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Tag: global currency

London Telegraph Admits Plan For Bank Of The World, Global Currency

International Business Editor says “Conspiracy theorists will love it”

Steve Watson
Saturday, April 4, 2009

The international business editor of the London Telegraph has today penned a piece admitting that the fallout of the G20 summit sets the stage for a global central bank and a global fiat currency.

After yesterday’s widespread announcement of a “new world order” by the world’s media, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph writes “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity.”

The economic analyst points to a clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders, saying it “amounts to revolution in the global financial order.”

“We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,” The clause states.

SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.

“In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.” Evans-Pritchard comments.

Read the Entire Telegraph article here.

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How José Manuel Barroso (Bilderberg Member) quietly transformed the worlds financial future G20 summit obama 340x169

Even though Evans-Pritchard directly admits the political agenda to diminish the power of sovereign states in favor of a move towards global governance, he still couches it under the term “conspiracy theory”, suggesting it is some sort of paranoid delusion.

It is time to face this agenda head on, expose it for what it really is and stop engaging in cognitive dissonance and blind ignorance.

Furthermore, why would we “love” to see unfold before our eyes the very diabolical strategy that we have consistently warned will eventually strip us of all our freedoms?

As we have exhaustively documented, the new world order has nothing to do with saving the world and everything to do with centralizing power and control into the hands of a gaggle of criminal globalists who are concerned about nothing other than increasing their domination over the planet – at the expense of the rest of the population.

The new world order is totalitarian by its very nature – shifting power away from sovereign countries to global institutions which have no accountability to the general public whatsoever, and through which the public has no voice or influence. That cannot be defined as anything else but undemocratic. There is no such thing as a “benign” new world order.

It’s about time the establishment media stopped parroting the words of globalists, stopped dismissing as trite their clear and outright agenda to seize power, and actually started exposing what is really happening in this world with purpose.

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Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Ban Global Currency

Says true intentions of President and Treasury head are questionable

Steve Watson
Friday, March 27, 2009

Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Ban Global Currency 270309dollarIn the wake of discussions of and hints at a move toward a new global currency, a Republican Congresswoman has introduced a resolution in the House “that would bar the dollar from being replaced by any foreign currency.”

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced the resolution on her website along with a press release entitled“Bachmann Demands Truth: Will Obama Administration Abandon Dollar for a Multi-National Currency?”

The Press release states:

“Yesterday, during a Financial Services Committee hearing, I asked Secretary Geithner if he would denounce efforts to move towards a global currency and he answered unequivocally that he would,” said Bachmann. “And President Obama gave the nation the same assurances. But just a day later, Secretary Geithner has left the option on the table. I want to know which it is. The American people deserve to know.”

Bachmann is referring to the incident we reported on yesterday, when Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner performed a 180 degree reversal of his own comments from just one day earlier, assuring the elite Council On Foreign Relations group that he and the president were “open” to the notion of a new global currency system.

“Despite attempts to clarify his remarks later in the day, the unguarded initial response calls into question his true intentions.” Bachmann states.

Bachmann’s resolution points out that Title 31, Sec. 5103 of the Constitution prohibits foreign currency from being recognized in the U.S.

Representative Bachmann has built a reputation as an outspoken and unwavering character in Congress. She opposed both federal bailout bills and has continued to question the legitimacy of the Treasury’s economic policy.

She has also previously been lambasted by the mainstream media for expressing concerns that Barack Obama and some members of Congress may have anti-American interests, for suggesting that global warming is caused by natural cycles and that the real agenda in Iraq is balkanization.

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UN & IMF Back Agenda For Global Financial Dictatorship obama 340x169

Concerns over a move toward a new global currency are long standing, however, they recently came to a head when China expressed support for Russia’s proposal to hand the IMF the power to create a new supra-national global currency in response to the call for an alternative to the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

The creation of a new reserve currency to supplant the U.S. dollar would likely lead to a complete collapse of the greenback, of which trillions are held in in foreign exchange reserves by foreign countries such as China and Japan.

Two days ago Both Obama and Geithner denounced the plans, but as we reported, their actions and policies are greasing the skids for a complete collapse and abandonment of the dollar.

Furthermore, today both the IMF and the United Nations have thrown their weight behind the proposals to implement a new world reserve currency.

Meanwhile, Geithner’s comments at the CFR have sent the dollar plunging against the euro, yen, and sterling.

“The mere fact that the US Treasury Secretary is even entertaining thoughts that the dollar may cease being the anchor of the global monetary system has caused consternation,” David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC said.

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