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Elite dominant social themes – promotions – can only function when people don’t understand that they are being promoted. People generally don’t like being manipulated. [ No shit. ] Once they’ve figured it out, the game is up. These fear-based promotions that the elite uses to gather further control and […]


When you ask people to revisit the events of 9/11 and reconsider what really happened, you enter the twilight zone of public mythology where people don’t want to rethink unhappy events and where you challenge their personal egos. Did you know that for the same reason that 2/3 of the […]


Four Arrows, co-author of American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone, Thursday reported a conversation in which Senator Barbara Boxer confirmed the 2002 Sen Paul Wellstone plane crash was an assassination. Four Arrows told The Kevin Barrett Radio Show a friend of his, during a conversation with Sen. […]

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