This old order of things is about to make itself extinct by its own hand. How can I say these people will make themselves obsolete and irrelevant? Do you remember when we use to go walking inside the indoor shopping malls? One of my favorite places to go is the […]

13 Sailing ships once carried much of the world’s cargo across the seas, until canvas sheets were replaced by low-grade “bunker” oil. Now it appears that wind power is about to make a comeback, in the form of rigid “sails” that double as solar panels. The patent-pending technology, called the […]


  Oliver Lazenby, Yes! Magazine: “Germany, the world’s most aggressive adopter of renewable energy, is taking a bold leap toward a future free from nuclear energy…. Last year, in response to the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a plan to close down all […]

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