Trump predicted January 6 would be “wild” in Washington and he wasn’t wrong! Jacinda Ardern suggested Democracy should never be “undone by a mob” (probably she’d prefer it was undone by Communism under the radar, or by election fraud perhaps?)… And it appears that the perpetrators of the violence may […]

The New Normal means lockdowns. And not just for pandemics. Yes, even in spite of the scientifically acknowledged fact that the COVID lockdowns did NOTHING to change the climate, despite greenhouse gas emissions from human activity falling to “unprecedented levels”, there are increasingly strident calls to impose “Climate lockdowns”. Under […]

Whenever the US Government releases UFO related files, I’m immediately suspicious. When it’s gift-wrapped in a COVID bill, the alarms are ringing. Opinion by Martin Harris This information has been floating around the net for a few days now. To summarize: Though you may not have seen it mentioned too […]


Does this look suspicious? Last night at 12:36am, 23 December 2020, residents in East Christchurch were awakened by a sharp quake (situated close to this author’s home and very strong). Checking the Christchurch Quake Map today revealed an ongoing seismic swarm throughout the day south of Chatham Rise in the […]


Here you go folks. See for yourself: Will all our “brave” leaders be vaccinated “live” with empty syringes too? They could at least have used saline solution to give some authenticity! The hospital issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon, saying the nurse in question was inoculated “again” to “remove any doubt raised that […]

COVID 19 and the Climate “emergency” Agenda: How they are instigating the New World Order AKA The Great Reset. Three videos that somehow slipped through the YT censorship machine! Chairman of the FMF Rule of Law Board of Advisors and a former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, […]

An Illuminati dolphin “watcher” keeps Saturn and Jupiter apart to prevent cosmic catastrophe: Innocent cartoon fun or a warning? The scene begins at 3:18 (and yes I’m aware that Saturn and Jupiter won’t actually collide during the upcoming conjunction!). Close-up of Illuminati symbol on dolphin’s badge: And here’s the story […]

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