It was an audacious plan that seemed doomed to fail: In late 2006 Al Jazeera, the upstart Arabic news network twice bombed by the US military, launched an English-language channel in a bold play at taking on the biggest names in international news and beating them at their own game. […]

[  I love the love-fest going on over RT – in the comments section on the youtube page for this clip . ABCBBCMSNBCCBSCNNFOX have let us down too badly for too long by jumping on the post 911, nationalistic, flag in corner screen, fear-pumped, ratings driven, ad-revenue-grabbing, Bush II stenography […]

So the latest magazine and newspaper readership and circulation figures are out and most publications’ numbers are down. Quelle surprise! And with a recession on, too — go figure. Let’s put the bloodbath into some sort of context. Based on ABC circulation figures, here’s how our biggest-circulating newspapers fared (Audited […]


by Keith Johnson What, me worry? – Alfred E. Newman It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham! The careless abuse of talking and writing has forced our great leaders to step in and stem the rising tide of political discourse. All you people who have an opinion should be […]