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Category: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Gusher May Be Gushing Again. If So, It Cannot Be Stopped.

As they say, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck—a well-oiled one, as in Hunziker’s redesigned BP logo.
***Make sure to see important update below August 22, 2011

At the time BP finally capped the Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico, there were concerns that the process had damaged the seafloor. That fear is now materializing. BP’s Gulf Gusher may be spewing again—and if so, there is no way to stop it. It will continue until seafloor pressure and oil pressure have been equalized, which may take decades.

BP is aware. They’ve hired 40 fishing boats to string boom around the Deepwater Horizon site.

BP, of course, denies it. They claim to have sent several remote-controlled mini submersibles and concluded that the leak could not have come from their well. However, a United State Coast Guard undersea inspection at the site of the Macondo Well found that it was, indeed, leaking. They say that they have video footage of it. BP says it wasn’t oil—it was silt.


Gulf Stream Dead ~ Cause Of Extreme Weather


Happy dolphins update on Hutchison-Lazaryan frequency generator clearing polluted Gulf waters
Nancy reports that local captain of a boat that charters dolphin sightseeing tours, who had no idea what she and John Hutchison had done in treating the polluted waters with their radio/audio frequency generator, logged an entry concerning the change in the water and the dolphins being “happy”. This was in a neighboring bay.
Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Happy Dolphins, courtesy Mystic Journeys

Last week we reported that “Famous anti-gravity researcher, John Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect of clearing waters polluted by oil and dispersant in less than 24 hours, bringing the native life back.”

The following is an update we received from Nancy today, November 1, 2010:

We have gotten reports from citizens (who work and live on the water) that “something happened”….the water is clearer…and the dolphins are happy. (One of these people is a captain of a boat that charters dolphin sightseeing tours, and logged an entry concerning the change in the water and the dolphins being “happy”.) These people had no idea of what we had done in Perdido Bay.

These reports are coming from the NEXT bay over from Perdido Bay…so the “treatment” reaches quite far.

We also found out that Perdido Bay is one of the worst polluted waters in the Gulf (or at least, it was previously).

To the skeptics: I also was concerned about what affect this would have on the marine life. For this reason we are using ONLY “natural” frequencies. We are NOT, again NOT “microwaving the water”, but are using the frequencies known, for THOUSANDS of years to be HEALING.

BTW—we repeated the treatment—in the bayous of Louisiana…

We called BP, the EPA, the Coast Guard. NO RESPONSE.

We talked with LOCAL government officials, even the sheriff. Their response: “This is great. We cannot ‘officially sanction it’. We cannot help. Go talk with local private citizens that are on the beach, set up the equipment with them. And, we will not stop you from treating the water.”

This is RESTORATION of the frequency of the water.


We received samples of polluted Gulf water in John’s lab and tested them, before we came. The ORIGINAL reading on the oscilloscope of the polluted Gulf water was dramatically different from the reading of “healthy sea water”.

After applying the audio and radio frequencies to the water in the lab, the polluted water CHANGED its frequency (to a reading on the oscilloscope that was identical to the healthy sea water).

[…] Applying this ANCIENT technology of frequencies to the water allows the water to “clean itself”.

NEW OIL just hit the beaches of Venice, LA and of Bay Jimmy last week.

Apparently the well is “not capped”…or there is another blowout we are not being told about.

Dead birds, fish, dolphins….all covered with oil.

The long term effect on these animals is DEATH.

What we are doing is bringing LIFE, the healing frequencies that have been known for thousands of years to restore damaged DNA.

This is not a “cheap device”….I have driven a borrowed farm pick up truck and a borrowed 22 ft. trailer and driven from Canada to the Gulf with 6000 lbs. of equipment.

Come to the Gulf and see for yourself what is being done…and the equipment…the “hard work” of getting here has already been accomplished.

Be well, y’all….we are busy and don’t know the next time we can get an internet connection.


On Nov. 3, John wrote: (slightly edited)

Not a cheap device.  All filmed, documented by Nancy.

This adventure is amazing, with RCMP in Canada, FBI agents, me being interrogated by Homeland Security after these tests, a letter from customs — way too wild to go into details.

Nancy can be reached by email at nancylazaryan {at}



by mook, Monday, November 01, 2010, 19:18

Ran across the story line via the posting for today.
The following are bits and pieces presented for your interest…

Part one is from a link within the bottom story, might be interesting to see if these tie in with other reports of streets buckling in NOLA seismic activity in OK and other world enviro-weirdness etc..
I can not vouch for the credibility of the posts but they do have an interesting line of thought..

But is the well really dead? Recent Rov evidences in late October, more than a month after the “well” was supposedly permanently killed and officially declared dead, there are signs that the “dead well” is coming back to life. Our recent postings; Our Worst Fears Of Vaporising Hydrates and the recently detected Gas Oil Plume Next To Well A, point to some of these evidences from Rov videos recorded from 20 -23 Oct 2010.

In this posting, we present evidence of increasing methane concentration and new oil spots on the seafloor. These are conclusive evidences that BP had capped the wrong well and by grouting the faults, they are spreading the oil far and wide with even more disastrous consequences. It is Mother Nature’s SOS distress signal to us for help.
[end snip]

Here’s snips from the original link presented on that got me digging deeper, pardon the pun…

Contrary to BP’s press statements, the site activities did not die down. The number of vessels working in the area seems to have increased in recent times. Now forty-seven (47) days after the rogue well was supposedly “bottom killed permanently at 18000ft bml on 15 Sept 2010”, a new drilling rig (West Sirius) arrived at the Macondo site. Figure 130-1 shows the location of West Sirius at the Macondo Site. Figure 130-2 gives the location details of West Sirius which had been at location since 27 Oct 2010. If the West Sirius was meant to replace either one of the two earlier rigs, why are DD2 and DD3 still on site?
Both DD2 and DD3, commissioned to drill relief wells C and D respectively had been at location since May this year. With each drilling rig costing between 0.5 to 1 Million USD per day, why would BP want to have 3 rigs at site? It does not add up especially when there has been no official news of drilling new wells at the Macondo site. Would you need 3 expensive rigs just to drill a new well?

Both DD2 and DD3 should have demobilized from site weeks ago since they were not needed after abandoning the relief wells. DD2 reportedly did better than anticipated; reaching within tens of feet of its intercept target weeks ahead of schedule. But just when victory was finally within arm’s length, the”Bottom Kill from relief well C stalled”. It seems like eternity when Thad Allen announced in early Sept that the Final Kill had to be postponed again to mid October. No reasons were given. Just when the audience had given up hope and left the “theatre”, BP suddenly announced the well was permanently killed and cemented on 15 Sept 2010.

What gives? Why the sudden flip-flops when it is common knowledge every well operation had to be carefully planned weeks ahead? Sudden reversals are bad signs. Evidence of BP carrying out massive pressure grouting of the seafloor added more mystery to the story. Why would BP spend millions of dollars grouting the seabed if the Relief Well Kill from the bottom was going to be a “certain success”? Why had the activities increased instead of winding down after the permanent kill on 15 Sept?
[end snip]

Censored Gulf News: Genocide by Poison-Induced Immune Deficiency-Most of the Lead Activists in the Gulf Coast Populist Movement Are Now Seriously Ill


Please keep this moving around the country, the world, and Internet.

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010 18:38:18 -0400

Subject: Censored Gulf news: Voice from inside Ochsner Hospital – National Human Rights |

Gulf Stream And North Atlantic Current Dying – Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Already Dead

The author makes the case that this is already having an effect on the world’s weather. – Ed.

What Matt Simmons said about the gulf oil spill before his death (six interviews)


Matthew Roy Simmons, (April 7, 1943 – August 8, 2010) one of the worlds foremost experts in the field of oil and founder of the ocean energy institute died last week under mysterious circumstances. Simmons perspective was not well liked among BP officials and politicians.

In his last TV interview on July 21st 2010, Simmons claimed the BP gulf oil spill was (and still is) “the biggest environmental cover-up in human history.” When the story of Simmons death broke, most news stations reported Simmons died of a heart attack, but at least two stations reported the cause of death as a drowning.

Many people believe Simmons gave up his position with Simmons and Co. to expose the truth concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and ultimately paid for it with his life. Some people believe remote brain-sensing and researching techniques like microwave-induced heart attacks contributed to Simmons death. (this technology has been around for decades.)

Read full article and watch videos…

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