Almost thirty years ago, when I worked in an industrial setting, I came across my first pop off valve. We’d had a call that steam was escaping in an area, and were dispatched to go inspect it. My mentor explained that pop off valves were installed in the system for […]


Update III: Radioactive fish caught of the coast of Japan. Considering the fact that we import fresh seaweed from Japan this should be cause for alarm. Update II: China to ban food imports from more areas of Japan and reports “harmless” radioactive contamination over the entire country Update I: Thailand, India both stopped the import […]


Iran-Japan trade rising despite sanctions An Israeli company reportedly was in charge of “security” at the Fukushima nuclear plant where the backup safety systems all failed. These systems were also reportedly controlled by Seimens computer technology. Seimens was the company that provided the controlling technology for the Iranian nuclear centrifuges, […]

Sayonara, Tokyo March 28th 2011 And so begins the radioactive ruination of Japan, and much of the rest of the world, at the hands of the nuclear demons unleashed in Fukushima by General Electric and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). The harsh reality, the cruel truth of the matter, […]

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