SJWs, Feminese, Race and Sex Baiters, shrieking disengaged, intellectualized, moralized, and ill-informed in general; grovelling onto MSM talkfests, are not entertaining, not informing, nor representative of even any minority constituent voice. Attempting to elevate irrelevancies, diversions, and stupidities to the front line of talking points, and manufacturing false narratives, does […]

Trump is economically destroying America by ‘talking it up’. The ploy of the bullshit salesman, believing that it baffles brains. It usually baffles those with little experience and rationality; the intellectualized regurgitators. The footpath mounds we try to avoid on a daily basis. It also baffles the less articulate products […]

Obviously, no one in The UK is capable of managing The Bank of England. Bring in Mark Joseph Carney, a ‘Canadian Economist’ as Governor of the Bank of England. He also Chairs The G20 Financial Stability [sic] Board. Carney began his ‘career’ at Goldman Sachs before joining the Canadian Department […]

After the absurd theatre of May, Rudd, Johnson, and Williamson, pretending that Putin sprayed the unwanted, low end, traded-pawn Skripal, and his daughter, with some ‘Military Grade’ nonsense, May announced to the world that England would not be going to The Russian World Cup. The goose who LOST the last […]

Reagan had the same catch phrase as Trump. The variation of ‘Make America Great Again’. As Whitlam in Australia had a similar slogan to Manzies’; ‘It’s Time’. There are also similarities between Trump and Whitlam in their management styles, and desires to improve the state of their nations. After the […]

MSM signals Symptoms of a Syndrome, not the reality of events. It does not have the ability to report on underlying agendas. AltMedia that postures that ability has proven incapable or unwilling. It’s imaginings and commercial realisations have destroyed its legitimacy. It produces as a matter of course based on […]

Political organizations registered under The Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) (4), are not only tax exempt; they are not required to maintain any public records concerning their membership, associations, or lists of donors and financial supporters. The DNC under its former president Tom Perez has ‘trained’ and funded over […]

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