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Tag: climate change policy

New World Order News: John Key Talks About NZ Integrating with Australia & Asia

There is a news report here to watch:

Who noticed that he was emphasizing the minor benefits, while neglecting to inform the public of the ELEPHANTINE down side?

And will we get to vote on this?

NZ PM wants trans-Tasman consensus on missions trading,25197,25130378-11949,00.html

Dennis Shanahan, Political editor | March 03, 2009

NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key has warned that divergent carbon emissions trading schemes in Australia and New Zealand could undermine trans-Tasman economic integration and co-operation.

As the recently elected Mr Key and Kevin Rudd agreed on the need to co-operate in the face of the global financial crisis and to stimulate the joint economies to create jobs, Mr Key yesterday warned that different emissions trading schemes could be “counter-productive” to economic co-operation.

He also said global economic conditions meant there might have to be substantial changes to the New Zealand scheme, which is scheduled to begin in 2013.

The New Zealand parliament is reviewing the proposed ETS promised by the former Labour government, which Mr Key said was “fairly ambitious”, and could be substantially changed.

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