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Total Individual Control Technology – Insider Exposes How You and Your DNA Are Being Targeted

By Makia Freeman
Contributing writer for Wake Up World
Total Individual Control Technology is a type of EM (Electromagnetic) and V2K (Voice to Skull) mind-control technology that is being experimented with and deployed by the military industrial complex against segments of the American population. Total Individual Control Technology is the ultimate weapon of control, since it can targets your individual DNA. Those attacked by this electronic stalking are known as TIs (Targeted Individuals).
Recently another brave whistleblower has stepped forward to expose it. Bryan Kofron (who formerly used the alias of Justin Carter) is a security industry specialist who used to work for a private security company SIS (Security Industry Specialists) in Seattle, Washington. He quit in disgust after realizing that his former firm, and others just like it, were actively using so-called “total individual control technology” to target people, then ultimately control and destroy their lives. Since he quit, he has himself become a victim of the technology via gangstalking.

What is Total Individual Control Technology Capable Of?
According to Kofron, this technology is so advanced that it can be used to read your mind, program your mind with thoughts (that you would believe are your own) and induce emotional states in you (including pain, hate and fear). It can be used to tap into your optical nerve and auditory systems to see and hear what you are seeing and hearing. It can target particular people by engaging in individual-specific attacks (based on the target’s DNA resonance). Finally, it is being used in vast social engineering programs as a way to experiment upon poor, homeless and weak people who have little or no chance of fighting back.
In interviews or presentations such as this and this, Kofron explains that this technology is being used by psychopaths who have little scruples about the harm they are causing. They are targeting specific groups of people: those who are cognitively inclined, highly intelligent, knowledgeable about advanced technology or interested in ‘alternative’ research (i.e. conspiracy research). In general, they are either targeting empowered individuals with free minds (to stop dissidents and revolutionaries) or those too poor and weak to fight back.
According to Kofron, here are some of the things Total Individual Control Technology is able to do:
“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”
“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”
“This technology can also tap into the optical nerve of the target, and the auditory system of the target, so that those monitoring the target can see what the target is seeing and hear what target is hearing. This information is then downloaded and stored on a computer, in a highly secure classified site on servers that are guarded by some of the tightest security in the world. This results in the individual’s entire day, everything they see, everything they hear, everything they experiment, everything they experience, and everything they feel being recorded till the end of time.”
“This technology can also be used to manipulate the emotions of the target. It can induce fear, love, hate.”
“This technology can be used to beam images and even motion pictures into one’s brain. Images and motion pictures that are so realistic that you think you are actually watching a movie or seeing something in reality. It’s like a virtual reality 3D rendering that takes place within the target’s mind. The images and motion pictures manifest themselves in such a way that the target if they are not aware that this technology is being used on them will believe that they are natural thoughts and natural images.”
“This technology can also be used to induce and control dreams. It can be used to control dream cycles and sleep patterns. To cause one to sleep very deeply or to cause one to not sleep at all. REM cycles, alpha beta and delta brainwaves can be induced immediately by this technology. And this technology can also be used to mimic spiritual experiences. Joy, love, peace that passes understanding can all be induced artificially by this technology to make the target believe that they are having a genuine spiritual experience when they’re not.”
“This technology can also be used to sexually manipulate the target. Make them feel sexual arousal or turn off their sexuality altogether, it can stimulate them and it can shut them down at a moments notice. It can also be used to manipulate the hormones of the target, thus lowering and raising estrogen and testosterone levels in women and men respectively.”
“This technology can also be used to read the thoughts of the target in real time … they can read your thoughts verbatim as they occur within your own mind.”
“Anywhere from small groups of people 10-20 to 100, to medium size groups of people several thousand to tens of thousands. This is done by creating a field effect, where an entire field of electromagnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human being within that geographical location within that electromagnetic field affecting that geographical location will be effected by the technology. This can be used to induce a general mood in a population or a crowd of people. It can be used to make them passive, it can be used to make them agitated. And this can be used to cause or stop, induce riots. Stop crime, start crime. Stop thoughts, start thoughts. Massive mind control on a citywide level.”
Total Individual Control Technology Attacks Specific Individuals Based on DNA Resonance
As I have discussed in previous articles on mind control — such as “They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right? — the state of current mind control technology is beyond most’s people comprehension and idea of what is possible. Yet, we have had enough out-of-the-closet whistleblowers and leaked or declassified documents to give us a clear idea of the scary extent to which we can be psychically attacked. Whistleblowers such as Dr. Robert Duncan have lectured at length about the capabilities of V2K technology, which is defined as an EM frequency technology that utilizes RF (Radio Frequency) signals to induce sound within the cranial cavity of the target. V2K literally pipes thoughts directly into people’s heads without them knowing it.
see also:
Kofron bases his information on his own experience as an insider in this field, and also as recent victim of V2K himself. He was attacked once he went public. He claims he has been assaulted with a beta version which is especially nasty, piping thoughts into his head such as:
“Everyone’s against you.”
“Please be quiet or we’re going to kill you.”
“Don’t work again or we’re going to kill you.” 
“You’re the lab rat now motherfucker.”
Kofron claims the Total Individual Control Technology attacks are attempting to turn him against his former work colleagues, friends and family. However, since he was trained in this area, he knows that the voices are technological and can defend himself against the manipulations once he hears and identifies them.
Kofron echoes exactly what Duncan has warned about: individual-specific attacks. Duncan states that every person has a “unique resonance signature”, and in almost exactly the same words, Kofron states that:
“… the DNA of the individual is used to determine the resonant frequency of the DNA itself, the resonant frequency is then used to fine tune the technology … to tune it perfectly to the resonant frequency of the targeted individual’s DNA.”
The Drive to Create a Worldwide DNA Database
This leads into another aspect of the NWO agenda: the drive to create a worldwide DNA database. When seen in the light of Total Individual Control Technology, the acquisition of an entire population’s DNA takes on a very sinister meaning. It is no coincidence that Amazon and Google (who are ultimately controlled by the same force, as David Icke suggests) are racing each other, along with Microsoft, IBM and other companies, to assemble a DNA database as quickly as they can. Those in power who gain access a completed worldwide DNA database and total individual control technology would have a horrifying weapon at their disposal to target literally anyone they wanted.
Kofron exposes how prospective employees are tricked out of their DNA. They apply for a job at SIS, get told they have to do a drug test, and when the urine sample is sent to a lab, part is siphoned off as DNA to go into Amazon’s burgeoning DNA database.
Americans, in the millions, are having their DNA stolen from them, without their knowledge or consent, so they become unwitting targets of this insidious program!

Artificial Intelligence
Social Engineering with Total Individual Control Technology
Kofron talks at length about how this technology is fully operational and is already being tested upon those in society who are struggling (such as those who are homeless, poor and who don’t have much family or many friends) since they make the easiest targets. On his website, he exposes the details of ongoing operations within Seattle (where he used to work for SIS). This social engineering is being done by the Federal Government, the Military Intelligence agencies, private security firms (more on this below), some of the largest US corporations (after all, we live in a corporatocracy), local and state police, and social programs within inner-city America.
In one such operation, the perpetrators would target certain geographical blocks of the city, and, for instance, cause everyone in that area to be in a bad mood. In another operation, SIS (employed by Amazon whose headquarters are in Seattle) would test upon Amazon employees. In another operation, SIS would experiment upon its own low level employees. In another operation, homeless people were brought in from all over the nation to special buildings that were then targeted. This is true gangstalking — the ganging up by sociopaths and psychopaths upon the innocent to electronically harass and stalk them.
The Rising Danger of the Private Security Firm Industry in America
Kofron warns about an alarming trend in American society: the rise of private security companies who mostly employ ex-military and ex-intelligence agents. As I covered in this 2-part series, the US Military Intelligence Complex is completely and utterly out of control. It runs the government and pulls the strings attached to all the puppet politicians, who don’t have the necessary “clearance” to access the truly top secret information. These security firms, like the MIC itself, appear to operate above and outside the law.
The culture inside of these companies is toxic. People rising up the ranks are conditioned to use this technology against innocent victims, and are told they will be rewarded with everything (money, power, women, sex, connection, access, status, belonging to the power club) if they go along with the program and become perpetrators. If they have a strong conscience and refuse, they will be sacked, shunned, cut off, threatened and even made into TIs themselves.
Also see: The “State Secrets Privilege” – How the Military Intelligence Compl…
The Human Rights Loophole: False Diagnoses
Another aspect of Total Individual Control Technology which the perpetrators use to shield themselves is the cruel use of false psychiatric diagnoses. Here’s how it works: they manipulate TI victims to see a psychiatrist, and then they bribe the psychiatrist to deliver a fake diagnosis that the victim is mentally unstable, deranged, delusional, crazy, incompetent, paranoid, schizophrenic, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder – or they invent some similar legal-medical-psychobabble diagnosis. This has the unfortunate effect of stripping away the victim’s natural or human rights, which leaves him or her with no recourse to fight back against his attackers, since his claims and testimonies will be dismissed as the ravings of a madman.
This is a similar tactic to what is used with other victims of mind control. In my interview with Max Spiers, he touched on the use of the Big Pharma “false memory” foundation, which includes bogus therapists and psychiatrists who convince mind control victims that they’re having false memories (when they are actually recalling how they were tortured and programmed).
The Infrastructure Underlying Total Individual Control Technology
The infrastructure that is enabling the total individual control technology is composed mostly of antennae, radar and cell phone towers. Often, the antennae are camouflaged (hidden behind walls). Some or most of the radar used is from military bases. Kofron was not able to explain much of how the technology actually works, although an electrical engineer who called in on one of the radio interviews suggested that the perpetrators are setting up a standing wave of DNA, then doing slight variations in the phasing using pulse code modulation.
Final Thoughts: Total Individual Control Technology Perpetrated by the Cult of Power
In concluding, it’s important to realize how such cruel surveillance is being perpetuated. As Kofron explains, it’s all about creating an “in” club of perpetrators who get rewarded with money, sex, power and the intrinsic human need for belonging, get told they are on the “right” side and the TIs are on the “wrong” side – and get threatened that if they speak up or quit, they may end up on that wrong side. It’s the cult of power.
Hopefully this testimony can serve as a wake up call for those on the fence who can’t quite bring themselves to believe or act. In many ways, time is running out and the net is being drawn tighter and tighter. The more technology advances, the more weapons the cult of power will have to enslave those who stand for truth and freedom. At a certain point, there will literally be nowhere to run or hide. The only option is to face it now before it’s too late.
Article sources:…
About the author:
Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at Tools For Freedom, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. An avid promoter of freedom, truth and health, his mission is to expose the truth, raise awareness about the conspiracy to enslave mankind and to help create a critical mass of people to stand up against it – and thus restore peace and freedom to the world.
Want to keep informed with news and analysis on the New World Order, Natural Health, Sovereignty and more? Visit Tools For Freedom, follow Tools For Freedom on Facebook, or sign up for ‘The Freedom Articles’ blog updates



As always, I ask the reader to do a little research and critical thinking:  Think For Yourself!

Saving Face: Facebook wants Access Without limits

Social network giant lobbies to prevent state limits on facial recognition

By Jared Bennett



Facebook is working on advanced facial recognition technology to identify users by creating digital faceprints. The company has begun lobbying state legislatures feverishly to protect its investments in the technology.

When Chicago resident Carlo Licata joined Facebook in 2009, he did what the 390 million other users of the world’s largest social network had already done: He posted photos of himself and friends, tagging the images with names.

But what Licata, now 34, didn’t know was that every time he was tagged, Facebook stored his digitized face in its growing database.

Angered this was done without his knowledge, Licata sued Facebook in 2015 as part of a class action lawsuit filed in Illinois state court accusing the company of violating a one-of-a-kind Illinois law that prohibits collection of biometric data without permission. The suit is ongoing.

Facebook denied the charges, arguing the law doesn’t apply to them. But behind the scenes, the social network giant is working feverishly to prevent other states from enacting a law like the one in Illinois.

Since the suit was filed, Facebook has stepped up its state lobbying, according to records and interviews with lawmakers. But rather than wading into policy fights itself, Facebook has turned to lower-profile trade groups such as the Internet Association, based in Washington, D.C., and the Illinois-based trade association CompTIA to head off bills that would give users more control over how their likenesses are used or whom they can be sold to.

That effort is part of a wider agenda. Tech companies, whose business model is based on collecting data about its users and using it to sell ads, frequently oppose consumer privacy legislation. But privacy advocates say Facebook is uniquely aggressive in opposing all forms of regulation on its technology.

And the strategy has been working. Bills that would have created new consumer data protections for facial recognition were proposed in at least five states this year — Washington, Montana, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Alaska — but all failed, except the Washington bill, which passed only after its scope was limited.

No federal law regulates how companies use biometric privacy or facial recognition, and no lawmaker has ever introduced a bill to do so. That prompted the Government Accountability Office to conclude in 2015 that the “privacy issues that have been raised by facial recognition technology serve as yet another example of the need to adapt federal privacy law to reflect new technologies.” Congress did, however, roll back privacy protections in March by allowing Internet providers to sell browser data without the consumer’s permission.

Facebook says on its website it won’t ever sell users’ data, but the company is poised to cash in on facial recognition in other ways. The market for facial recognition is forecast to grow to $9.6 billion by 2022, according to analysts at Allied Market Research, as companies look for ways to authenticate and recognize repeat customers in stores, or offer specific ads based on a customer’s gender or age.

Facebook is working on advanced recognition technology that would put names to faces even if they are obscured and identify people by their clothing and posture. Facebook has filed patents for technology allowing Facebook to tailor ads based on users’ facial expressions.

But despite the relative lack of regulation, the technology appears to be worrying politicians on both sides of the aisle, and privacy advocates too. During a hearing of the House Government Oversight Committee in March, Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who left Congress in June, warned facial recognition “can be used in a way that chills free speech and free association by targeting people attending certain political meetings, protests, churches or other types of places in public.”

Even one of the inventors of facial recognition is worried. “It pains me to see a technology that I helped invent being used in a way that is not what I had in mind in respect to privacy,” said Joseph Atick, who helped develop facial recognition in the 1990s at Rockefeller University in New York City.

Atick, now an industry consultant, is concerned that companies such as Facebook will use the technology to identify individuals in public spaces without their knowledge or permission.

“I can no longer count on being an anonymous person,” he said, “when I’m walking down the street.”

Atick calls for federal regulations to protect people’s privacy, because without it Americans are left with “a myriad of state laws,” he said. “And state laws can be more easily manipulated by commercial interests.”

Elite Immortality Is Just Around The Corner!

Elite Immortality

Scientists 3D-print ‘high-resolution’ living tissue

Published: August 18, 2017
Oxford University scientists have found a ground-breaking way of 3D-printing living tissue that could pave the way for regenerative medicine.
The new way to 3D-print stem cells to recreate complex living tissues was devised by Oxford scientists in collaboration with Bristol’s School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.
The discovery could revolutionize regenerative medicine as it allows for the reproduction of complex tissue that could replace or repair damaged or severed areas of the body.
“The versatility and robust nature of our approach provides a new set of tools for bottom-up tissue engineering at a low cost,” researchers claim in their paper, published in Scientific Reports.
One of the main hurdles of 3D-printing organic matter has been that cells move within the printed structures, and the soft scaffoldings supporting them tend to collapse on themselves.
The new method could see the production of tissue in self-contained cells that support the structures and could help them keep their shape.
“We were aiming to fabricate 3D living tissues that could display the basic behaviors and physiology found in natural organisms,” said Alexander Graham, lead author and 3D Bioprinting Scientist at OxSyBio (Oxford Synthetic Biology).
The research team wanted to produce prints with the same cell complexity of native tissue.
“To date, there are limited examples of printed tissues, which have the complex cellular architecture of native tissues.”
“Hence, we focused on designing a high-resolution cell printing platform, from relatively inexpensive components, that could be used to reproducibly produce artificial tissues with appropriate complexity from a range of cells including stem cells.”
The new method seems to improve the survival rate of cells, as they had a high viability average of 90 percent.
“The bioprinting approach developed with Oxford University is very exciting, as the cellular constructs can be printed efficiently at extremely high resolution with very little waste,” said Adam Perriman, of the University of Bristol’s School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.
The researchers believe the approach could put a halt to animal testing and play a key role in drug and toxin screening.
“There are many potential applications for bioprinting and we believe it will be possible to create personalized treatments by using cells sourced from patients to mimic or enhance natural tissue function,” said Sam Olof, chief technology officer at OxSyBio.
Source: RT

DNA breakthrough means ‘superior’ designer babies could form new social elite, geneticist tells RT

‘Superior’ designer babies born into the upper class with genetically modified physical appearances and intelligence could be just years away, a British geneticist has warned, after scientists announced they had used gene editing to repair a mutation in human embryos.
In a world first, US researchers announced on Wednesday in the science journal Nature they had used the controversial gene editing technique, CRISPR-Cas9, to correct a mutation for a heart condition in embryos.

Just add all that data they’ve been colleting and you’ve got super-minds to go with those immortal designer bodies. Know all, see all, control all.

The All Seeing Eye!


Project Blue Beam: Still Crazy After All These Years/Part Two



“God has given Trump auhority to take out Kim Jong Un” Evangelical Advisor Says

Science Fiction Author Frank Herbert once remarked that politics and religion should never ride in the same car.  Unfortunately, such a thing is the NWO ultimate goal. Check out this rather subjective and selectively creative use of Biblical  verse to justify death and destruction. One wonders how this pastor “knows” that God gave such authority to Trump? And what difference would it make if he acted without “divine authority”?

Do YOU think God has given Trump divine authority? Share your thoughts!

Article Source: Washington Post:

religionTexas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump’s evangelical advisers who preached the morning of his inauguration, has released a statement saying the president has the moral authority to take out North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
“When it comes to how we should deal with evil doers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil,” Jeffress said. “In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.”
Jeffress said in a phone interview that he was prompted to make the statement after Trump said that if North Korea’s threats to the United States continue, Pyongyang will be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”
The biblical passage Romans 13 gives the government authority to deal with evildoers, Jeffress said. “That gives the government to the authority to do whatever, whether it’s assassination, capital punishment or evil punishment to quell the actions of evildoers like Kim Jong Un,” he said.
He said that many pacifist Christians will cite Romans 12, which says, “Do not repay evil for evil,” but Jeffress says that that passage is referring to Christians, not to the government.
“A Christian writer asked me, ‘Don’t you want the president to embody the Sermon on the Mount?’ ” he said, referring to Jesus’s famous sermon. “I said absolutely not.”

In his sermon on the morning of Trump’s inauguration, Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, compared Trump to the story of the biblical leader Nehemiah who helped rebuild the city of Jerusalem.
The first step of rebuilding the nation, Jeffress said, was the building of a wall around Jerusalem to protect its citizens. “You see, God is not against building walls,” Jeffress said in his sermon at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington.
Jeffress is no stranger to controversy. He has said in the past that former president Barack Obama paved the way for the antichrist and drew wide attention for calling Mormonism a cult during the 2012 Republican primaries. Jeffress knows his comments on North Korea could be considered controversial, even among fellow evangelicals.
“Some Christians, perhaps younger Christians, have to think this through,” he said. “It’s antithetical to some of the mushy rhetoric you hear from some circles today. Frankly, it’s because they are not well taught in the scriptures.”
Over the past two years, Jeffress said, Trump has been “very measured, very thoughtful in every response.”
“People instinctively know that this president is not going to draw an imaginary red line and walk around it like President Obama did,” he said.
Attitudes about North Korea among evangelicals are unclear, he said.
“I think many evangelicals, like most Americans, really don’t pay attention to global affairs,” Jeffress said. “I believe we’re all going to be forced to soon if North Korea isn’t dealt with decisively.”
Jeffress last met with Trump in July when a group of pastors laid hands on the president in the Oval Office. He said now that health care is off the table, evangelicals are hoping for tax reform, though he didn’t have any specifics in mind.
Jeffress, who was was an early supporter of Trump, has said that after sharing Wendy’s cheeseburgers in Iowa, he believed Trump would be the next president and that it would be because God placed him there. In July, his church choir and orchestra performed a song called “Make America Great Again” at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where Trump was in attendance.

Individual power and ethics: the conversation that never was

Individual power and ethics: the conversation that never was

by Jon Rappoport

August 7, 2017

It’s no accident that the concept of individual power is surrounded by clouds of timidity and fear and cultural resentment.Dali Pelley

People are warned that touching it produces a substantial electric shock.

“Me? Individual power? I never said I was in favor of it. Great individual power? Don’t pin that on me. Who’s accusing me? I’ll sue them! I’m for humility in all things.”

Perhaps the most famous statement ever delivered on this subject came from Lord Acton (1887): “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

For many, this closes the book on discussion.

But in fact, it is a wobbling prelude.

What about the creative power of the individual?

Especially, what about that power when it is deployed by a person who has a personal code of ethics?

What if that code is summarized in the simple statement: I am free to do what I want to, as long as I don’t interfere with another person’s freedom?

We’re not talking about what happens when a king has a position of ultimate authority. That throne, of course, carries with it an implication of interfering with the freedom of the king’s subjects. The corruption is there from the start.

But the creative power of the individual, his goal to exert as much power as possible to fulfill his desires in the world, to launch and sustain an enterprise of his own choosing, to imagine and extend the reaches of such an enterprise—suppose he possesses ethics—suppose he refuses to interfere with, and override, the freedom of another person.

Many people have a fear of their own creative power, of what they would do if they removed the constraints on their own “proper place in the world.” Therefore, because of that fear, they oppose others having power.

Organized religion has always stuck its nose into the drama as well. What a religion claims is the ultimate power, and where it comes from, is inserted into the mix. A religion always assumes its picture of the Deity is the correct one, AND IT OWNS THAT PICTURE.

The notion of unlimited individual power, backed up by personal ethics, is anathema. It threatens the spiritual monopoly. So the religion invents cautionary tales that pile up into the sky.

One of the tales, time-honored, and adopted in one form or another by governments and “humanitarian groups” is: people are inherently weak and greedy, so allowing them to exercise ANY kind of power at all is madness. Instead, power must be managed by “the people,” by “those who care,” by “the needs of Mother Earth,” by “the Universe,” by “socialists,” by “economic and political planners (technocrats),” by “the oppressed (it’s their turn),” by “the big We,” by “international cooperation,” by “a wise global court (who runs it?),” by the man in the moon, by the beneficent aliens from the Galactic League…

Then there is language manipulation. An individual seeking to imagine and create his most profound dream as fact in the world is “acting like a god”—and that is a cardinal sin of the first order. (Therefore, be humble, be weak, be passive. You’ll earn a cosmic gold star on the blackboard.)

Or such an individual must be “a greedy capitalist,” representing “the worst system ever devised for human interaction.”

Or such an individual is “dangerous,” because “he places his needs before the needs of others.”

Or such an individual is “mentally ill,” because no one in his right mind would display such confidence in his own vision of his future.

In every case, the people behind promoting these perverse distortions want to wield power over others themselves. Quite a coincidence.

They’re always playing a shell game. They’re trying to take power from the individual and transfer it to themselves or those they support.

They always assume they know who “the good people” are, the people who won’t abuse power.

To put it in a slightly different way, they believe they don’t have the capacity to create and build an enterprise based on their deepest desires, if left to their own devices. Therefore, no one else should be allowed to.

They have no substantial ethics. Therefore, no one else has authentic ethics, either.

This discussion moves into the realm of “the many” vs. “the few.” It goes this way: suppose there are a few individuals who can, in fact, take their most profound vision and turn it into reality. They are the exception. For most of humanity, this is impossible. THEREFORE, stop the few. Why? Because their ability is inherently unfair.

That argument, rarely voiced, champions “democracy” as the lowest common denominator. Lift no one up. Instead, sink everyone in a shared swamp.

These days, this perverse approach has added a new topping: every difference of talent, will power, determination, ambition, imagination, creativity, refusal to surrender is a sign of privilege. Privilege is society’s bias. Eliminate it, thereby eliminating all the above qualities.

Then what remains? Nothing of substance.

If the independent individual looked outward to discover what standard he should uphold, what voice he should adopt, what theory he should cling to, what behavior he should imitate, he would cease being what he is in an hour.

He would order himself to stop thinking about power. It is the most loaded word and concept in this culture.

And naturally, it is also one of the most fruitful to contemplate, apart from the madding crowd.

Within it can be born great achievements and futures.

Individual power and ethics: the conversation that never was

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world

The The Dark Side Of Sex Robots


sex robotsSex robots could soon be used to keep the elderly company in care homes and help couples enjoy long distances sexual relationships, the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) has said.
There are currently four manufacturers making life-like robotic dolls worldwide, but experts predict that in coming decades they could become widespread, used not just as a fetish, but for sexual therapy and as companions for lonely, disabled or older people.
Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield, and co-founder of the FRR, said it was time for the government and the public to decide whether to regulate pleasure-bots.
“I can tell you that robots are certainly coming,” he said at the launch of the new consultation report in central London.
“The concern is that this is going on nobody is talking about it. People snigger about them, but they are actually shipping quite a lot and we are going to see them a lot more.
“They are being proposed for the elderly in care homes, which I think is controversial. If you have severe Alzheimer’s you can’t really tell the difference.
“We need to think about as a society what we want to do about it.”
The report found that up to two thirds of men and about 30 per cent of women were in favour of using sex robots, which currently cost between £4,000 and £12,000 and can be customised by sex, height, hair colour, eye colour and even personality.
Companies are also starting to incorporate artificial intelligence so robots can communicate and respond to human emotions.
Doll brothels already operate in South Korea, Japan and Spain, while the first robotic oral sex coffee shop opened in Paddington, west London, last year.
The report said that as robotics, telecommunications and virtual reality merged, sex dolls could be created which was silicon replica of a long-distance partner, so that couples could have virtual sex and even speak to each other through the doll’s mouth.
But the authors warned that the march of sex robots raised serious moral and ethical questions which needed to be addressed. They warned that users could become socially isolated or even addicted to the machines which could never replace real human contact.
“It’s very sad because it’s going to be a one way relationship,” said Prof Sharkey.
“If people bond with robots it’s very worrying. You are loving an artefact that can’t love you back, and the best they can do is fake it.”
The report also warned of a ‘darker’ side to the industry in which companies were programming ‘shy’ or ‘reluctant’ personalities into their dolls so that users could feel they were forcing the robots to have sex. TrueCompanion’s robot Roxxxy Gold, for example, can be set to ‘Frigid Farah.’
Japanese sex doll manufacturer Trottla has also started selling underage schoolgirl dolls for paedophiles. The company was created by a self-confessed paedophile Shin Takagi who claims he has never harmed a child because he uses the doll.
Although some experts claim such robots could prevent the rape of women, or the abuse of children, the report warns that it could exacerbate the problem.
Philosophy Professor and robot ethicist Patrick Lin of California Polytechnic said: “Treating paedophiles with robot sex-children is both a dubious and repulsive idea.
“Imagine treating racism by letting a bigot abuse a brown robot. Would that work? Probably not. The ethics of sex robots goes beyond whether anyone is physically harmed.”
The authors said it may be necessary to criminalise ‘robotic rape’ and to build in ‘handled roughly’ sensors like those used in pinball machines to prevent users developing violent sexual tendencies. And they called for a complete ban on child sex dolls.
Aimee van Wynsberghe, assistant professor of ethics at the University of Delft, and co founder of the FRR, said: “There isn’t a conversation happening in the general public about what is acceptable, permissible and what should be promoted.
“This is a preliminary step to engage policymakers, academics, the tech industry and the general public.”
The consultation report is on the FRR website where people are invited to comment on its findings. The panel hopes to make final recommendations next year.
The Foundation for Responsible Robotics operates from the Hague Institute for Global Justice at the Hague and run consultations on all areas of robotics. It has 200 members including some of the world’s most eminent robotics academics.

Martin Comments:

The report said that as robotics, telecommunications and virtual reality merged, sex dolls could be created which was silicon replica of a long-distance partner, so that couples could have virtual sex and even speak to each other through the doll’s mouth.” (Quoted from article above)

This is only a step away from the “virtual holographic replica” I commented on in my recent blog (see link below)  Is this why we are being analysed, scanned, “patterned for data storage”? Surely this doll, too, could continue to record ever more detailed and intimate data.

And how would you know if your partner were really speaking through this doll? What if it was hacked?

Even more worrying are the “underage dolls”: Never harmed a child because of them? Yes but they could be used to groom and train

So many ethical questions surround this rapidly advancing market, and like the article says, it’s not being discussed among the general public. Except as a joke maybe.


Project Blue Beam: Still Crazy After All These Years/Part Two

Project Blue Beam: Still Crazy After All These Years

Part Two: “We Have The Technology”

By Martin Harris

On September 28, 1981, President Reagan received a letter from Major Ret. Colman VonKeviczky. VonKeviczky was the Director of the International UFO Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network (ICUFON). This group held that UFOs “represented an intergalactic task force that will destroy earth unless world leaders band together to end their hostile actions against UFOs.”
VonKeviczky began his career by working for the United Nations staff audio-visual department. In 1966, he wrote to United Nations Secretary U Thant recommending a UFO authority be installed to act as a World Authority for Spatial Affairs. U Thant was interested in the UFO mystery and commissioned VonKeviczky “to work on a preliminary memo on how the UFO problem could be inserted in the U.N. agenda.”

Was the Blue Beam memo that “preliminary memo”?

Are we all taking Blue Beam a little more seriously now…?

Comparison: Star Trek’s United Federation Of Planets And The United Nations.


A Huge space craft hovers above the Earth. It has disabled all planetary defences. It spits out balls of plasma that encircle the globe, poised to strike.

Trapped within this huge alien vessel is humanity’s last hope: The USS Enterprise and her valiant crew. In a visually stunning sequence, Mr. Spock discovers that this vessel has no crew. It is a living machine of awesome power coupled with childlike emotional development and insatiable curiousity, driven by it’s prime directive: To accumulate and store information, and return that information to it’s creator. For this purpose, V’ger, as the vessel calls itself, is equipped with the aforementioned plasma weapons that break down physical objects into “electronic data”, a gigantic holographic storage and display system, and in a scene deleted from the final movie cut, a “memory wall” that stores trillions of terrabytes of data within crystals.

What is to become of humanity? “You are to be patterned for data storage“. In other words, V’ger intends to reduce human beings to holographically stored, electronic data.

Star trek even foresaw hack attacks: V’Ger accesses the Enterprise computer, steals data on Earth’s defences, and later uses that information to remotely render planetary defences useless: a cyber-attack!

Cracking good science fiction, and of course Captain Kirk and crew save the day and the Earth, while simultaneously assisting V’ger in “joining with the Creator” in the ultimate transhumanist propaganda scene!

Project Blue Beam has been linked, quite correctly, to Star Trek, but for all the wrong reasons, by debunkers who suggest Serge Monast got the idea from Gene Roddenberry’s original screenplay, later novelised as The God Thing:

After an alien entity declaring itself to be God destroys spacecraft en route to Earth, the Enterprise is launched under the command of Admiral Kirk to engage the vessel. He re-assembles the former crew, including Spock, and sets out to intercept the alien. As they approach the entity, it transports a humanoid probe on board the Enterprise that takes a variety of forms—including that of Jesus. The crew determine that the being and its craft are from an alternate dimension and have been responsible for the creation of religion of numerous planets to teach their inhabitants its laws in a manner understandable at their points in development. The being is malfunctioning; the crew repair it and send it back to its own dimension.[3][4]”

And the plot does indeed have very similar elements to Monast’s claims about the NWO agenda. However, the movie finally released on the big screen almost four decades ago bore little resemblance to this screenplay. The ever-more ambitious ideas and concepts for the production kept the schedule in a constant state of flux and almost bankrupted Paramount.

Part of the problem lay with the insistence on as much scientific accuracy and prescience as possible. One of the pre production crew had visited Livermore Labs where flat screen and touch screen technologies were being developed. The effects team laiased very closely with NASA, who eagerly provided consultants and advice. And as it now turns out, NASA were very busy collating information and research on Holographic display, imaging, data storage and retrieval systems and in fact every possible application for holography, as this document from 1974 indicates.


Four decades ago, the science-military-industrial complex was hard at work developing technology that was being portrayed publicly as science fiction! And now, in the early 21st century, that technology is being used to the full: Everywhere you go, surveillance cameras are watching and recording. Your cellphone (itself an offshoot of Star Trek technology!), your television, and your PC are watching, listening, tracking and data gathering constantly. While you are browsing the internet, the internet is browsing you. Search engines and social media platforms are constantly finding new ways to profile the user. Voice recognition. Facial recognition. Fingerprint recognition. Retina scans. DNA sampling.

Your online preferences and movements are tracked. Your store purchases. Now they want to track your car. Human microchipping is just around the corner.


Why? The most obvious and mundane answer, of course, is for sales and marketing purposes. To figure out who we are and what we like in order to target us individually and try to sell us something.

But it goes much deeper than that.

No, I’m not suggesting the NWO elites are literally intending to blast us into electrons with plasma bolts. I do suggest though, looking at the big picture, that a holographic image of each and every civilised individual is being constructed and electronically stored. Not just a 3-d image, but a close approximation of who we are. Way beyond knowing our tastes for targeted marketing, this electronic data-construct could be used to predict one’s likelihood of disease, of criminal behaviour,  and potentially pre-judge them. Sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel. How far could this go? Potential scenarios include 3d printed replacement body parts tailored to the individual, and having your memories stored as data; a form of immortality. No doubt many readers have seen mainstream news stories about these evolving technologies. Going back briefly to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, V’Ger used the stored “data patterns” of Lieutenant Ilia to recreate her as an android in such perfect detail that even her memories and emotions were reproduced. Seemed far fetched in 1978, but now…? As part of the 2030 Agenda, the UN has stated that it wants to “ID” every living person on Earth.


An important component of this holographic technology is the ability to store, project and retrieve data using crystals. These crystals need to have outstanding dielectric properties; the ability to retain an electrical charge.

Strontium Barium Nobiate Hologram

SBN Dielectric

Hang on to your hats chemtrail officionados. No doubt you’ve already made the connection.

Can it be any coincidence that SBN is one of the nanoparticulates being touted for stratospheric geoengineering schemes, and allegedly being used clandestinely in spraying schemes right now. Along with another combination, Aluminum-Barium Titanate that holds even greater promise.

I first researched and made connections on this back in 2011, and even then plenty of others had made the connection earlier than this. And there IS evidence in the form of this now-famous US Army document:

Strontium Barium Nobiate






And this:

Nice documentation, nice theoretical stuff, but it’s all so much words.

Has such sky-hologram technology ever been field-tested?

I believe that it has. A strange and compelling photo has been appearing on the internet over the past six or seven years. One of the first to use it was Norio Hayakawa, who I tried to contact to no avail. Finally, in researching for this blog and after several Image/History searches, I found the source and some valuable analysis.

Atmospheric Geoengineering, Weather Manipulation,Contrails vs Chemtrails… Project Blue Beam…?!?

“Scott Stevens said…
If any photoshop guys want the raw 3072×2304 jpeg image mailed to you just drop me a note.
But, I’d ask that you share your findings and some of your better excerpts of this image with the rest of us here.
I lost a notebook hard drive last winter, and the email that contained this image.. The reader who mailed this to me did so Feb 10th 2008, this person had stated that it was taken the weekend prior. He did say that he got out of his car and took this solitary image and did not see the anomaly until looking a the photo later when back home.”

Here is the raw image uncropped. The observer thought they were taking pictures of intense chemtrailling, and note that the pic was taken outside, so assuming they’re being honest, not a window reflection:

Here’s an enhanced closer look at the indistinct image and “line of fire” effect:

It becomes apparent that the character is a double image. They appear to be projected from the two “fire” lines, and projected onto the two intersecting aircraft trails. There is a web-like lattice of triangulated lines linking the trails, as if (I speculate) some sort of electro-chemical interaction were taking place, creating a screen. This is especially noticeable in the negative enhancement. Could this be an experimental “fog screen” projector in testing?

Someone took the trouble to take away the double, with this result:

And an interesting discussion of the photo can be found here:

Why the double image? Again I can only speculate, but the 3d effect seems to rely on the image being a composite of two shots of the same object at slightly different angles. Outside of the desired field of view (30 degrees), a double image like this might result. There is also mention of an “annoying bright line” in the Army document, as well as attempts to use a “scattering liquid” which was not entirely successful, resulting in loss of the 3d effect:

The tracking and data-gathering components of the Blue Beam plan have turned out to have a strong basis in fact, as has a connection to Star trek. The infamous holographic light-show component also turns out to be feasible, and there are plenty of examples of various holographic techniques and technologies either in use or in development right now that would work well with a “Blue Beam” alien simulation.

Fog Projection Combined with Gestural Interface to Create “Hologram Touchscreen”

Princess Leia “Hologram” Vapor Display

“We present a new method to render aerial images using aerosol-based fog screens. Conventional fog screens are easily affected by air flow, and their fog generators occupy large areas. In this study, we propose to add new tradeoffs between the display time and the payloads. We employ aerosol distribution from off-the-shelf sprays as a fog screen that can resist wind and has high portability. Results showed that the minimum weight of the entire system is approximately 600 g including all components, the screen raise time is approximately 0.5 s, the disappearance time is approximately 0.4 s, and the maximum wind speed at which we can project images is approximately 10 m/s. We conducted user studies on wearable applications, aerial imaging with a drone or radio-controlled model car, multi-viewpoint display, and a display embedded in the environment. This study will contribute to the exploration of new application areas for fog displays, and will augment expressions of entertainment and interactivity.” (My emphasis)

Third and final part of this blog coming soon, thanks for reading!


Missed Part One?

Project Blue Beam: Still Crazy After All These Years?

MKULTRA: 40th Anniversary Of Freedom Of Information Revelation


“Project MKUltra” was the name given to an illegal program of human experimentation conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency, which investigated mind control. The 1975 Church Committee hearings exposed the operation – and on July 20, 1977 a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to it.

The origins of MKUltra lie in 1945, and Operation Paperclip — the secret transfer of top Nazi scientists to the US. Armed with extensive documentation on unethical Nazi human experimentation, including research into mind control, a clutch of military programs related to mental manipulation and behavioral modification were launched — including Projects CHATTER, BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE.

Headed by former chemist Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, MKUltra began in April 1953 on the orders of then-CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles.

Officially — albeit behind closed doors — the CIA claimed the program was pursued in response to perceived instances of mind control techniques employed by Chinese, North Korean and Soviet forces on Allied prisoners of war in the Korean War.

In truth, the agency wished to produce an optimal truth drug for use in interrogations, and explore possible uses for mind controlled subjects — including the control of foreign leaders, and assassination.

For the next 20 years, the CIA — in conjunction with the Special Operations Division of the US Army Chemical Corps — engaged in a panoply of illegal activities.

Most controversially, unwitting test subjects were subject to a number of techniques to manipulate their mental state and brain functions, including the administration of drugs such as LSD, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as a variety of torture techniques.

A 1955 document describing the substances used in the experiments gives some indication of the sheer scope of the project. This includes drugs that will; “promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public”; cause victims to age faster; recreate the effects of alcohol; emulate the symptoms of recognized diseases; induce temporary/permanent brain damage and loss of memory; produce amnesia of particular events; provoke shock and confusion over extended periods of time; create physical disablement (such as paralysis); alter personality structure; cause mental confusion; promote weakness or distortion of eyesight and hearing.

However, LSD came to dominate the program. Typically administered without informed consent to mental patients — a violation of the Nuremberg Code — prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes (“people who could not fight back” one CIA officer said) in order to study their reactions.

LSD was also administered to CIA employees, military personnel, doctors and other government agents.

In one case, the hallucinogenic drug was administered to a mental patient in Kentucky for 174 straight days.


In another, the CIA set up several brothels in San Francisco, California, dosed customers, and watched and filmed proceedings via one-way mirrors. Brothels were chosen as a surefire means of ensuring victims would not discuss their experience with others.

Most commonly however, test subjects were interrogated under bright lights while doctors took notes. It has been said being spiked with LSD became an “occupational hazard” for CIA agents during this time.

Several deaths reportedly resulted from these actions — most infamously, army scientist Dr. Frank Olson went into deep depression after being unwittingly dosed, later falling to his death from the thirteenth story window of New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania.

​While officially ruled a suicide, a 1994 autopsy concluded the circumstances of his death and state prior to the plunge were “rankly and starkly” suggestive of homicide.

Despite such travesties, Dr. Gottlieb continued on with LSD experiments, convinced its volatile nature in fact made it ideal for use in covert operations. As its effects were temporary, he theorized it could be given to high-ranking officials to affect the course of important meetings, speeches and the like.

LSD was eventually jettisoned by MKUltra’s research team for being too unpredictable — an alleged turning point was the secret dosing of an agent that sent the individual running across Washington, seeing monsters in every car he passed.

In any event, by 1962 the CIA and the army had developed a series of superhallucinogens, such as BZ  said to be 100 times more powerful than LSD.

The operation continued on until 1973, when CIA Director Richard Helms abruptly ordered all experiments halted, and all relevant files destroyed.

He was motivated by the Watergate scandal — fearing subsequent scrutiny of the US secret state’s activities, he wished to ensure any subsequent investigation of such clandestine CIA operations would be impossible.

Helms subsequently admitted to the existence of the program during the 1975 Church Committee investigation — although due to the bonfire of relevant documentation, the Committee could only base their investigation on the sworn testimony of participants.

Director of the CIA Richard Helms during meetings at the White House in Washington, DC.

Nonetheless, a 1977 a Freedom of Information Act request unearthed a cache of 20,000 documents relating to the project, which had been mistakenly filed in a financial records building. These documents were fully investigated in Senate Hearings later that year.

While the remaining documents largely recorded the program’s catastrophic failure, Miles Copeland — former CIA agent and father of Police drummer Stewart Copeland — subsequently suggested the tranche was but a “smokescreen” that offered “the barest glimpse” of the scope of the project.

Moreover, he suspected the project wasn’t genuinely terminated in 1973. It may well persist, in even more covert forms, to this very day.


Hat-Tip to Rose at the ConTrail for the heads-up!