US foreign military sales have shot over $50 billion. Another record-breaking year is expected thanks to US ally Saudi Arabia, which accounts for three-fifths of the sum. The US is expected to continue expanding into key markets, including India, which is considering a $1.4 billion deal for 22 Apache helicopters. […]

  The fighting in the Abyan Province continues to escalate over the weekend, with Yemen’s military claiming “at least 62 militants” killed on Saturday alone, bringing the week-long toll to several hundred. Everyone slain has been officially labeled “al-Qaeda” by Yemen’s Defense Ministry, though in many cases they have been […]

As the protests in Bahrain face violent brutal crackdowns western politicians and media remains silent raising scrutiny over their denouncement of similar violence in other regions. While western politicians trumpet their facade of being promoters of democracy, defenders of freedom, and protectors of human rights [ making bloggers everywhere sick […]

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