[ It’s worth bearing in mind here, that the only reason people are currently running around on the world shooting holes in each other over energy resources is because energy resources  are so ‘profitable’.  ] Israel wants its energy projects in Greek Cyprus to be run by Israelis and is seeking to […]

We need to face the facts – propaganda and public brain-washing, corruption, deception and the democracy farce are intentional and all-encompassing; these are not the results of a few minor aberrations or unavoidable accidents in otherwise decent society…….   The scientific fact of the matter is that human nature is […]

Phil Donahue, an American media personality, writer, and film producer best known as the creator and host of ‘The Phil Donahue Show’, was interviewed recently and had some very common sense arguments against the next war. “You can hear the drums in the background,” says Phil as we listen to […]

By Mike Molyneaux Wikileaks has been instrumental in confirming what many suspected but never knew for sure – those anecdotes about never trusting a politician! Wide and rapid dissemination of sensitive and often damning information by the internet  exposes the level of double-talk, double-standards, mistrust and trickery in international politics. […]

All the major political parties in New Zealand agree that preservation of a clean, sustainable environment is an essential component of good governance and that pollution (specifically including air pollution) poses an enormous global threat to our way of life and our future. They have each published good intentions for […]

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