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Tag: John Boncore

Interview: Jack Blood Talks With 9/11 Truth Activist John Boncore About his Attempt to Arrest George W Bush

ststhumb 9/11 Truth Activist John Boncore, who is widely known as ‘Splitting the Sky’, was on Jack Blood’s Deadline Live show on April the 21st.   Link to the 48.33 minutes interview at his website here.

Hear this hero talk about his life and what led him to attempt to have George W. Bush arrested in Canada in March this year.

There is also a great interview from September last year between radio show host Dr Bill Deagle, who hosts the Nutrimedical hour on the GCN Network, thumbnailserver21and Boncore.

According to Dr Deagle, Boncore has done a better job than anyone at connecting all of the criminal blood money, not only from 9/11, but also from the new 9-11 of the economy.  See what you think.

The interview and the transcript are available here.

And don’t miss this excellent presentation at Google Video by Boncore, entitled: Splitting the Sky – 9/11: Follow The Money.

Brave 9/11 Truth Activist Arrested At Bush’s First Speech as Ex-US President

YouTube Clip of what happened here.

John Boncore, aka “Splitting The Sky”, shoe hurlers arrested as Calgary toasts War Criminal

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
18 March, 2009

Noted activist, lecturer, author and 9/11 Truth researcher Splitting The Sky was arrested outside the Telus Convention Center in Calgary, Canada yesterday as ex-U.S. President George W. Bush delivered a speech to an assembly of Canadian oilpatch executives and politicians. Video of the event, courtesy of Moulton Steel Productions at is available below:


While Bush delivered a $400-per-plate luncheon address extolling the virtues of free trade and illegal wiretapping, protesters outside the event made their voices heard. According to the National Post, 400 protesters gathered to demonstrate against Bush, with four ultimately being arrested, including Splitting The Sky and at least one man who simply threw a sandal at the building where Bush was speaking.

In an interview last week, Splitting The Sky told The Corbett Report “We’re basically saying George Bush and [ex-Vice President Dick] Cheney committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and that they were behind 9/11. They manufactured 9/11 to justify an incursion into the Mid-East.” Continuing, Splitting The Sky explained “We intend to create a big welcoming party and condemn Bush for the war crimes, for the thousands of people who have died because of this manufactured war.”

Splitting The Sky’s efforts were part of an umbrella effort by protesters to draw attention to a group of Canadian lawyers’ attempts to get Bush barred from Canada or tried as a war criminal for torture and other crimes against humanity. The group, Lawyers Against the War, was assisted by grasssroots citizen activist organizations including War Criminals Out and People Vs. Bush.

In an interview with The Corbett Report last week, webmaster Wayne Prante stressed that the planned protests were non-violent and strictly within the law: “There’s no vigilante justice being called for here, we’re just doing our civic and legal duty and asking that the government live up to theirs. We are talking about civil and peaceful protest action here.” is now reporting that Splitting The Sky was arrested for assault and obstruction after attempting to enter the Convention Center in an apparent effort to perform a citizen’s arrest of Bush on behalf of those tortured and murdered during his reign as president. He is being aided in his defence by Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against the War and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke.



Reuters article here

John Boncore’s website:

And here is an excellent speech John Boncore gave in November 2008 about the 9/11 money trail.

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