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12-year-old bedridden, paralyzed after HPV vaccine-PLUS watch ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ screening now

From Pam Vernon at Envirowatchrangetikei:


12-year-old bedridden, paralyzed after HPV vaccine-PLUS watch ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ screening now

The track record on this vaccine (Gardasil) just keeps getting worse. Please do watch the series screening right now called ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ at the link.

Be informed before you subject your child to this vaccine. We have seen many reports now of deaths and serious injury. Check out our Vaccine pages.

12-year-old paralyzed after HPV vaccine, doctors say it’s psychological

(NaturalHealth365) A 12-year-old aspiring pop star from the UK is now bed ridden with paralysis from the neck down after receiving the HPV vaccine called, Gardasil. However, instead of acknowledging a vaccine injury, doctors want to have her committed.

Mia Blesky received the Gardasil shot at her school in September. The next day she experienced a burning sensation in her spine and a heaviness in her legs. These symptoms quickly progressed to a full loss of feeling in all of her arms and legs. (and the doctors think, ‘it’s all in her head?!’)

Family of HPV vaccine recipient told she is causing her own paralysis

The 12-year-old has a gift for singing and an aspiration of becoming a pop star. However, now that she is paralyzed from the neck down, her prospects have become much more limited. At this time, Mia can only talk and blink her eyes. She must now be home-schooled from her bed; however, she continues to receive singing lessons.


Flashback: Gardasil Lies, Damned Lies and More Omissions

Hilary Butler – Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The e-mails and phone calls have finally stopped.  Thank you everyone.  If interpretations are true, the performance on TV last night, of teenage giggling and Nikki Turner’s elation at the introduction of Gardasil in New Zealand was a very happy clappy occasion. Perhaps. However, I had already checked out the two new websites: one put together at Nikki Turner’s request by non-questioning AUT students (nothing better than the blind leading the blind – makes for peer-group gullibility and have-the-jab pressure, no doubt!), and the site by the Ministry of Health. The AUT generated site is marked by it’s mottly pink tinkly vacuousness, and the Ministry of Health one, by it’s bland sweepingly boring and totally expected inaccuracies.

But since when have facts got in the way of agendas?

Strangely, a mole has told me that both MoH and Nikki Turner, are well aware of the errors and omissions they chose to ignore. Why are you surprised?

For the rest of the article, go here.

New Zealand Schools Bribed to Market Vaccines.

By Ian Wishart

The Ministry of Health is paying thousands of dollars to schools who agree to push teenage girls into being vaccinated with Gardasil, the new cervical cancer inoculation.
A letter sent by the Ministry of Education to school principals this week states that “To recognize the role that schools play in the programme, the Ministry of Health will provide a one-off support payment to participating schools…the Ministry of Education will assist in the funding transfer to schools, by placing the Ministry of Health funds in participating schools’ accounts in April 2009, with the identifier, ‘HPV Payment’.”
The letter, published first on a major blogsite, discloses a base payment of between $200 and $300 per school depending on whether they have Year 8 classes, plus an additional $2.50 per female student eligible to receive the vaccine (years 8 to 13).
Some larger high schools could receive cash payments totaling several thousand dollars if they allow schools to be used to market and administer the vaccine to children.
The news comes just as a report on adverse reactions to Gardasil has been made available, which disclosed 29 deaths in teenage girls who received the Gardasil vaccine in the US. The study, based on reports provided to the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), was published by the National Vaccine Information Center, an anti-immunisation organisation in the US.
The study, which compared a cohort of girls who’d received the Gardasil vaccine, with a cohort who’d received a widely-used meningococcal vaccine known as Menactra, has thrown up some disturbing results.
“VAERS is a sentinel reporting system,” says the study, “designed to raise ‘red flags’ for unusual numbers of serious adverse events following receipt of a newly licensed vaccine.”
One red flag in 2005 was raised after five girls developed the debilitating Guillain Barre Syndrome after being injected with Menactra in one campaign. But it seems Gardasil has provoked even more serious reactions. Twenty five girls died soon after receiving the cervical cancer vaccine, compared with six deaths contemporaneous with Menactra. Nine girls suffered heart attacks after the cervical cancer jab, and two after Menactra. Sixteen teenage girls suffered strokes after Gardasil injections, and one on Menactra. Thirty four girls on the cervical cancer jab suffered thrombosis, compared to just one after Menactra, and a further 23 teenage girls were hospitalized with blood clots after their Gardasil injection while none of the Menactra teens had that reaction.
A staggering 544 American girls suffered seizures Schools bribed to market vaccines proximity to the cervical cancer injection, and while 158 given Menactra suffered seizures as well, doctors later discovered that 73 of those had also been given Gardasil.
Compared to Menactra,” says the study, “receipt Gardasil is associated with at least twice as many Emergency Room visit reports, four times more Death reports, five times more Did Not Recover reports and seven times more Disabled reports.
It is unusual for there to be such a big discrepancy between two vaccines used in similar populations involving serious and relatively rare life-threatening adverse events and autoimmune disorders such as death, blood clots, cardiac arrest, lupus, thrombosis, stroke and vasculitis,” says the study.
Fainting, which has been attributed by doctors health officials as ‘fear’ of needles in teenage girls is reported six times as often… after receipt Gardasil than Menactra, even though Menactra also given to girls in the same age group.
In pre-licensure clinical trials, Gardasil was only tested in fewer than 1200 girls, 16 years and younger. Through November 30, 2008, in girls 16 or younger, there were reports of 9 deaths, 3 blood clots, cardiac arrests, 9 cases of lupus, 6 strokes…after receipt of Gardasil.”
The National Vaccine Information Centre has also called on the US Congress to “investigate the fast-tracking of Gardasil vaccine without adequate long term safety studies in American pre-adolescent and teenage girls between ages 9 and 16 and the safety
efficacy of Gardasil vaccine in all age groups.”
Meanwhile the US Centers for Disease Control belatedly begun investigations into Gardasil after a 15 year old girl died this month from complications of what appears to be a particularly rapid and aggressive motor neurone disease (like physicist Stephen Hawking’s), which developed after she first received the Gardasil vaccine in 2007. Jenny Tetlock’s father, a psychology professor at UC Berkley, is now among a number of parents asking why, as vaccine maker Merck faces lawsuits over the dangers
of Gardasil – dangers the vaccine company denies. Several other teenage girls developed the same paralyzing illness after being vaccinated against cervical cancer, and Jenny’s parents suspect “it could be just the tip of the iceberg”. Jenny’s family
are holding her memorial service this weekend.
Part of the reason for the ‘tip of the iceberg’ claim i is that many adverse vaccine reactions, although treated by medics, are not reported to the VAERS centre, meaning that although VAERS can indicate problems, it can’t necessarily tell you how widespread
they are in relation to total vaccine doses. The type of illness that struck Jenny Tetlock, for example, should only strike one in five million girls, yet from a survey of their 30,000 website visitors the Tetlocks are aware of three verified cases. With only just over six million girls vaccinated in the US (three shots per child), the odds of three in a sample of 30,000 developing aggressive motor neurone disease naturally are very unlikely.
New Zealand’s Ministry of Health steers well clear of the Tetlock case but rejects generally claims that girls have died after receiving Gardasil shots:
“The NVIC reports that the vaccine has caused deaths in the US. These were rigorously investigated by the Centers for Disease Control who have not established
any causal links between the deaths and the vaccine,” says he Ministry’s Dr Greg Simmons, NZ’s Chief Advisor on Population Health. “ Their findings are publicly available ( and support the ongoing availability of the vaccine.
“On their website, the US Centers for Disease Control [CDC] state that ‘As of December 31, 2008, there have been 32 US reports of death among females who have received the vaccine.  Each of these deaths has been reviewed and there was not a common pattern to the deaths that would suggest they were caused by the vaccine. In cases where there was an autopsy, death certificate, or medical records, the cause of death was explained by factors other than the vaccine. Some reported causes of death received to date include illicit drug use, diabetes, viral illness, and heart failure’.”
Despite the assurance, the CDC’s statement fails to address why vastly more deaths have been reported in the wake of Gardasil injections than Menactra injections. If the deaths were all random and unrelated to the vaccines at all, then similar death rates should apply across all vaccines.
Instead, of the six million US girls vaccinated against Gardasil 32 have died soon after, whilst of the approximately ten million girls given Menactra shots, only six have died. Statistically, the Gardasil death rate appears to be highly significant.
Of the more than 10,000 adverse reports on Gardasil, NZ’s Ministry of Health says “94% of these considered minor such as injection site pain, nausea or dizziness.” The remaining six percent, or more than 600 cases, are implicitly acknowledged as medium to serious.
The Ministry of Health statement did not address specific allegations regarding blood clots, heart attacks or strokes, but made a general statement about the reality of side effects.
“US authorities, as well as health regulators around the world including Medsafe in New Zealand continue to monitor the adverse events reported in association with the vaccine and consider that the benefit – risk profile remains positive.
“Although Gardasil, as with any vaccine, has the potential to cause some adverse effects, the decision to vaccinate needs to be made on an individual basis keeping in mind the potential benefit of preventing cervical cancer being balanced against the potential risks of adverse effects. These potential adverse effects are discussed in the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet which can be found on the Medsafe website at:
On the allegation of ‘bribing’ schools, Dr Simmons says paying schools to help market vaccines to children has been done here before:
“Each school’s Board of Trustees was responsible for deciding if the immunisation programme could be delivered at their school. Schools have received support payments for allowing immunisation clinics to be provided on their premises before.”
For further information on adverse reactions linked to Gardasil, see


Whistleblower talks to Alex Jones about the HPV vaccine. Listen to the other parts of this interview at this site also

Letter to Dr Nikki Turner Regarding IMAC Whitewashing Gardasil’s Serious Adverse Reactions.

Evidence of the elite secretly sterilizing women through vaccines. This  is an interesting thread at the Forum.


The First Six Pages of the Judicial Watch Special Report Examining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records

Judicial Watch, the US-based public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, obtained information about Gardasil from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.    The first 6 pages of  the  Judicial Watch Special Report Gardasil VaccineExamining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records are posted below.

At the end of page 4 and on page 5 is evidence which shows that the HPV vaccine has led to outbreaks in warts in some people, which was denied as occurring by Dr Nikki Turner of the NZ Immunization Advisory Center.

Furthermore, at the end of page 5 and at the top of page 6 is mention that Gardasil was found to enhance disease in  recipients who already had “relevant HPV types” by 44.6 percent.   In spite of this Helen Petousis-Harris of the NZ Immunisation Advisory Center stated in a letter to The Whangarei Report: “There is no evidence that Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions.” It states on the Gardasil insert in section 14: “Infected women may already have CIN 2/3 or AIS at vaccination onset and some will develop CIN 2/3 or AIS during followup, either related to a vaccine…”

Judicial Watch findings are summarized in an article entitled Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report by Peter J Smith and the Judicial Watch document cited is in full here. On the 27th of March, when one clicked on this link,  a web page appeared which dissuaded people from accessing this information, by claiming the site could damage your computer, which is why I posted these 6 pages on this website.  However, since writing this post, the warning page has been removed. If it is up again when you look and you are willing to take a risk, click on “Ignore this warning” at the bottom right-hand-side of the red panel.  I did repeatedly and nothing adverse appears to have occurred to my computer.


A Judicial Watch Special Report
Examining the FDA’s
HPV Vaccine Records

Detailing the Approval Process, Side-Effects, Safety Concerns and Marketing Practices of a Large-Scale Public Health Experiment

June 30, 2008

Judicial Watch, Inc.  501 School Street, SW  Suite 500 Washington, DC 20024
Tel: 202-646-5172  Fax: 202-646-5199
Judicial Watch Special Report: Examining The FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records

Page 1 of 24

This Judicial Watch Special Report is an analysis of records obtained from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning a recent vaccine called Gardasil.
Gardasil helps protect against four types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The vaccine was approved in May 2006 and was created and marketed by Merck & Company Incorporated.
The records include Merck’s patent and drug information submitted to the FDA, transcripts and briefing material from approval meetings, and reports documenting health, safety, and efficacy test results, as well as Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) documents detailing 8,864 cases of adverse effects experienced by people after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. VAERS reports show that at least eighteen people have died after receiving Gardasil.1  Many health officials believe that adverse reactions to medications are widely underreported, therefore the actual number of adverse events occurring after vaccination with Gardasil is likely to be higher.
Judicial Watch obtained these records under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552. The request, asking for documents concerning Gardasil, was originally submitted to the FDA on May 9, 2007. The FDA produced documents on May 15, 2007; September 13, 2007; February 27, 2008, and June 10, 2008.

Judicial Watch uncovered thousands of pages of material pertaining to Gardasil, which is designed to prevent cervical cancer. The controversial vaccine was fast-tracked for approval by the FDA despite concerns about Gardasil’s safety and long-term effects. The vaccine is still in the testing stages (final report due September 30, 2009), but it is already being administered to thousands of young girls and women.2  Mandatory vaccination has been opposed by the American College of Pediatrics and The New England Journal of Medicine. Legislators in 41 states and Washington, DC have introduced legislation to require, fund or educate the public about the HPV vaccine and 17 states have enacted legislation. Michigan, Texas and Virginia took steps toward mandatory vaccination for sixth grade girls; however, all three states have postponed that required mandate. 3

Judicial Watch is concerned by the facts detailed in the FDA’s adverse event
reporting associated with Gardasil. Merck has waged an aggressive lobbying campaign with state governments to mandate this HPV vaccine for young girls. Given all the questions about Gardasil, the best public health policy would be to reevaluate its safety and to prohibit its distribution to minors. In the least, governments should rethink any efforts to mandate or promote this vaccine for children.
Thomas Fitton
Christopher J. Farrell Tegan N. Millspaw
Director of Investigations & Research Lead Researcher & Principal Author
Judicial Watch Special Report: Examining The FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records

Page 2 of 24

Executive Summary
In May 2007, Judicial Watch submitted a request to the FDA under the Freedom of Information Act for all records concerning Merck’s new anti-HPV vaccine, Gardasil.
After Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit in October 2007 to compel record production, the FDA finally released four sets of documents, the last in June 2008. These records detail the development and expedited approval of Gardasil. The documents include patent and licensing memoranda, test reports for the vaccine, and the final briefing document on Gardasil submitted to the FDA in April 2006, one month before the vaccine was
approved. The FDA also produced 8,864 VAERS reports. Judicial Watch uncovered a transcript of Merck’s May 18, 2006, meeting with the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), at which the vaccine received a unanimous vote of approval.
Analysis of the records shows:
• Gardasil is a prophylactic, preventative vaccine and will not treat pre-existing HPV infection. It is not a cancer vaccine or cure.
• Gardasil is marketed as a vaccine that prevents cancer, but it “ . . . has not
been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.”
• Gardasil is not 100% effective against all HPVs. It is designed to protect
against only four strains of HPV, even though there are over thirty strains
including at least fifteen that can cause cancer.
• While Gardasil is the most expensive vaccine ever to be recommended by the FDA, its long-term effectiveness is unknown and could be as brief as only two to three years.
• During testing, an aluminium-containing placebo was used. Aluminium can cause permanent cell damage and is a reactive placebo, unlike most standard saline placebos. This means that tests of Gardasil may not have given an accurate picture of safety levels.
• Although some states are considering making it mandatory for young girls to get the Gardasil vaccine, it has only been tested with one other vaccine
commonly given to children. There are ten commonly administered
adolescent vaccines.
• Gardasil is still in the testing stages, and will not be fully evaluated for safety until September 2009.  VAERS reports show that as many as eighteen people have died after receiving Gardasil.
Read more

Researchers Suggest Insufficient Evidence of Efficacy of HPV Vaccine

David Gutierrez
Natural NewsGardasil Vaccine
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There is not enough evidence to confidently state that two popular vaccines against the human papillomavirus (HPV) will reliably prevent against the development of cervical cancer, according to two articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Despite great expectations and promising results of clinical trials, we still lack sufficient evidence of an effective vaccine against cervical cancer,” wrote Charlotte J. Haug, editor of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, in the first article. “With so many essential questions still unanswered, there is good reason to be cautious.”

Haug noted that Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKlein’s Cervarix have only been studied clinically for six and a half years at the most, and have only been on the market since 2006. This means that researchers still do not know if the vaccines are effective against HPV over the long term, or what cancer-related side effects they might have. For example, protecting the body from infection with certain HPV strains might have unforeseen immunological side effects, reducing the body’s resistance to other varieties.

Due to the newness of both vaccines, it is also not yet been possible to see whether they actually reduce cervical cancer rates. Normally, it takes years of HPV infection before cancer can develop – more time than either drug has been studied.

In the second article, a pair of Harvard researchers noted that HPV vaccination is not necessarily a cost-effective way to protect against cervical cancer. Current screening methods such as Pap smears have been very effective in reducing the death rate of cervical cancer already, but such tests must continue even after receiving an HPV vaccine. Even at their best, the vaccines do not protect against all cervical cancer strains that can cause cancer; a woman who has already been exposed to one of the strains in the vaccine will get no benefit from it.

“I believe the vaccine is a great advance,” said Philip Davies of the European Cervical Cancer Association, “but we have to implement it properly to get the benefits, and that hasn’t happened.”

Give This To Your Doctor to Sign When You Go For A Vaccination: Doctor’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Doctor’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety

I (Doctor’s name, degree/s)_________________________, _____ am a medical practitioner licensed to practice medicine in New Zealand. My medical speciality is ________________________.

I have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of all the medications that I prescribe for or administer to my patients.  In the case of (Patient’s name) ___________________________, age _________, whom I have examined, I find that certain risk factors exist that justify the recommended vaccinations. The following is a list of said risk factors and the vaccinations that will protect against them:

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

Risk Factor ____________________________________________

Vaccination  ___________________________________________

I am aware that vaccines typically contain many of the following:

*         Aluminium hydroxide

*         Aluminium phosphate

*         Ammonium sulfate

*         Amphotericin B

*         Animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain

*         Dog kidney, monkey kidney,

*        Calcium phosphate.

*        Chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg

*        Calf (bovine) serum

*         Betapropiolactone

*         Fetal bovine serum

*         Formaldehyde

*         Formalin

*         Gelatin

*         Glycerol

*         Human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)

*         Hydrolized gelatin

*         Mercury (Thimerosal which is 49.6% mercury)

*         Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

*         Neomycin

*         Neomycin sulfate

*         Phenol red indicator

*         Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)

*         Potassium diphosphate

*         Potassium monophosphate

*         Polymyxin B

*         Polysorbate 20

*         Polysorbate 80

*         Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein

*         Residual MRC5 proteins

*         Sorbitol

*         Tri(n)butylphosphate,

*         VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and

*         Washed sheep red blood cells

and hereby warrant that these ingredients are safe for injection into the body of my patient.  I have thoroughly researched reports to the contrary, such as the reports that Thimerosal causes severe neurological damage, autism and Alzheimer’s disease and that formalin, which is used in the manufacture of over half of all vaccines, causes chemical damage to vaccine proteins and creates reactive chemical groups called carbonyls which can mean that the immune system overreacts once infection occurs and attacks the body in a damaging way.   Although I am aware of these reports, I do not find any of them credible.

I am aware that Dr Maurice Hilleman of Merck stated that Merck knowingly distributed millions of vials of polio vaccine that were contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV40) [1] and that SV40 is causally linked by some researchers to non-Hodgkin”s lymphoma and mesotheliomas in humans as well as in experimental animals, [2]. I hereby warrant that the vaccines I employ in my practice do not contain SV40 or any other live viruses. (Alternately, I hereby warrant that said SV40 virus or other viruses pose no substantive risk to my patient).

Gardasil Vaccine

I am that the vaccine may lead to an INCREASE in precancerous lesions in women who already have relevant HPV types and  I am aware that Judicial Watch has uncovered FDA reports under the Freedom of Information Act which show that Gardasil led to an increase in the incidence of precancerous lesions by 44.6% in women who had relevant HPV types, [3].   I am aware that by October 2008, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 27 deaths had been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System about Gardasil.  I am aware that cervical cancer usually develops in the late 20s to mid 30s and the protection period of Gardasil is estimated to be 5 years, which means that if my patient gets a first set of shots when she is 10 years old, she will need at least 2-4 additional booster shots to make it through her 30s and in so doing expose herself to the potential side effects of Gardasil over and over again.

I have read the report from Merck which mentions Gardasil was shown to reduce pre-cancers by only 12.2% to 16.5% in the general population and know that my patient will still need to have regular smear tests after she has been vaccinated.   I have read information regarding Gardasil thoroughly and do not regard the reports that it causes harm as credible and deem it safe and worthwhile to administer it to my patient.

Flu Vaccine

I am aware that most flu shots contain mercury and I have thoroughly researched the reports which indicate mercury is  highly neurotoxic.   I am aware that Hugh Fudenberg, MD, an immunogeneticist with nearly 850 papers published in peer review journals, has reported that if an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied), his/her chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease is 10 times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots, [4]. I am aware of the reports that flu vaccines were deliberately contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus and distributed to 18 countries by the American company Baxter and that this was believed to be part of a plan to provoke a pandemic, [5].  I am also aware that flu shots do not necessarily protect people against getting the flu, but regard it as worthwhile administering a mercury-containing form of this vaccine to my patient.

In order to protect my patient’s well being, I have taken the following steps to guarantee that the vaccines I will use will contain no damaging contaminants.

STEPS TAKEN: ___________________________________________________________




I have personally investigated the reports made to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and state that it is my professional opinion that the vaccines I am recommending are safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.

The bases for my opinion are itemized on Exhibit A, attached hereto, — “Doctor’s Bases for Professional Opinion of Vaccine Safety.” (Please itemize each recommended vaccine separately along with the bases for arriving at the conclusion that the vaccine is safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.)

The professional journal articles I have relied upon in the issuance of this Doctor”s Warranty of Vaccine Safety are itemized on Exhibit B , attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles in Support of Doctor’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety.”

The professional journal articles that I have read which contain opinions adverse to my opinion are itemized on Exhibit C, attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles Contrary to Doctor’s Opinion of Vaccine Safety.”

The reasons for my determining that the articles in Exhibit C were invalid are delineated in Attachment D , attached hereto, — “Doctor’s Reasons for Determining the Invalidity of Adverse Scientific Opinions.”

Hepatitis B Vaccine

I understand that 60 percent of patients who are vaccinated for Hepatitis B will lose detectable antibodies to Hepatitis B within 12 years. I understand that in 1996 only 54 cases of Hepatitis B were reported to the CDC in the 0-1 year age group. I understand that in the VAERS, there were 1,080 total reports of adverse reactions from Hepatitis B vaccine in 1996 in the 0-1 year age group, with 47 deaths reported.

I understand that 50 percent of patients who contract Hepatitis B develop no symptoms after exposure. I understand that 30 percent will develop only flu-like symptoms and will have lifetime immunity. I understand that 20 percent will develop the symptoms of the disease, but that 95 percent will fully recover and have lifetime immunity.

I understand that 5 percent of the patients who are exposed to Hepatitis B will become chronic carriers of the disease. I understand that 75 percent of the chronic carriers will live with an asymptomatic infection and that only 25 percent of the chronic carriers will develop chronic liver disease or liver cancer, 10-30 years after the acute infection.

The following scientific studies have been performed to demonstrate the safety of the Hepatitis B vaccine in children under the age of 5 years.



In addition to the recommended vaccinations as protections against the above cited risk factors, I have recommended other non-vaccine measures to protect the health of my patient and have enumerated said non-vaccine measures on Exhibit D, attached hereto, “Non-vaccine Measures to Protect Against Risk Factors.”

I am issuing this Doctor’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety in my professional capacity as the attending physician to (Patient’s name) ________________________________.

Regardless of the legal entity under which I normally practice medicine, I am issuing this statement in both my business and individual capacities and hereby waive any legal immunities from liability lawsuits in the instant case.

I issue this document of my own free will after consultation with competent legal counsel whose name is _____________________________.

__________________________________ (Name of Attending Doctor)

________________________________ (Signature of Attending Doctor)

Signed on this _______ day of ______________ A.D. ________

Witness: _______________________________  Date: _______

Notary Public: __________________________   Date: _______


1.      Interview with Dr Maurice Hilleman of Merck at

2.  SV40 is being found in human tumours.  See: SV40 Cancer Articles

3.      Judicial Watch Report On the Gardasil Vaccine. See this first 6 pages here.

The full report is here:

4. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, is Founder and Director of Research, Neurolmmuno Therapeutic Research Foundation. Information from Dr. Hugh Fudenberg came from transcribed notes of Dr. Fudenberg’s speech at the NVIC International Vaccine Conference, Arlington, VA, US.  September, 1997. Quoted with permission.

5. ‘Accidental’ Contamination of Vaccine with Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible

Letter to Dr Nikki Turner Regarding IMAC Whitewashing Gardasil’s Serious Adverse Reactions

This letter was e-mailed to Dr Nikki Turner and Helen Petousis-Harris of the Immunisation Advisory Centre of Auckland University on the 25th of February regarding Ms Petousis-Harris’ letter to The Whangarei Report and Dr Turner’s public presentation regarding the Gardasil vaccine in Whangarei on the 24th.

25th of February 2009

Dr Nikki Turner,
Immunisation Advisory Centre,
Auckland University.

Dear Dr Turner,
In regard to your e-mail dated the 25th of February, your having stated that the HPV vaccine caused the reactions in the girls in Spain during the public forum on the 24th of February did contradict the letter Helen Petousis-Harris wrote to The Whangarei Report.  You also contradicted her when you acknowledged you were aware that in October 2008, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 27 deaths had been reported to VAERS in relation to Gardasil.
IMAC can not sweep the multitude of serious adverse reactions to the vaccine under the carpet. There is too much evidence in the public arena.  The FDA reports Judicial Watch acquired about Gardasil under the Freedom of Information Act, that were described by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton as “a catalogue of horrors,” [1,2], being a good example.
I have not found mention of  “motor vehicle accidents” being responsible for what is occurring to those vaccinated as Ms Petousis-Harris tried to claim to The Whangarei Report. There is mention of reactions occurring shortly after vaccination though.  For example, in one case a 14-year old girl took 6 steps after being injected with Gardasil before collapsing and becoming unconscious. The girl regained consciousness after “a 60 second grand mal seizure” and had pale clammy skin and blood pressure of 60/40.
In another case a 23-year old woman was vaccinated with her first dose and went into anaphylactic shock.  The report says that she experienced this 2 minutes after vaccination.
A VAERS report from a physician stated a female patient was inoculated with Gardasil and “Subsequently, the patient experienced a coma and is now paralyzed.”
Eleven deaths occurred less than one week after receiving the vaccine. Seven died in less than 2 days. The most common diagnosed cause was blood clotting.
The VAERS reports Judicial Watch acquired included 78 separate cases where, after receiving the vaccine, patients experienced outbreaks of warts, [1].  When I asked you about people developing warts after vaccination, you denied it was occurring during your talk in Whangarei Dr Turner.
Furthermore, while the Gardasil insert, which can be found on Merck’s website, mentions that the vaccine may lead to pre-cancerous lesions, you did not.
It [did] state[s] on page 14 [top of page 15] of the insert:
“Infected women may already have CIN 2/3 or AIS at vaccination onset and SOME WILL DEVELOP CIN 2/3 or AIS during follow-up, EITHER RELATED TO A VACCINE…”
In relation to this matter the Judicial Watch report states:
“The possibility that Gardasil could make HPV infections worse is very serious, and a matter of concern with both critics of the vaccine and the FDA.  A background document
produced by the FDA’s VRBPAC in May 2006 states:
There were two important concerns that were identified during the course of the efficacy review of this BLA [biologics license application]. One was the potential for Gardasil to enhance disease among a subgroup of subjects
who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine relevant HPV types at baseline. The other concern was the observations of CIN 2/3 [cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, abnormal cell changes in moderate stage] or worse cases due to HPV types not contained in the vaccine. These cases of disease due to other HPV types have the potential to counter the efficacy results of Gardasil for the HPV types contained in the vaccine . . . The results of exploratory subgroup analyses . . . suggested a concern that
subjects who were . . . positive for the vaccine-relevant HPV types had a greater number of CIN 2/3 or worse cases.
It further states on page 6 of the Judicial Watch report:
“A chart in the committee’s report revealed that efficacy in subjects already exposed to “relevant HPV types” had an observed efficacy rate of -44.6%. The disturbing efficacy rate raises questions as to who should be receiving the vaccine, and why the FDA allows Gardasil to be administered without prescreening for HPV..”
Why did you not mention all these serious problems associated with the vaccine to the group of women in Whangarei and why did Helen Petousis-Harris claim that: “There is no evidence that Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions” in her letter to The Whangarei Report?  Given the rate of sexual abuse of children in New Zealand, and thus potential infection with the HPV, one would think that this matter would be of concern to a caring medical professional.     And what ever happened to informed consent?
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Serious Adverse Reactions To Gardasil Swept Under Carpet By Dr Nikki Turner of NZ’s Immunization Advisory Centre

Gardasil Vaccine
On the 24th of February, Dr Nikki Turner of the Immunisation Advisory Centre gave a presentation about Gardasil to 28 members of the public in Whangarei at the Forum North events centre.   Although people were advised by The Whangarei Report that this meeting was to help them become informed, in my opinion, it was designed to do anything but.  The public were treated like mushrooms by Dr Turner – they were fed manure and kept in the dark.
At the start of the meeting Dr Turner was asked for clarification on whose data she was presenting and when she stated that it was derived from Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil,  I advised that a whistleblower who had worked for Merck had indicated that their research data on the HPV vaccine was not trustworthy.  While Dr Turner did not dismiss this claim, she did not seem particularly concerned and moved back to the presentation.
On the topic of warts Dr Turner mentioned that Gardasil was useful in preventing these.  When I questioned her about the reports of people getting warts as a result of having the vaccine, she denied that this was occurring and implied the media had misled the public.   The media has not.  Here are 3 excerpts published on pages 4 and 5 of a Judicial Watch report on the Gardasil vaccine that link shots to the subsequent development of warts:
Two days after receiving the first dose of Gardasil, the patient developed groin warts. There is no known history of these warts. The patient came back in about a month later and was given the second dose of Gardasil.
days after receiving the second dose, the patient had a huge outbreak of warts.   VAERS ID: 292052-1

Information has been received from a consumer concerning her 17-year-old daughter with no medical history and an allergy to sulfa, who on 28-SEP-2007 was vaccinated with a first dose of Gardasil . . . Prior to being vaccinated with Gardasil the patient was tested for HPV and genital warts and all her test came back negative. On 15-OCT-2007 the patient experienced a fever, and broke out with white bumps that were diagnosed as genital warts. VAERS ID: 301339-115

“Outbreaks were not limited simply to genital warts. Some patients experienced outbreaks of warts on the face, hands, and feet. All warts are caused by strains of the papilloma virus, but it is surprising that Gardasil, which was modeled to protect only against genital warts, would cause outbreaks of warts caused by other strains of the papilloma virus.” (Refer p. 5).
The VAERS reports Judicial Watch acquired included 78 separate cases where, after receiving the vaccine, patients experienced outbreaks of warts.
What was most disturbing about this presentation, was that while she mentioned that a variety of organisations were collecting information on the adverse reactions that were occurring, such as the VAERS,  she failed to mention the thousands of adverse reactions and the deaths that have been reported to the bodies.   Instead she minimized the problems and claimed that a major concern with this vaccine was that girls were “fainting,”  which she implied was simply due to being pricked by a needle.
The only serious adverse reactions she mentioned as having occurred related to two girls in Spain.  She said Spanish health authorities had withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of the HPV vaccine because two girls fell seriously ill after receiving doses of it. Tellingly, Dr Turner put what happened in Spain down to a bad “batch,” while failing to mention that similar serious adverse reactions were being reported elsewhere, and in large numbers, including by the mainstream media.

As she had minimised the adverse reactions, when she asked if anyone had any questions at the end of the presentation, I said: “In October 2008, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 27 deaths had been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in relation to Gardasil. Yet, the CDC and the FDA are alleging that the vast majority , or even all of these cases are not related to the vaccine. They are therefore saying Gardasil is “safe.” Could you tell me why the documents related to how they arrived at this decision that it is safe, in spite of all the adverse reactions that have been reported, are being kept hidden from the public?”
She answered by saying that she was aware of the reactions that had been reported.  She did not answer the question as to why the documents were being kept from the public though.

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