My suspicion is that this sarcophagus has already been opened and “sanitised” of anything potentially controversial, well before the “official” opening takes place.  Martin Bright Insight Published on Jul 18, 2018 Subscribe 445K A 30-Ton Black Granite Sarcophagus recently discovered in Alexandria, Egypt is making everyone wonder what is inside….and […]

Interesting phenomenon at a mysterious island! Denmark ANOMALY “Can’t Be Explained” secureteam10 Published on May 29, 2018 Bornholm is an interesting place: Mysterious Stone Age Labyrinth Discovered In Denmark – Was It An Ancient Sun Worship Site? ..with a Templar connection: Here’s more on the mystery rumbles;  

It’s not a secret Nazi flying saucer but it’s nearly as mysterious and possibly more sinister. Paul Seaburn Mysterious Universe April 21, 2018 Researchers have found U-3523 – the legendary high-tech German submarine rumored to have been used to sneak Nazi leaders and Nazi gold out of the country as […]

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