Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino, who is in charge of procurement, gave a similar message to the House of Commons defence committee last week, and went further by saying that Ottawa reserves the right to bail on the multibillion-dollar program. Senior officials say the Auditor-General’s harsh review is behind the […]

It’s backers and bank-rollers have been exposed. . Even the Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabzi, has said Joseph Kony isn’t in Uganda and called KONY 2012 disingenuous. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. The psychological operations, designed to exploit people’s tendencies toward guilt and cause them to beg / […]


On the 24th January, the day President Obama delivered his last State of the Union speech to Congress before the election, citing the:”selflessness and teamwork of America’s Armed Forces (their) focus on the mission at hand”, the “selfless” Staff Sgt., Frank Wuterich,   leader of the massacre at Haditha, in […]

[youtube]5W7p7nxuifw[/youtube] Europeans should ask why they are to pay for an American-Israeli adventure in Iran during a time of unprecedented austerity, says political analyst Chris Bambery. Iran says it will definitely stop oil exports to “certain” European countries, while the decision to cut supplies to further EU states is still […]


[youtube]XQI1U0Mhmzg[/youtube] Weapons contractor Raytheon just announced that it hired retired General James Cartwright to its board of directors. It’s another example of the revolving door between the Pentagon and the war industry. Eighty percent of retiring 3- or 4-star generals cash in by going to work for military contractors -a […]