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The real revolution has begun. In Greece, of course. Where else but the real “birthplace of democracy”? Watch this YouTube as soon as you possibly can. You will begin to feel what optimism, real optimism feels like. You will dance on the inside of your soul. I promise. Jon Eisen, […]


Our food is under threat. It is felt by every family farmer who has lost their land and livelihood, every parent who can’t find affordable or healthy ingredients in their neighborhood, every person worried about foodborne illnesses thanks to lobbyist-weakened food safety laws, every farmworker who faces toxic pesticides in […]


Rumours that Greece was ready to ditch the Euro saw the currency drop by one per cent against the dollar. [youtube]z9Kn4vTZRqs[/youtube] A German magazine said Greece was planning a pullout of the Eurozone and restore the drachma, as it struggles under the weight of its rescue debt. Leading Greek politicians […]

Today, without much fanfare, US debt to GDP hit 101% with the latest issuance of $32 billion in 2 Year Bonds. If the moment when this ratio went from double to triple digits is still fresh in readers minds, is because it is: total debt hit and surpassed the most […]

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