At times like these, I envy the people who passionately, frankly, with all their hearts, despise Israel. Hate Israel enough, and the Jewish state’s failings and blunders, its self-satisfied blindness and its resultant self-destructive policies, cause not pain, but delight. Hate Israel enough, and you’re spared all inclination to try […]

The settlement of the landmark Wiwa v Shell lawsuit in June 2009 marked a small but significant step forward for the dozen plaintiffs involved. They charged Shell with complicity in human rights abuses, including crimes against humanity, summary execution, torture and arbitrary detention. The abuses occurred during military crackdowns in […]

ARTICLE 1 – “The tide in Britain turns against Israel. Now it’s time to rid government of Israel’s stooges.” LOCATION (URL) – https://www.redress.cc/stooges/gatzmon20100220 SYNOPSIS – Gilad Atzmon argues that the odour of British complicity in the murder of a Hamas official in Dubai by Israeli Mossad agents using UK passports underlines the urgent need to purge the […]

Current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry […]


For video of soulless brainwashed murdering -fucks- go here : https://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/blog/joeblow/2010/february/16/israeli-mossad-assassination-footage-dubai-hotel For mugshots of soulless brainwashed murdering -fucks- go here : https://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/news/2010/february/16/dubai-says-hamas-man-killed-european-hit-squad