About Us

UNCENSORED was launched in 2005 by a group of New Zealand journalists who simply wanted to get the truth out.

Whether it was politics, history, science or technology, we have been living in a sea of disinformation, propagated by an establishment that suppresses rather than nurtures, human health, sanity and wisdom.

We have been living in a lie.

And that lie was epitomized by the Big Lie of 9/11.

And it had to stop.

Eight years later, UNCENSORED has become New Zealand’s (and Australia’s) most widely read and respected “alternative” magazine
(UNCENSORED is now indispensible reading for at least 44,000 independent thinkers in New Zealand and Australia.)

And we are still totally determined to bring out the truth by presenting the facts as we see them, but always open to discussion and rebuttal.

Whether the stories are about science, politics, history, medicine and health or technology, UNCENSORED brings you the work of some of the most perceptive writers in the world – people who get to the heart of the story, and deliver crucially important information and HONEST in-depth analysis that is usually censored from corporate media or “spun” to confuse and mislead.

For us here at UNCENSORED “mind control” means having control of your own mind. We are completely independent of any organisation, religion, or business; there is no pressure to conform to any “party line”. And we certainly don’t.

We think this is what a great magazine should be.

That said, we invite you to subscribe and see for yourself what a riveting read UNCENSORED really is and why we’re proud to publish it.