[ .. which is , apparently, illegal in this country now … Some good statements from no particular vested interest .. ] 1. DON’T SWEAT THE PETTY THINGS AND DON’T PET THE SWEATY THINGS. 2. ONE TEQUILA, TWO TEQUILA, THREE TEQUILA, FLOOR. 3. ATHEISM IS A NON-PROPHET ORGANIZATION. 4. IF […]

I had my poem “Uncensored.co.nz is so very very tough!” which I submitted to this online uncensored site https://uncensored.co.nz put in a ‘pending’ bin last December. And then the other boot dropped off on the floor and it vanished! Uncensored.co.nz is so very very tough! “When, what to my wondering […]

Couple won’t pay fine for sex on stage https://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article824743.ece The environmental activists who claim they had sex on stage at a live music festival in Norway this week to help protect the world’s rain forests say they won’t pay fines doled out by police. That means the case will likely […]

Deep Throat Revealed to be Linda Lovelace Posted by bitter tonic on Friday, June 03 @ 04:34:54 CDT Revelation not the money shot some had hoped for Some finding Lovelace’s secret identity hard to swallow OTHER NEWS: Trent Lott back from snipe hunt WASHINGTON, DC (MGB) – Deep Throat, the […]

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