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Tag: PBS

US News: TV/PBS outs the Illegality of the Federal Income Tax

The worm is turning. A PBS station aired the clip posted here. Gary Franci, spokesperson for Restore the Republic, which has got over 12,000 members now, is waking people up toimages21 the fact that the Federal Reserve, a private bank run by the elite FOR the elite, is destroying the American dollar.   Many wrongly assume that the Federal Reserve, which PM John Key worked for in 2000-01, is owned by government and working for the people, but it is evidently functioning to do quite the reverse and thus, many believe its illegal reign should be ended now. Aaron knoll2_deesRusso’s excellent documentary, ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ addresses this issue in detail.

(And did you see KBDI advertising the documentaries The Money Masters and Endgame! Wow!)

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