Time to wake up. Beethoven’s Ode To Joy blares uncomfortably loudly from the Monitor to inform you of this fact. A different tune plays in your mind: Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb. By Martin Harris, 6/4/19 Hello, is there anybody in there? Open your eyes and look around. Living (if you […]

An article doing the rounds at the moment claims that “Fact Check” site Snopes has introduced an ominous new label: I was first alerted to this item when it appeared SOTT last week, and my suspicions deepened when it quickly disappeared again. A quick search has revealed the source of […]

Asked at an impromptu news conference Sunday night if he would seek the presidency again in 2030, when he would be eligible again, the 65-year-old Putin snapped back: “It’s ridiculous. Do you think I will sit here until I turn 100?” http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/vladimir-putin-russia-election-president-expectations-1.4582191 Well. one never knows I guess. The Western […]

ASTEROID TO BUZZ EARTH TONIGHT: House-sized asteroid 2012 TC4 is approaching Earth today for a close encounter only 1/8th the distance to the Moon. At closest approach, the space rock will skim just outside Earth’s zone of geosynchronous communications satellites and be visible in telescopes as small as 8-inches (observing […]

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