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Uncensored Magazine Issue#49 Out Now!


In This Issue:

Peruvian Mummy: Human? Alien? Hoax? Uncensored presents intriguing images and information on this controversial archaeological specimen on Page 64

Sex Robots In Japan: our interaction with robots has gone from science fiction to reality with startling speed, and Uncensored examines the bizarre directions the relationship between man and machine are taking on Page 39

Jared Kushner: Does Trump’s enigmatic Son-In-Law belong to a doomsday Cult? See the claims and evidence for yourself on Page 18

Illuminating Pop Stars: The images speak for themselves, see Page 49

Chemotherapy can Spread Cancer: Read the evidence on Page 79

You’re also sure to be informed by:

Uncensored think for yourselfExposing The Transgender Agenda (Page 42)

How To detox From Fluoride (Page 85)

The HUGE Revolt on Mandatory Vaccination (Page 28)

Did Europe Surrender To Radical Islam? (Page 10)

 The War On Logic (page 80)

And we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s in Issue#49 of Uncensored Magazine!

“Think For Yourself”


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UNCENSORED magazine is actually the best-selling English language “alternative” news magazine in the Southern Hemisphere – and has been for over 10 years!

Launched in New Zealand and Australia in 2005, UNCENSORED quickly established itself as the leading “alternative” magazine in both countries and built a reputation as a highly respected, profoundly interesting magazine, featuring some of the best Alternative Media writers in the world.

With over 90% of today’s media sources owned by only 6 corporations, can we honestly believe that we’re getting an unbiased, objective view of what is really going on in the world today?

It is for this reason that UNCENSORED is a completely independent enterprise with no affiliation or alliance to any corporation, religion, political party or organization. And as such, it is free to publish even the most controversial articles that reveal the truth to an increasingly deceived society.

In this age of rampant conformity, manufactured consent, UNCENSORED provides the catalyst and the resources to empower each of our readers to “Think for Yourself”… Infact, that’s our company slogan.



In a world where nearly every publisher’s survival is completely dependent on its advertisers (as witnessed by their 60% – 40% ads-to-articles ratio), UNCENSORED is almost entirely reader-supported.

OUR POLICY IS TO HAVE NO MORE THAN 10% ADVERTISING. (And the ads we do accept are only for products we really believe in.)

Our philosophy is simple: Dependence begets subservience, so a truly free press cannot exist if it is beholden to any entity other than its readers. In fact, our entire business model is predicated on the idea that Americans are finally beginning to wake-up to the extent and magnitude of the deception.

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