have a higher
    percentage of Maori, thus setting a secret-agenda precedence for
    general compulsory medical treatment (incl. forced vaccinations)! —
    Poor Maori are unlikely to challenge this dictatorship in the
    monarch’s courts… He even justified it with NZ’s “low”
    background-fluoride levels, while the EU refused to set minimum levels
    due to a total lack of physiological need of the body for
    fluorides!… And a flood of dementia cases emerged, too, as fluoric
    acid also affects the nerve system.
    By the way: This should sufficiently prove that compulsory water fluoridation is the true main
    purpose of 3 waters, which was started by the National Party (its leaders favoured compulsory vaccination!)
    initiating to give this director of health such dictator powers!!!

    Greetings, Fritz

    See Appendix-A-1080-Case-Chronological-Summary-pdf (incl. all
    water-fluoridation matters, with examination of the NZ Govt Report,
    Health effects of water fluoridation Aug 2014):

    See NZ Govt Report, Health-effects-of-water-fluoridation Aug 2014:

    1. Thanks Fritz. Fluoride has been a big topic here in the past and is set to raise it’s head again. Christchurch has been fluoride free thus far but pressure is being put on our council to fold to the agenda. Damn shame as we once had the purest water in the world. Intensive dairy farming and subsequent aquifer leaching put paid to that. We just scored a major victory with water bottlers in court but there’s always another threat looming, and fluoride is it.

    2. Your quote ” some localities that have a higher
      percentage of Maori, thus setting a secret-agenda precedence for
      general compulsory medical treatment (incl. forced vaccinations)! —
      Poor Maori are unlikely to challenge this dictatorship in the
      monarch’s courts…”

      Bullshit. I can tell you from personal experience that Maori are some of the most persistent protestors. I doubt derek Tait and the Freedoms And Rights Coalition members would agree with that statement. Having had a strong victory against the mandates and every sign that the movement is geared up and ready to resist, forced vaccination ain’t happening.
      “The monarch” has nothing to do with it Fritz. She controls nothing.
      The High court successfully got certain mandates dropped if you recall. In fact the majority of draconian initiatives come not from the imperialist institutions but from exactly the opposite: Socialist agendas “planted” via certain communist political influences from a certain asian superpower.
      As far as I am aware the National party has never “favoured compulsory vaccination”. In fact they suggested in 2021 that the mandates and passes be dropped once the alleged “herd immunity” levels have been reached. Which means they’ve always been happy with people making a choice to refuse vaccination and happy with any mandates and restrictions being very temporary.

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