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Tag: Hilary Butler

Flashback: Gardasil Lies, Damned Lies and More Omissions

Hilary Butler – Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The e-mails and phone calls have finally stopped.  Thank you everyone.  If interpretations are true, the performance on TV last night, of teenage giggling and Nikki Turner’s elation at the introduction of Gardasil in New Zealand was a very happy clappy occasion. Perhaps. However, I had already checked out the two new websites: one put together at Nikki Turner’s request by non-questioning AUT students (nothing better than the blind leading the blind – makes for peer-group gullibility and have-the-jab pressure, no doubt!), and the site by the Ministry of Health. The AUT generated site is marked by it’s mottly pink tinkly vacuousness, and the Ministry of Health one, by it’s bland sweepingly boring and totally expected inaccuracies.

But since when have facts got in the way of agendas?

Strangely, a mole has told me that both MoH and Nikki Turner, are well aware of the errors and omissions they chose to ignore. Why are you surprised?

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