There have been rumblings regarding some sort of nuclear incident—or possibly incidents—in the Arctic over the last month. Multiple reports, some of them from official monitoring organizations, have reported iodine 131—a radioactive isotope often associated with nuclear fission—has been detected via air sampling stations throughout the region. The first detection […]

Can you believe John McCain has the nerve to criticize Trump?!  If anyone should be arrested for breaking the law, it’s Senator McClain for high treason! Check out the photos on this site (⅓ of the way down) and send to DT! Senator McCain Lied About Meeting With ISIS […]

NEW LINKS ADDE Important links to Interview with Rose Paige including first hand information from the scene of the whale stranding Added here 12 Feb   new aerial footage shows the overwhelming scale of NZ’s third-largest whale stranding, rescuers warn the coming hours will be critical. Experts […]

Great article. This guy has it sussed: “Know thine enemy”! By Brandon Smith In my last article, ‘How Globalists Predict Your Behavior’, I outlined the primary method globalists use to measure public consent, or, public dissent. The use of macro-analytics and the hyper-monitoring of Web traffic is a powerful tool […]

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