Source: On March 15 Michi Okugawa wrote, “The situation in Tokyo is getting worse. The number of people who are panicking is increasing with more and more people trying to get out of Tokyo or out of the country. The nuclear plant explosion is having a large effect in […]

Ed note–to all those who scoffed at my questioning whether or not the present nuclear meltdown taking place at Japan’s nuke facility might have been part of an Israeli intel operation aimed at demonstrating the power of Israel’s stuxnet computer virus, Haaretz is now reporting that it was the Israeli […]


The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people By David Derbyshire 19th March 2011 Were the nuclear reactors designed to be explosive? Today’s episode of Democracy Now (Mar 17, 2011) contains some, uh, explosive claims from Karl Grossman and Paul Gunter. What they say is that nuclear fuel rods are themselves designed with explosive materials. Not the “fuel” (uranium) inside the fuel rods, […] Acting from an excess of caution By Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN, NACB, FASCP, FACN, FACAAI, FAMLI, FRSM There is reason for prudent protective action There is uncertainty about average and peak levels of radioactivity to which some people are being exposed. Radioactive materials cause harm only when not […]

The Real Risks to America’s Security By Dave Lindorff March 16, 2011 “Information Clearing House” — It seems rather silly now, doesn’t it, all the US concern about terrorism? The nuclear crisis in Japan, which continues to worsen, threatens to become a total multiple meltdown, combined with the perhaps even […]

NOTE FROM JEFF: DR. Helen Caldicott is in my e-group and it’s my privilege to share this recent interview with you. She is perhaps the world’s most out-spoken anti-nuclear activist, physician, and founders of Physicians for Social Responsibility. GOOD JET-STREAM VIDEO AND ANALYSIS [youtube]898gfo9VLVA[/youtube] The New Nuclear Danger By Dr. […]

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