I was first alerted to this strange event in Sunspot, NM by Tyler at Secureteam10 YT channel. It’snow making waves in the MSM. Here’s the story via Gizmodo and Secureteam’s vid:   This Is How It Starts: FBI Suspiciously Locks Down, Evacuates Solar Observatory in New Mexico Jennings Brown This […]

Article by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Operation Cross Country has just completed its eleventh iteration and according to the FBI, they recovered 84 sexually exploited juveniles and arrested 120 traffickers. According to the FBI’s website, “Operation Cross Country has expanded beyond the United States, with […]

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 15:08 A weekend ago, Donald Trump uncovered that Barack Obama had wiretapped his telephones amid the 2016 race. From that point forward, numerous disclosures have become known demonstrating the numerous unlawful things the administration did to attempt and bring down Trump. Presently, FBI Director James Comey […]

YouTube About the Calls Alex Jones Has been Getting from the FBI Here A few days before the new documentary ‘The Obama Deception’ was to be released, Alex Jones started receiving calls from members of the FBI asking questions about where the servers were located and probing questions about the […]

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