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66 Suspected Cases In NZ, Which Is The 6th Country To Confirm It Has “Swine Flu:” Evidence Occultists Are Working Behind The Scenes?

Updated 2nd May

On the 28th of April, the TV3 news mentioned there were 66 suspected cases of swine flu and that New Zealand was the 6th country in the world to officially declare it has the virus.  The following day news in the US included a reference to: “66 confirmed cases across 6 states.” Time to pay attention? Is the writing on the wall, or was this use of 66 and 6 in relation to what some believe is the elites’ Endgame, a mere coincidence?


While it could be a coincidence, bear in mind that the psychopaths in control like giving a sign before they strike and as bizarre as it may sound, those who are in the process of Picture From Infowars.comimplementing a One World Government and reducing the world population, are Satanists, and obsessed with the occult.

One of the principles of occult practices is that of using certain numbers associated with as many aspects of occultism as possible.   The number 666  is of particular significance to them.  It is the number of the “Beast” and a reference to the Book of Revelations in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

To see hard evidence for yourself that shows that the power elite have an unwholesome and disturbing interest in the occult, watch the documentary ‘Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove’ by radio show host Alex Jones.  The pictures shown in this article are from this ground-breaking film.   Jones managed to get in to the Grove with a hidden camera and exposed that supposedly respectable men engage in an anti-human pagan ritual, called the Cremation of Care.  It has been documented that George Bush Snr and Jnr,  Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissenger as well as many other public figures have attended and that government policy has even been formulated there.   So it appears, as strange and unworldly as it may seem, that the lunatics have taken over the asylum – or as New World Order researcher and author Alan Watt puts it, it is the age of the psychopath.  Consequently, it is time for everyone to wake up and take action.  Inform your friends of the New World Order and their agenda – that is a good way to begin.

How To Teach Young Children About the New World Order?

In light of all the bad news, it is time to post something light-hearted – well kind of.

Here is a YouTube clip from the US of what can only be described as a highly efficient way of teaching young students about the New World Order.

A New Zealand teacher advised that teachers are not allowed to tell the children the truth about 9/11 here.   They can present both sides of the global warming story though and show the students The Great Global Warming Swindle if they wish.  Pretty sad overall for a country that is supposedly “free” isn’t it.


Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

See: Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, a documentary by Alex Jones

Roger Revelle, Al Gore’s Mentor, Realized Global Warming Science Was Seriously Flawed Before He Died

KUSI News San Diegogoreogg1

See the video report at the above link.

The following is the transcript of the report from the KUSI site.

“Revelle was a powerful man, a noteworthy scientist and a significant force in San Diego in the 1950s. There is no doubt he is largely responsible for the respect given Scripps Institute of Oceanography and for locating the University of California at San Diego, UCSD, in La Jolla.

While serving as Director of Scripps, Revelle and one of his researchers wrote the first modern scientific paper that linked carbon dioxide released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect and the warming of temperatures. This triggered an avalanche of research that eventually became the impetus behind the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the entire global warming movement.

In the 1960s Revelle moved to Harvard to establish a Center for Population Studies. There is where Professor Revelle encounter student Albert Gore. He involved Gore and his class mates in tabulating the data from a carbon dioxide study. Gore was so impressed he wrote about it in his 1992 book, ” Earth in the Balance “. That became the story for the movie “an Inconvenient Truth”. The Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize and some people say 100 million dollars came from that effort. There is no doubt Roger Revelle had a major impact on Vice President Gore’s life.

But there is a twist. In 1988 Roger Revelle was having major second thoughts about whether carbon dioxide was a significant greenhouse gas. He wrote letters to two Congressmen about it. And in 1991 he co-authored a report for the new science magazine Cosmos in which he expressed his strong doubts about global warming and urged more research before any remedial action was taken.

At that point Mr. Gore pronounced Revelle as senile and refused to debate global warming. He continues to refuse to debate today. Many offers of 10s of thousands of dollars have been made such a debate. Today Gore sequestered the media at this event and set forth rules, no questions, no interviews.

I have learned that in 1991 Roger Revelle made a speech at the high powered, very private Summer enclave of powerful men and politicians at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California, where he apologized that his research sent so many people in the wrong direction on global warming.

He worried about the political fallout from the UN IPCC and Al Gore. A man named Donn Michael Schmidtman who lives in the San Francisco area was there that day and remembers the Revelle speech very well. He has told about it in some detail.100px-algoreglobalwarmingtalk

So think of the irony. Today Al Gore received the first Roger Revelle award, an honor named after the man who sent Gore on his global warming campaign.

But the truth is; Revelle realized that it was a false alarm and the science was flawed before he died.

Revelle died of a heart attack in 1991.

It would be interesting to know if Revelle had lived whether he would have approved of this award tonight or perhaps be joining me at the International conference of global warming skeptics in New York next week.”

To view, click here.


1.    The Great Global Warming Swindle, (2007), BBC Ch 4 documentary by M. Durkin, is available to download from the Internet.

2.   Global Warming or Global Governance?, (2007), documentary by Dr M. Coffman, is available at

3.    Schools Must Warn of Gore Climate Film Bias, (3/10/07), at:

4.    IPCC Wins the Nobel Prize of Peace, (20/10/07), by Dr V. Gray, at:

5.  Al Gore: “I was wrong about climate change.”

6.  Al Gore: The Other Oil Candidate

7.  Read comments from Richard N. Haass of the Council of the Foreign Relations. He stated that global warming and terrorism will be used as an excuse to dissolve the sovereignty of nations. He wrote in his article “State sovereignty must be altered in a globalized era,” that a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming, as well as terrorism. “Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function,” asserts Haass. “Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves…” In a report titled “The First Global Revolution” (1991) published by the Club of Rome, a globalist think tank, is this: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

Thus, he is admitting that man-made global warming is a scam concocted in order to further the globalists’ agenda for one-world government.

8. WeAreChange confronts Al Gore. YouTube Video

French Vogue: Devil Worship is the new Black

Do the pictures shown indicate French fashion is latching on to the idea that Satanism and the rise of the Fourth Reich is the in thing?  For those who were not aware that some of those in power seem to relish engaging in occult rituals watch the Alex Jones documentary Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and see this talk by Ted Gunderson.  Gunderson, a former FBI agent gathered evidence, which he presents, that shows that children have been used in Satanic rituals in the US and that this activity has been concealed by those in power.   Yes, the truth is stranger than fiction and may be  Stanley Kubrick’s  film Eyes wide Shut was closer to the truth than most people realised.



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