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Who’s destroying England? London attacks and the war against Brexit: Rappoport

London Brexit


Who’s destroying England?

London attacks and the war against Brexit

NOTE: Watch Paul Watson’s shocking video, The Truth about ‘Refugees’

by Jon Rappoport

June 4, 2017

“Here’s a great idea, boys. Gather around. We’re going to build, on top of every national government on the European continent, another government, bigger, more bloated, more corrupt, more powerful. Who’ll notice? Who’ll care?”

“Terrific. Love it. But ultimately we’ll need to destroy all those separate countries and rule the whole continent as one entity. We can do that, yes. We’ll open all borders and let in a massive flow of immigrants and erase national identities. Terror attacks will multiply. We’ll put a lid on talking about immigrants as the cause of the terror. Call it hate speech. We’ll train the population of Europe to accept terrorism as part of the glorious future. It makes no logical sense, but so what? No top-down ideology ever made sense. We’ll preach unlimited tolerance and love. We’ll be a de facto Church of sorts. We’ll hypnotize the whole continent…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

As I was writing this article, multiple terror attacks were launched in London. To say the human destruction “once again raised the question of immigration” would be a vast understatement.

In the run-up to the Brexit vote in 2016, immigration came to the fore as the key issue. But of course, the European Union has a policy of opening borders of all member countries.

The EU wants one continent, no separate countries—and the way to achieve that is by creating a massive flood of migrants. Destroy traditions and cultures that define countries. In the process, accept terrorism as “inevitable.” Don’t talk or write about the actual effects of immigration. That would be “hate speech.” Keep eyes and mouth shut, and march straight ahead into a future of one European continent ruled from above by the EU.

Ever since the UK vote to leave the unelected, terminally corrupt, and rotting edifice known as the European Union, stall tactics and threats have been launched at Brits.

First it was, “It’s going to take a long time to untangle the UK from the EU, it’s very complicated.” Actually, that tactic was predated by Prince Obama traveling to England to warn the population they’d stand at the back of the line in forming separate trade deals with the US, if they left the EU. It’s called interfering in the political affairs of another nation. Now it’s the EU and Queen Merkel beating the UK to the punch by plotting trade deals with India and China, in order to leave the British out in the cold.

But the basic question is, Is Britain a nation? Does it exist? It’s a question citizens are supposed to answer. Not Merkel, Obama, or the EU.

This issue, in case it’s unclear, is all about Globalism. According to that totalitarian political philosophy, of which the EU is a standard bearer, there are no nations. There are only mega-corporations and banks.

As the recently departed guru of the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote in 1969, “[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

This is not only a political and economic statement, it’s a prescriptive piece of psychological advice: Stop thinking of yourself as a citizen of a country; you’re a global citizen; you exist and function at the pleasure of a new collaborative international order.

And the new order will triumph. Bow your heads and accept it.

Unless people get up on their hind legs and say no, which is what happened in the 2016 Brexit vote.

Defection. Decentralization. Independence.

Hideous words to the ears of Globalists.

Their basic strategy, since the end of World War 2, has been to spin a highly complex network of political and economic relationships, from one end of the world to the other—a labyrinth—from which escape is seen as virtually impossible.

Trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT are only part of this system. The EU itself keeps churning out thousands of rules, regulations, and laws.

Build the maze; put national governments and populations in the maze.

Then more or less claim the planet would collapse without the maze.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker just issued a “maze statement” to President Trump after Trump rejected the Globalist Paris Climate (non-) Treaty: “Europe’s duty is to say: it’s not like that. The Americans can’t just leave the climate protection agreement. Mr. Trump believes that [he can] because he doesn’t know the details…We tried to explain that to Mr. Trump in Taormina in clear German sentences. It seems that our attempt failed, but the law is the law, and it must be obeyed. Not everything which is law and not everything in international agreements is fake news, and we have to comply with it.”

Supremely arrogant, Juncker was winging it and writing his own script, because, in fact, the US didn’t sign on to a treaty in Paris. Obama tried to unilaterally bind the US to the climate pact, when a two-third’s vote by the US Senate is actually required for such international agreements. And no Senate vote was taken.

But this is the EU’s preemptive attitude toward defection, decentralization, and independence.

In the case of Brexit, climate change wasn’t the issue. Immigration was. The EU tried its best to chastise England for daring to insist unlimited numbers of migrants might be too many. “You’re in the maze, stay in the maze.”

And there is another vector of attack being launched at England: reminders the nation is evil for its colonial practices, which can never, ever be erased. But the covert leaders in that propaganda effort, the EU and its Globalist bosses, feel entitled in their own attempt to colonize the whole planet. “Your colonizing was bad, ours is good.”

With an annual budget in the vicinity of $100 billion, the EU is intractably corrupt and incompetent. It’s estimated that $5 billion a year is stolen from that budget. As for the other $95 billion, what is it for? Nations can govern themselves. The EU could disappear tomorrow and no one would catch a cold. The entire bloated structure, employing between 30 and 50 thousand people (depending on how far the count is extended) is a vast boondoggle.

It’s astonishing that anyone in the UK would feel a sense of loyalty to the EU.

There is nothing strange about Brexit at all. It’s a natural reaction: One day, a house pet goes outside and wanders off into the woods and never comes back. Who is really surprised?

The “system” called the EU insists that terrorism is somehow a price the British people must pay for entering “a better future for all.” Don’t ask what that future looks like. Don’t think about it. The UK doesn’t have the right to set its own immigration policy.

The chaos and destruction that result from open borders are simply an “adjustment period,” after which things will settle down. A new and better England and Europe will emerge. Diversity will triumph. How? Don’t worry about that, be happy.

You see, diversity is a high-minded principle, and by definition it implies a more humane society. Therefore, there is no counter-evidence. Facts are unimportant.

Image result for london terror brexit

The latest London attacks are a message to the British people: You may have exited from the EU, but the EU policy on immigration still stands.

No it doesn’t. Britain is free to set its own policy.

To do so, politically correct speech will have to be jettisoned. Facts will have to be widely expressed. Lies will have to be widely exposed.

The EU will need to be named as a driving force in immigration, and the results of migration will need to be laid at its door.

The EU sees immigrant terrorism as its ticket to greater control over Europe.

The London attacks are a challenge thrown in Britain’s face. Bow down and accept; or rebel.

Leaving the EU means LEAVING the EU.

How many times must British citizens witness these attacks and watch police come in after the fact? How long before leaving means LEAVING?

How long before the British people realize that the flood of migrants is not simply “a refugee crisis” created by the US and its allies, whose imperialist policies of Empire and wars in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, initiate “blowback?”

How long before they see numbers of these “refugees” are just military-age young men who arrive with destruction on their minds?

How long before they see England is riddled with EU agents who are “forwarding a humane immigration policy,” come hell or high water?

One continent, under no liberty and no justice, with suffering and slavery for all.

How long before they leave THAT?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Manchester Arena Attack: Orchestrated By The British Government?

The following article was sent to me by Email from a contact, “Jack”.
As with all controversial material, we ask the reader to do their research, apply logic and discretion, evaluate critically, and follow Uncensored’s motto “Think For Yourself”.
Regardless of whether or not you agree with the author’s conclusions and opinions, there is plenty of material here worth reading. MH
Manchester Arena Government
Here are the initial statements of lies about the terror attack by PM Theresa May:  (Full Statement at Downing Street 23 May, 2017)  (Theresa May raises the level to ‘critical’ 23 May, 2017) In this statement PM Theresa May now advises a “wider group of terrorists are involved” and “on advice from the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre” the “threat level is now increased from severe to critical.” Hence, “Operation Temperer is now in force”, deploying a number of armed military personnel under the command of the police.
Here are the initial statements and lies by US President Donald Trump:  (with Trump fully supporting the British PM, claiming the ‘terrorists were losers’)
Secret plan to make Manchester a “guinea pig hub” for the global N.W.O. Surveillance State
A good article about the world leading surveillance system being set up in Manchester was written by Charlotte Cox in the Manchester Evening News, up-dated 28 April 2015, titled, Big Brother is watching you … all day and all night. The rise of CCTV in Manchester city centre today.  Here is a very brief summary of her article. For many years the City of Manchester in the UK has been used as a ‘guinea pig’ to test British-controlled global police surveillance state technology and measures. Already there are in excess of 10,000 CCTV cameras in the Greater Manchester area, and the number is growing. These surveillance cameras cover a wide variety of uses for the police and City Council. Automatic number plate recognition traffic cameras, including thermal imaging cameras that can see in the dark, which track in excess of 800,000 number plate reads per day. Cameras are now fitted to double-decked buses and trams, 92 Metrolink stops, monitoring all passengers. There are cameras monitoring all public areas, stadiums, roads, train tracks, park-and-ride sites, footpaths, commercial premises and parks. Way back in 2009, the Manchester Evening News reported that four schools in Greater Manchester equipped their classrooms with CCTV surveillance cameras and microphones to monitor teachers’ performances, and paradoxically, more and more naive people are now crying out to the police and authorities for more CCTV cameras.
MIRTLE (Millimetre Wave Radar Threat Level Evaluation)
Scientists and specialists in homeland security science at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 created a world-leading hi-tech scanner called MIRTLE  (Millimetre Wave Radar Threat  Level Evaluation) which enables the police and military to detect hidden weapons on anyone within a distance of 100 feet or more either stationary or moving anywhere using fixed or mobile scanners. These scanners with hi-tech computer software, almost miraculously, can automatically detect concealed guns, knives, non-metallic objects, Person-Born Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIEDs), general pocket clutter like mobile phones, keys and wallets to suicide bombers wearing IED vests on everyone. This now means physical searches by police are virtually obsolete.
In about 2008, Manchester Metropolitan University either entered a partnership or patent arrangement, or sold the MIRTLE patent, to a private company called Radio Physics Solutions to manufacture this MIRTLE equipment and distribute it worldwide.  Here is more information about it: The company now has headquarters in Ledbury UK and Salem, New Hampshire, USA. Already the technology is being used by the UK Home Office, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Metropolitan Police, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Warwick and the United States Army. Ultimately, it is planned to be installed in all schools, stadiums, night clubs, public places transport hubs throughout the world. Here is a video about it. It is truly amazing technology:
Manchester Stadium: Showsec
If a close look at the Manchester Stadium bombing videos is made, one will repeatedly observe a number of security personnel wearing high visibility jackets with the word “Showsec” marked on them. Showsec is a large, private, UK event security and crowd management company based in Leicester UK, which also was in control of security and crowd management in the Manchester Stadium during the bombing. They were in control of all public announcements, security and getting people to the exits. The connection of Showsec and affiliated event security companies like these with these supposed terrorist attacks with sports or rock concert events is uncanny. Showsec is part of a Security Group with its sister organisation based in The Netherlands. During the Paris attacks in November 2015, 89 people were apparently killed after three terrorists stormed the concert by the rock band Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan theatre. On the same night, three suicide bombers, apparently blew themselves up outside the Stade de France in the French capital where the national team was playing against Germany. These security groups in charge of these events are all interrelated.
Possibly much more than just a coincidence. Mark Harding, the Managing Director of Showsec, is also the Chairman of the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association, Vice Chairman of the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) Crowd Management Section, and is a member of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Strategic Advisory Group. He has worked closely with the police and intelligence agencies at the highest level in a number of countries, and was the Operations Director overseeing events including the 1996 European Football Championships and 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Certainly he possesses the qualifications to be chosen to work in clandestine government government operations.   
Manchester Arena: SMG Europe
Manchester Arena is managed and operated by SMG Europe. This company, SMG Europe, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMG Europe Holdings Limited, the giant, worldwide leader in venue management. 
SMG Holdings Limited’s registered office is literally at the Manchester Arena itself, now the epicentre of global arena venue management.
This powerful company, founded in 1977, controls and manages in excess of 220 major venues not only throughout the UK, but also throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, Northern Ireland, Poland and Germany. Here is their website:  By being the venue manager, SMG Europe controls events that are run in all their facilities. If you go to: you will see, interestingly, that on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 the Satanic heavy metal rock group KISS (acronym for Knights in Satan’s Service) was scheduled to perform in the arena. Manchester Arena is one of the busiest venues in the world and is the largest indoor arena in Europe. It is one of the major hubs that supports a global spider’s web of corporate support centred around an international network of multinational big business propaganda through entertainment sports and musical events. It also has a huge number of partnership affiliations with other similar facilities and venue companies and municipally owned facilities around the world, and through this, has a big influence over what advertising or propaganda is broadcast through its events. The power of SMG Europe is insidious, because for many years now governments and multinational companies have been using sports and major musical  events as channels to seduce the masses with their propaganda and mind control.
Operation Pandora
If you view this report here: about Salford’s (Salford is part of the greater Manchester area) 129-camera CCTV system, you will read in the first page second to last paragraph; “The council’s Operation Pandora tackles fly-tippers through use of CCTY, mobile patrols and using evidence from members of the public…” Then in this report here; you will see Operation Pandora is installing Hikvision Darkfighter CCTV cameras with smart functions, including face detection, intrusion detection, with full HD1080p crisp video images to track and identify people. These cameras take the level of monitoring and tracking up to a whole new level.
Operation Pandora is an extension of Tavistock’s mind-control programs run by Russia and the CIA, held in a CIA file called “Operation Pandora.” Commonly, it is called “Electronic harassment” which involves tyrannical government agents using powerful surveillance techniques to not only monitor the movements and location of every person on the planet, but transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads so that they can be totally mind-controlled to do whatever they are commanded. England, Russia and the US are world leaders in these methods. Psychotronic weapons were being studied by the Russian Federation during the 1990s with military analyst Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas saying in 1998 a number of people believed Russia had developed weapons for attacking the mind of soldiers, and indeed, anyone who opposed the government. In 2012, the Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke about the plans to draft proposals for the further development of psychotronic weapons. The Tavistock Institute in London, is the global epicentre of research and development of these devious techniques, and has long used trauma-based mind control to use repeated violent acts to make people delusional and to disassociate themselves from reality. Tavistock psychologists believe, by repeating over and over again a number of major terrorist attacks, they can actually cause the mind of a whole nation, through trauma, to disassociate itself from reality, and thus, once this is completed, they can totally mind-control the whole world to set up an Orwellian global police state.
Here is a posting that links the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London with Operation Pandora, MI6 and the UN:  This is what the terrorists events in Manchester are all about. Ultimately. Mind-control of the masses of the world.
Operation Temperer
Operation Temperer is a British government plan to deploy military troops to support police officers in key locations following a major terrorist attack.The initial plan provides for up to 5,100 soldiers to be deployed to “augment armed police officers engaged in protective security duties” at key sites in major UK cities.  The plan was put in place following the January 2015 Ile-de-France attacks in France. It was intended to be keep secret, but supposedly, it was accidentally disclosed in July 2015 after being inadvertently uploaded to the website of the National Police Chiefs Council.The Prime Minister can trigger Operation Temperer following a COBRA meeting where the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre increases the terrorism threat level from severe to critical.  Operation Temperer was activated for the first time on 23 May 2017 by Prime Minister Theresa May following the Manchester Arena bombing. In truth, Operation Temperer is the gradual imposition of martial law turning the UK into a police state.
This may sound difficult to believe for the average person. Here is an article about it:  Do watch the video in it. It is stunning.
More Than just a coincidence: Now three separate Manchester bombings at Corporation Street
On 4 December 1992, there was a supposed attack by the Provisional IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) in which two bombs exploded, wounding 65 people and damaging many buildings in the centre of Manchester. The first bomb that exploded injured six people and was at Parsonage Gardens. The second bomb exploded on Cateaton Street near Manchester Cathedral. Both these locations were within close walking distance to Corporation Street which now borders the Manchester Stadium. The police and government claimed that the Provisional IRA claimed responsibility for the bombing the next day, but the perpetrators have never been found.
On 15 June 1996, there was supposedly another attack by the IRA, on Saturday, 15 June 1996 when a 1500-kilogram truck bomb on Corporation Street was detonated. Supposedly, 212 people were injured. Supposedly, the IRA had sent telephoned warnings about 90 minutes before the bomb detonated. At least 75,000 people were evacuated from the area. At the time, England was hosting the Euro ‘96 Football Championships and a Russia vs Germany match was scheduled to take place the following day.
On 22 May 2017, there was supposedly a suicide bombing. It was carried out targeting concert goers at Manchester Arena after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Once again, Manchester Arena borders Corporation Street. Apparently, according to the police, there were 23 deaths including the attacker, and at least 120 others injured. The youngest killed was reportedly eight years old. Of the hospitalized, twelve were reported to be children under the age of 16. The suicide bomber was identified by police, supposedly as Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old British-born Sunni Muslim citizen of Libyan descent. Supposedly, others connected to him as well have been arrested. it is claimed by the police they may have been motivated by revenge for Muslim children killed by American airstrikes in Syria.
Now isn’t that a coincidence. First, the IRA, of all groups, supposedly targets Corporation Street on two separate occasions. Then finally, another bomb goes off in 2017 in precisely the same location targeted by an entirely different group of Muslim terrorists.  Three times in the same location over a period of 25 years. All at a location in Manchester that just happens to be the global hub and guinea pig being used to set up a N.W.O. global surveillance police state – complete with over 10,000 of the most advanced Hikvision and similar Darkfighter CCTV cameras that monitor and track everyone’s every move – assisted by MIRTLE scanners, Showsec, and the headquarters of SMG Europe Holdings Group. Not to mention Operation Pandora and Operation Temperer, which between them, are going to be used as a template to drive the world’s masses into a permanent mind-controlled state of psychosis, enforced by a global police state under martial law.
All coordinated by COBRA
COBRA is the acronym for “Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.” This is the location where emergency meetings were usually held in ‘Conference Room A’ at the Cabinet Office main building at 70 Whitehall, London. It refers to the location of the Crisis Response Committee set up by the UK Government to implement emergency laws and coordinate the actions of bodies in response to national or regional crisis, or during similar events abroad in other countries with major implications for Britain. The composition of the COBRA committeee depends on the nature of the crisis but is usually chaired by the Prime Minister or another senior minister. The meetings are generally held in one of the Cabinet Office buildings in Whitehall, London.
The first  COBRA meeting took place in the 1970s to oversee and coordinate the British government’s response to the 1972 miners’ strike. Other meetings have included the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege, the Foot and Mouth outbreak, the 11 September 2001 attacks, the 7 July 2005 London bombings, the 2015 Paris attacks, the 2016 Brussels bombings, the 2017 Westminster attack and most recently the 2017 Manchester Arena suicide bombing.
Currently, billions of people throughout the UK and abroad have been totally deceived by the media reports about the Manchester Arena bombing, which are far from the  real truth. Could the real enemy of mankind and perpetrator of all this be an evil group of psychopaths running the UK Government, resident in the City of London Corporation and Whitehall? After all, the emblem of the City of London Corporation (which controls the corporations and banks of the world) is the RED DRAGON. and now, this high level committee with the power to convert the entire country (and world) into a police state under martial law chaired by the British Prime Minister is called COBRA. One wonders.
Has the remarkably prophecy in Revelation 12:9 (KJV): “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, Which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” – come to pass?
Already the global police state is quickly developing. There are domestic troops in the streets in the US, France, Belgium and Ukraine now.
Now they are in the UK as well. Here, in this video, the general population watch completely unperturbed as armed forces arrive at Westminster Palace, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street as Operation Temperer gets fully underway.
All this right now, in the very heart of an ancient city, that once was free, that gave the world the King James Bible, English Protestant Reformation, freedom of expression, the Magna Carta, right to trial by jury of one’s peers, GMT time, temperature, global navigation coordinates, the current world language – and “Manchester” is still to this very day used by department stores worldwide to describe goods sent out from this once great country – now with its capital utilizing military soldiers walking in and out of Westminster Palace as if its just business as usual. And, hardly a soul showing any concern at all about it too.
Professor RC.
 (Via “Jack”)

5000 Troops Deployed On UK Streets, Manchester, UK: Is This Martial Law?

5000 troops Manchester

 Armed troops deployed on UK streets: Does this constitute Martial Law? Sure looks that way to me. There are of course many videos on the subject doing the rounds, I picked this one as Leak Project takes a good look at the various inevitable claims and theories.


Is this a false flag? What do you guys think?



Bill Hicks – American

Watch this movie.

On at the Auckland film festival

Still tickets available for the last two shows. … ooooh but hurry.


The official ‘redband’ trailer for American The Bill Hicks Story
This groundbreaking new documentary uses a stunning new animation technique to tell the story of the modern cultural icon Bill Hicks.
Music: “Breathe Me” performed by Sia, courtesy of Island UK and Universal Music Operations Ltd. Written by Furler/Carey.

Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears In Massachusetts

April 29, 2009

It took corporate media swine flu hysteria to ram through a martial law bill in Massachusetts. S18 gives the Governor the power to authorize the deployment and use of force to distribute supplies and materials and local authorities will be allowed to enter private residences for investigation and to quarantine individuals. To watch a related video go here.

us news   Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate

The Associated Press reports:

The Massachusetts Senate has unanimously passed a pandemic flu preparation bill that has languished in the Legislature before the recent swine flu outbreak.

The 36-0 vote today sends the measure to the House. Both branches have taken it up in past years, but have not been able to agree on the details.

The new Senate version would allow the public health commissioner — in a public health emergency — to close or evacuate buildings, enter private property for investigations, and quarantine individuals.

The bill specifically mandates the following:

(1) to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises;
(2) to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated any building or facility, and to allow the reopening of the building or facility when the danger has ended;
(3) to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated, or to destroy any material;
(4) to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;
(5) to require a health care facility to provide services or the use of its facility, or to transfer the management and supervision of the health care facility to the department or to a local public health authority;
(6) to control ingress to and egress from any stricken or threatened public area, and the movement of persons and materials within the area;
(7) to adopt and enforce measures to provide for the safe disposal of infectious waste and human remains, provided that religious, cultural, family, and individual beliefs of the deceased person shall be followed to the extent possible when disposing of human remains, whenever that may be done without endangering the public health;
(8) to procure, take immediate possession from any source, store, or distribute any anti-toxins, serums, vaccines, immunizing agents, antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical agents or medical supplies located within the commonwealth as may be necessary to respond to the emergency;
(9) to require in-state health care providers to assist in the performance of vaccination, treatment, examination, or testing of any individual as a condition of licensure, authorization, or the ability to continue to function as a health care provider in the commonwealth

Any person who knowingly violates an order of the commissioner or his or her designee, or of a local public health authority or its designee, given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or by a fine of note more than one thousand dollars, or both.

For more articles like this and to listen to the Alex Jones radio show, go here to

  • jonescharacter
  • Reuters: Mexico Government decrees special powers in flu crisis


    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican President Felipe Calderon issued an emergency decree on Saturday giving the government special powers to run tests on sick people and order them isolated to fight the deadly flu crisis.

    Mexico City has already shut schools and museums and canceled sporting and cultural events as an outbreak of a new type of swine flu killed up to 68 people in the country and spread north to infect some people in the United States.

    Saturday’s decree, published in Mexico’s official journal, gives the government power to isolate sick people, enter homes or workplaces and regulate air, sea and land transportation to try to stop further infection.

    The flu has rattled residents of Mexico’s overcrowded capital of some 20 million people.

    Calderon tried to calm Mexicans earlier on Saturday, saying the flue was curable. He said health authorities easily had enough antiviral medicine for the 1,000 or so people suspected to be infected with the swine flu and that his government was monitoring the situation “minute by minute.”

    For the rest of the article, go here.

    US: ‘Martial Law Logistics’ Or ‘Preparations For Genocide’?


    FEMA and Homeland Security are requiring local officials to provide them with all kinds of detailed information about the communities.

    One of the requirements apparently is localities need to be prepared to provide mass inoculations to the entire population in 48 hours or less.

    These are the same people who didn’t care enough to drop food and water to the thousands of people stranded in New Orleans for SIX DAYS after the US Army Corps of Engineer levees failed in New Orleans in 2005.

    Go here for the details:

    Artwork by Brocke Lever.

    Related: Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

    Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law

    Former Presidential candidate gives most dire warning yet about Obama agenda.

    Paul Joseph Watson                                                                                            08c87af01
    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes has given perhaps his most dire warning yet, saying that the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections, which is why they are demonizing their political enemies as criminals and terrorists.

    Keyes is best known for his performance during the 2000 Republican presidential debates, when he was accredited by many media outlets as being the clear winner during a series of debates with George W. Bush and John McCain.

    “It’s obvious that they will stop at nothing,” Keyes told attendees of a reception in Fort Wayne, adding, “We may wake up one day and there’s a series of terrorist attacks, the economy is paralysed….martial law will be declared everywhere in the United States and it won’t end until the crisis ends.”

    For the rest of the article go here.


    There are plenty of indicators that Alan Keyes is telling it how it is.  For example, according to journalist and radio show host, Steve Quayle, who says he is in contact with people at the highest levels on the inside of the military, an attack on the people of America is imminent.  This is from Quayle’s website: “ORANGE ALERT: To all those who have taken an oath to defend the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic – BE ADVISED of the following:

    Over the next 6 months, law enforcement and the military will be given unlawful and illegal orders to round up and purge all dissidents against the New World Order crowd. The purge is the systematic liquidation of all those identified as a threat against the Globalist Plan.”
    For more from Steve Quayle, go here:

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