We have been advised by US Military and Government Actors, including Lt.Gen.Kenneth McKenzie Jr., Director of The Joint Chiefs of Staff; that on 14/4/2018, a combined American, British and French military force, using air and sea platforms based in The Red Sea, The Persian Gulf, and The East Mediterranean, fired […]

The DOJ-FBI are caught in a reverse blackmail, of their own creation. Far from The Nunes Memo being a threat to National Security or any ongoing investigations (are they referring to The Mueller Witch Hunt?); the concern is a light shone on DOJ-FBI illegalities. ‘If they have nothing to hide, […]

Nerve Agents, Food Poisoning, and Pesticides give similar initial symptoms. Gerhard Schrader of I.G.Faben (1936) had reserached and developed; Sarin (1936) (VX) and Tabun(1938). He continued the research and developement into Organophosphates when he transferred to Bayer. Although Tabun had been used in WWI. Further development produced Soman (1944) and […]

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