The majority of Americans say the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting and oppose sending more US troops to the country, a recent poll says. [Would someone please tell those Bush-era waterhead bum-trumpets in Wellington that run New Zealand Foreign Policy?] The Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates that the […]

[Most people who read only the NZ Herald for their news would understand the conflict going on in South West Asia largely only from articles faithfully cut’n’pasted from the Pro-war media bumholes of The Telegraph Group Ltd and The Associated Press (or AP).     Don’t look for any positive […]

[More meddling-with-other-countries-for-our-‘national’-interest wankery from the excellent Additionally, ‘The Revolution Will Not be Televised’ – which can be viewed here: is a brilliant red-pill documentary experience that is well worth a watch if you want to know what a US supported coup looks like – on the ground as […]