For years, college officials have told students gender is a choice. They’ve pressured all students to announce their preferred pronouns on name tags and in emails as gender fluidity is normalized. They’ve celebrated students who choose to transition as brave warriors. They’ve provided the medical tools necessary for students to […]

One of the truly great speakers and debaters at his best. Should the government dictate how we address Gender pronouns? Should we address people according to their personal preference? Peterson addresses a linguistics professor’s dilemma. Social Justice Fails Published on Jun 28, 2018 Jordan Peterson Q&A At Lafayette College On Various Topics Such As Systematic […]

British Premier League Soccer’s attempts to promote LBGT “awareness” are stirring trouble, as The Guardian reports below. But was this issue manufactured in the first place? Premier League clubs’ Rainbow Laces posts draw homophobic responses Molly Moss – The Guardian Dec 7, 2018 Premier League football teams including Manchester United, […]

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