America: Freedom to Fascism Filmmaker Aaron Russo has exposed first-hand knowledge of the elite global agenda during a video interview and live on Alex Jones’ nationally-syndicated radio show. Nick Rockefeller told Russo about the plan to microchip the population, warned him about ‘an event that would allow us to […]


So where did you spend Passover? Tens of thousands of Israelis were in Sinai. They ignored the Counter-Terrorism Bureau’s warning, yet returned home safe and sound. Other Israelis – wait until you hear this – visited Cairo. I repeat: Cairo! They too returned tired but happy. They too did not […] This video represents the first of a series on the Unholy Alliances that are now – and long have been – shaping our world for the worse, with an emphasis on Zionism and Israel’s leading role on 9/11, which has been thoroughly documented. [ but really not talked about […]


The movie, Green Zone, covers our attack on Iraq with considerable accuracy. The film clearly outlines how, in order to justify an illegal invasion, an American government created “false flag” intelligence. Despite any crimes Saddam may have committed, currently America has caused more civilian deaths in Iraq than Saddam […]

[ h / t : Nat ] Using archived stock footage, I tried to paint a picture of the tranquility of everyday life being interrupted by chaotic events such as war. [ yeah -that- chaotic event ] Majority of the war stock footage is from Iwo Jima documentation and the […]

1 Visibility 9-11 welcomes back Erik Lawyer the founder of Firefighters for 9-11 Truth April 08, 2010 Interview by John Bursill. 343 brave New York City Firefighters died on 9/11, this episode of Visibility 9/11 is dedicated to them! If you have not heard […]

By Juan Cole Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the American Israel Public Affairs Council on Monday that “Jerusalem is not a settlement.” He continued that the historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel cannot be denied. He added that neither could the historical connection between […]

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