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Tortured Logic: Obama Writes Off Old Crimes While Promoting New Outrages

I have little to say at the moment on the details of the Bush torture memos images3released by the Obama Administration, beyond what I have been writing for many years now about these sickening practices, and what they say about America’s bipartisan, imperial elite, which countenanced them, and often openly championed them. (I think my first piece on America’s torture system was written in early spring 2002 — a column printed in the Moscow Times, drawn from readily available stories in the mainstream press. America’s willing practice of torture as an official policy has been open knowledge for almost the entire decade. But I will admit the bit about using putting insects into the torture box of a wounded, deranged captive was new.)

Barack Obama is being given great credit for releasing the memos, although as the president himself points out in his statement, their release was actually required by law. I suppose it’s true that the United States government has become so degraded that we must be surprised and glad when a president actually obeys the law when it suits him, but I must say that I can’t find any great cause for rejoicing — especially as Obama’s statement immediately and definitely ruled out prosecuting any of the direct perpetrators of these criminal actions.

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The Obama Deception, a documentary by Alex Jones,

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