United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has again publicly admitted that the agenda behind the Copenhagen summit and the climate change fraud is the imposition of a global government and the end of national sovereignty. Speaking about the agenda to impose targets on CO2 emissions, as well as a global […]


https://www.sott.net/articles/show/199059-The-Copenhagen-charade Two Copenhagen climate conferences took place last week. The UN Copenhagen conference was attended by politicians, 16,500 bureaucrats, thousands of journalists, activists and NGOs. Hundreds of limos, over 100 private jets and huge amounts of energy were expended by more than 30,000 attendees. Many of the attendees were ascientific […]

Source: climatedepot.com UK Greenie George Monbiot: ‘Most of the environmentalists I know have gone into denial’ — ‘Pretending the climate email leak isn’t a crisis won’t make it go away’ Monbiot: ‘There is no helping it; Phil Jones has to go, and the longer he leaves it, the worse it will […]

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release 14th of December 2009 Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058 Phone: 03 9354 0544 Fax: 03 9354 0166 Email: cec@cecaust.com.au Website: https://www.cecaust.com.au British admit: Copenhagen intends genocide‚ World Government The official British two-pronged policy for the Copenhagen Conference is […]

Source: forfreedomssake.com The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has done an excellent job of exposing a major cover-up at the EPA regarding a study on global warming because it conflicts with the agenda of the current administration and its Cap and Trade legislation. Below you will find an excellent summary of the […]

Source: https://tigerhawk.blogspot.com/ The Times of London is reporting in its Sunday edition that the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia has destroyed the original data used to construct the historical climate record that purports to show a temperature increase. That is, the hope that independent scientists could assess the […]

As a long time environmentalist (50 years worth!) and staunch supporter of all manner of worthy green and liberationist causes, I am hopping mad at this “Climategate” scandal. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been had by Al Gore and the slick lying “scientific” establishment and it’s time to admit it. […]

Source: prisonplanet.com Strategy papers call for United Nations to boss economies and erect world government under pretext of environmentalism Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Shocking newly uncovered UN strategy documents reveal how elitists are recruiting members of academia from all over the globe in an effort […]

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