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Urgent! Health Freedom and Natural Solutions Under Attack!

This is the latest e-mail from  the Natural Solutions Foundation

April 20, 2009

Urgent! Health Freedom and Natural Solutions Under Attack!


This eblast is being sent as “plain text” instead of our usual attractive format in an attempt to reach you through the “spam filters” which are part of the continuing attacks on Health Freedom and the Natural Solutions Foundation.  We believe that live links MAY BE picked up by “spam filters” and keep you from getting the words, information and ideas that you need to protect your health freedom from health tyrants. You can read this Action eAlert with live links at: with live links, at:

You know that whenever we “push back” successfully against the forces which are attacking Health Freedom we experience heavy attacks on our organization, electronic, personal and otherwise. Every time our Online Ranking increases and our eAlert list grows, the attacks ratchet up and up.  Their purpose, of course, is to keep you from getting the information you need to protect you health freedom and your health.

Right now, the current attacks include:

1. Fraudulent Credit Card Charges and Associated Costs: Thousands of attempts each day – sometimes as many as 7000 per day!- to obtain small “charges” from our and Natural Solutions merchant account (please note that our service provider has been able to isolate these attacks and no one’s personal information has ever been at risk). Each one would cost us a nickle if we were not able to identify them successfully as fraudulent charges. Each one still has to be removed by hand, wasting time, of course, but at least we are not forced to pay $350 per day for this cyber attack.  The fact that this attack has continued for several weeks points to the growing success of our campaign to stop the false food safety bills threatening in Congress; those bills were “fast-tracked” but now appear to be at least temporarily halted thanks to the pressure tactics we have initiated.

2. Fraudulent Blocking of Health Freedom Action eAlerts by Spam Filters: Our emails are not spam. Every single person we email to has opted into our list.  Every email has an unsubscribe feature.  Period.  No organ enlargement or get-rich-quick schemes are offered. Every email receives a low “Spam Quotient” score.  Blocking by “spam filters” – even though you opted to join our Health Freedom Action eAlert system – is an electronic way to censor our message and prevent people who need – and want – it from getting it.  Natural Solutions Foundation is not the first, of course, to be censored under the guise of “protecting you” from information that would be incendiary or motivate you to action if you have it.  The main corporate “spam house” policing agency in Germany has a long history of attacking pro-freedom NGOs. If our previous emails have been blocked and this censorship is impacting your access to our emails, please add “” to your email “white list.”  The reason that we are not using our ordinary format and links throughout this email is to get it to as many people as possible and allow you to forward it with less censorship than ordinarily.

3. Imitators and Detractors: The proliferation of not-very-real (sic) “Health Freedom” groups that are little more than web sites established to gather money from people concerned with these issues. At the same time, various “poison pen” people out there continue to concoct strange (and false!) stories about us, but you can find out the real story at the “About Us” section of our web sites, and  In fact, you can also look at our “Accomplishments” page under the “About US” section of those websites and see that we are doing the heavy lifting, thanks to you!

We are the constant target of absurd lies and “revelations” which are total fabrications, but, interestingly, step up sharply in viciousness and intensity each time we do something different and get something new right.  How absurd is this: a former psychiatrist who lost her license because the State Board required her to get a psychiatric examination to determine if she were sane (she refused and lost her license) because of the extremely bizarre charges she was leveling against people with whom she was angry) has charged on her radio show and elsewhere that our wonderful chemical free Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee is poisoned with a mind control drug.

Aside from the fact that once I have sipped my first cup of it in the morning I HAVE a mind, this is, literally, insane.  But, as with everything else on the internet, it gets repeated as if it had some meaning.

We understand this sort of thing.  It is classical Disinformation 101 stuff. The ramped-up electronic attacks are a confirmation, in this case, that our intensive campaign, resulting in nearly a million emails to Congress and decision makers around the atrocious and freedom-and-food-fascism bills before Congress about Food “Safety” and Food” Security” have, apparently, been brought to a grinding halt, at least for the minute.

Imagine a speeding locomotive pulling 500 cars zooming down the tracks in your neighborhood.  You want it to stop so you walk out in front of it, plant your feet and hold your hand up toward the nose of the rushing onrush of steel and momentum.  The train slams into your palm, you are nearly flattened with the force of the train’s movement but you regain your equilibrium and continue to resist.

Slowly, grindingly, the force of the train is absorbed by your resistance.  And then, suddenly, the train is no longer moving!  You actually stopped the train with your resistance.

Well, the train in this case, the Farm Bills, has not given up its total momentum and come to a dead stop.  But it is having trouble continuing to make the rounds of Congress with all of the enormous opposition we have offered Monsanto and their corporate familiars.

No wonder they are using more means than before to stop us!  If you were trying to stop the Natural Solutions Foundation, wouldn’t you try everything you could think of, too/

But we are not stoppable!  Oh, if you have not taken the necessary Freedom Mouse ride to prevent these horrific bills from becoming law, please visit the link below this paragraph to make it clear, crystal clear, that laws which have the intended effect of removing farming from the capable hands of small, local farmers, and food production from everyone but the multinationals is not just unacceptable, it is unacceptable under our system of laws and values, whether or not the Boards of Big Agribiz like it.

Send your message here:

Beware the Health Freedom Vampires

Thank you! When we ask you to take action, you ride that Freedom Mouse hard.  Collectively, you have responded to the Natural Solutions Foundation’s requests to make Health Freedom a known quantity, an idea of significance.  That’s how “Health Freedom is Our First Freedom” became one of the Top Ten  social issues on and part of the new President’s Briefing Book on the official web site. Thank you!  Of course, when we tried to enlist other “Health Freedom” groups to seize that opportunity and join us in earning it an even higher ranking, our intelligence told us that they actually banded together to encourage voting AGAINST “Health Freedom Is Our First Freedom” which confirmed a lot of our suspicions about who was who and who was what.

None the less, we NEVER attack anyone – the other side does quite enough of that.  But there is now a new phenomenon which we need to work you about:

Health Freedom Vampires and Parasites

In fact, our collective success has been so significant that we now have parasites and blood suckers! There are a host of new “Health Freedom” organizations which claim to be doing something, going somewhere and having a purpose.

And if they are, God bless ’em. The Health Fascism Beast we are fighting is a hydra with many heads and the more organizations attacking it, to kill it by ‘the death of a thousand cuts’, the better. But the parasites among these organizations are, in fact, just blood suckers.

If they hold out lofty words without a meaningful plan, they are parasites who want your email address.

One of these new organizations, in fact, is run by a convicted felon who got into trouble, as we understand it, from doing just this sort of thing before.

Pretty banner, grand words, no plan, no action steps, just “spread the word” and, Shazaam, he’s got your email for whatever purposes he wants to use it, sell it, etc. We never sell or share or give away your personal information! Never.

Natural Solutions Foundation welcomes real groups and people into the fray – if that is what they are.  There is plenty for all of us to do, and we are not worried about either defending our turf or competing for resources, as other groups seem to be. (Which seems to be part of why they attack us.)

We believe that our consistent leadership (which gives others either guidance or something to copy, depending on your point of view) will always attract the kind of activism and enthusiasm which has made the Natural Solutions Foundation, in spite of consistent and constant disinformation and slander, the acknowledged leader in the battle for global health freedom in just 4.5 short years.

But we urge caution when you are asked to “support health freedom by buying our books” – and nothing else or by “spread the word” – and nothing else or by sending donations – and nothing else.

The problem here is the “nothing else” part. IF an organization is really fighting for your health freedom, they have plenty to tell you about that they are doing, and plenty for you to do.

So if these health freedom parasites transform themselves into real health freedom forces, because of what I am writing here, or the lack of response they are getting to their empty words, so much the better.

If not, beware, be vigilant and be active by making sure that you are getting the Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom Action eAlert and taking all the steps indicated.  And get active, please, by donating to the Natural Solutions Foundation.  All gifts are tax deductible for US tax payers.

Test Format to Defeat Spam Systems: This email is a test of our Action eAlert system. We have nearly a quarter of a million people on our Health Freedom Action eAlert system.  Once again, our intelligence suggests that not all of you are getting our emails.

We are attempting to see if a “plain text” email will get us through the spam filters and into your inboxes during this urgent campaign to stop Codex Food Fascism in its most recent incarnation, the (sic) “Food Safety” bills before Congress right now.

Please copy and paste the Action Items and links we list below into your internet browser so we can gauge the level of public response.

Here are the latest Action Items where we need your help (note: these are not set up as “active links” to avoid spam attacks, so you may need to copy and paste). And as always, please forward this message as widely as you can!

We have learned that some folks do not know how to copy and paste so we have included the following instructions to help them.  If you already know how to copy and paste, skip this section.

To copy, drag your mouse along the length of the link you want to copy while holding down your left mouse button. Then tell your computer to “copy” by a using a keyboard control [Ctrl C] or or by hitting “copy” under your “Edit” button.

Open a new browser tab or window (where you can paste the web address when you are ready).

Click your mouse in the new browser window and then either use the keyboard control to paste the address (or “URL”) there or go to the Edit menu and click “paste” [or Ctrl V].  After that, you will be able to click “go” and it will take you to where you will be able to carry out the action steps. We’ve also posted this eblast on our Health Freedom Blog, with live links: so all you have to do is cut and paste this one link.

Action Steps and Information:

1. Our Action Item telling Congress and the White House “NO!” to industrializing food production under the guise of fake “Food Safety” bills:

2. Read and share our important White Paper on the connection between Codex Alimentarius (the World Food Code) and (sic) “Food Safety:”

3. The latest information on our green Valley of the Moon(TM) Eco Demonstration Project in the beautiful, bountiful highlands of Panama:

Obama considers expanding Afghan security force to 400,000

4. You know we need your help to keep up the good fight. Please donate here:

The Epic Crime That Dares Not Speak Its Name

This has been a “plain text” eblast test to see if we can get through the spam filters; if you want to see one of our regular eblasts, we’ve posted the last blast, with very important information here:

And we have posted this one, with live links, at:


Maj. Gen. Albert (Bert) Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.), President and Trustee

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director and Trustee

Ralph Fucetola, JD, Counsel and Trustee

PS – for a listing of some of our accomplishments over the past years, please see:

River of cocaine


Manage eAlert subscription:

HealthFreedomUSA Provides Codex News And Asks If A Biological False Flag Event Could Be Planned For April 29

This is the latest dispatch from HealthFreedomUSA (5th of April 2009):

URGENT! In This Issue:

Food Fascism and Codex Alimentarius
The Link between HR 875 and the
New World Order

The General’s Communiqué

Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (U.S. Army Ret.)



URGENT: Congress MUST Act NOW to Protect You From Both Codex AND Food (sic) Safety (sic) Bills

Food, as the Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying for quite some time, is the central struggle for freedom and survival for each of us.  Today, in the US, as has already taken place in Europe, another battle around food and freedom has been joined through a set of bills ostensibly devoted to “Food Safety” (sic) and “Food Security” (sic) including HR 875, S 425, and the even more dangerous HR 759.

Internationally, certain US agencies, like the failed FDA and the dangerous USDA, continue to support restrictions on our freedoms to “HARMonize” us with the increasingly anti-health food restrictions of the EU, which embody, and even exceed, the madness of Codex.

The forces arrayed against us are enormous, but actually have significant weaknesses.  In times like these, times of war, it is critically important that we do not lose heart. Those forces want very much for us to believe that they are strong and we are hopelessly weak, that we are impotent to change their victory into ours.

In fact, our actions matter very much.  Just think about any struggle for freedom and you’ll see the parallel.  We are the freedom fighters, you and I. Your willingness, Mouse Warriors, to ride your computer mouses to send strong messages to decision makers will have an enormous impact IF there are enough of us.

No war has ever been won through defensive action.  We must be on the offensive at all times.  That is a fundamental Principle of War and a Principle of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  Your voices constitute  Mass, also an essential Principle of War.  More and more and more voices collectively give us power – so take the message viral.

If you’ve been a part of the Health Freedom Action eAlert Mouse Warrior Army for a while, you already know about the impact of our efforts. If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who have joined us us the past week or so (!), take a moment to look at our accomplishments page ( to see how we are fighting – and making headway – for Health Freedom.

This IS a war and we cannot rest on our laurels, no matter how satisfying they are, so TODAY, I NEED THE ARMY OF MOUSE WARRIORS – YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU -TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE AND OTHER DECISION MAKERS TO TELL THEM THAT NEITHER CONGRESS NOR THE US CODEX DELEGATES ARE ABOVE THE LAW – US LAW!  We are taking action in Europe, too, but the strategy is different there.  Read on.


Tell the Corporate-lobbied decision makers to read – AND ACT ON – our powerful new National Solutions White Paper – – calling on Congress to make REAL change, change that matters.


In this seminal White Paper, the Natural Solutions Foundation details precisely why Congress MUST intervene and mandate that the US Codex delegation finally adhere to US law and represent the interest of the people. IF they are supporters of the US Constitution, they have no choice but to do so. We notified the FDA in 2005 through our Citizens’ Petition to force that change.  The FDA did not comply with its legal obligation to respond to that Petition so now we are taking it to the US Congress which has a sworn obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution.

In this 20 page White Paper we explain to Congress and the President why Congress MUST enact strong assurances that our organic, home, family and small garden, farm and ranch enterprises will not be destroyed by the industrialized agriculture interests seeking to do so.  These Agribiz and Biotech giants poses a real threat to food safety, to health and to freedom.

Please act here and read on…

White Paper:

Time is short and real food security is of immense importance to us all.

It is time to demand REAL change: that Congress and the President change directions!


Legal Eagle
Ralph Fucetola JD


Foundation White Paper: “Health Freedom is Our First Freedom” Mandates No HARMonization with CODEX, Food Safety and Food Regulation

The critically important Natural Solutions Foundation White Paper ( addresses the urgent need for Congress to adopt strong assurances that American access to nutrition which is:

  • Clean
  • Unadulterated
  • Biologically effective
  • Health-promoting
  • Wholesome

and which will not be compromised by “HARMonization” of new Federal food safety laws (including HR 875, 759, S. 425, etc.) with domestic or international rules, regulations or standards.  These international rules, such as the Guidelines and Standards ratified and promulgated by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (the World Food Code), often violate US or other national law, but are instituted anyway…

Read more of this article:

Read the entire White Paper here ( and take a moment to send Congress a strong message about this requirement right now if you haven’t done so yet.  Click here:

And please remember…

Read more of this article:



Video Reports on NSF-Europe

You know that General Bert and I were in Europe during  February and March this year.  We learned a great deal, including the fact that the EU politicians are hell-bent-for-leather to do the same thing that the Food Security (sic) and Safety (sic) laws are attempting to do here.  They already are in the process of a total loss of all supplements of a high enough dose to do any good and have lost most types of supplements by now.  The situation is grim enough for people to be ready to act.

We have created a new focus to our activity: Natural Solutions Foundation -Europe.

Watch a report with one of our outstanding European allies, Alex Benesch,, and me, as we fill you in on what we are up to in Europe:

Watch NSF-E Report here ( or at

Let your European friends and collegues know about us.  We’ll be taking on vital issues like keeping the EU GMO free.  Interested?  Join the NSF-E forum at

And here is the lecture that Gen. Bert and I presented at the Anti Censorship Conference in Chur, Switzerland, to more than 2000 people on a cold and snowy day in February, 2009.  The first 5 minutes are an introduction (and a very nice one, by the way) in German. After that, it’s in English:



Biological False Flag Event on April 29?  Will FEMA Use Exercise to Mask Release of Weaponized Avian Flu?

I want what I am about to share with you to be wrong.  I want the intense preparation we are receiving to make a Pandemic seem inevitable, even normal, to be nothing more than officialdom gone idiotic. I want the widespread publicity which our blasts bring to information like this to exert enough push-back to make this horrific event, if it is planned, be cancelled.

But the recent apparent failed attempt through Baxter to create an Avian Flu Pandemic AND a market for its almost-approved Avian Flu vaccine in Europe makes it look very much like the Powers That Be (PTB) are really serious about killing off a whole lot of us while receiving humongus amounts of money for the priviledge of doing so.

Read more of this urgent article…

Major false flag events like 9/11, the London Bombings and the Madrid Bombing were all accompanied by “Security Training Exercises” which paralleled the real events …

So when we learned that FEMA has scheduled an Avian Flu outbreak exercise on April 29th in Akron OH

Read more of this urgent article…

…and a biological false flag attack was forestalled in September of 2008.

We may never know for sure but please, God, please keep us protected enough to be wrong forever on this kind of genocidal event.


Kathy’s Corner

Growing Your Own IS a Natural Solution

Many folks have written to us asking about Heritage/Heirloom seed sources (these are seeds that provide new seeds, year after year, at harvest’s end). Hybrids do not always breed true, so you are dependent on companies to keep supplying you with your seeds. Heirloom seeds, on the other hand, are open pollinated, so their DNA in next year’s plants is the way it it was in last year’s, and in your grandmother’s garden, as well.

You may already know that Gen. Bert and Dr. Rima are in Panama creating the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project ( in the beautiful, bountiful, temperate Highlands of Panama right now.  They are not only creating a Beyond Organic BioDynamic Zero Emissions™ Farm and Farm School for farmers, they are also creating a training program in Intensive Urban Agriculture for non-farmers like most of you – and me!

This weekend, you’ll receive in your in-box Dr. Rima’s first photgraphic essay, Growing Our Own, Step 1″ on her early steps in the same process most of us will go through when we begin to grow our own. Some lucky souls out there already grow their own- we hope you’ll join us in sharing wisdom and experience in our new newsletter (now in development) for people like us who want to grow our own – despite what the Agribiz and Biotech dominators out there want!

You’ll probably also want a library to help you out, too.  There are dozens and dozens of books available …

To read this entire article, with important information for you:

For those who want to learn more or share knowledge with others, we have created a food person and gardener’s chat. Go to our Food and Farming Forum to sign on:

And to make sure we let you know when the first issue of the Grow Your Own Newsletter is ready, please click here:

May both your thumbs turn green!

Yours in health and freedom,

Kathy Greene



Want to Know What’s Happening At Codex?  So Do We!

Nobody gives you better information about Codex and no other health freedom group has the kind of impact that we do at Codex.

The next significant Codex meeting (there’s at least one a week, all year long), will be in Calgary, Canada from May 4 – May 8, 2009. The 37th Codex Committee on Food Labeling will be deliberating several items which have direct bearing on your health and the environment.  First of all, the battle rages between the Pro Health countries and the US and its minions about whether to, or how, to implement the WHO Global Strategy on Diet,Physical Activity and Health.  This document could, if properly used, enhance the world’s health.  Tragically, Dr. Rolf Grossklaus (of the Codex Committee on Nutrition) and the US have led the fight against it. Their agenda is clearly NOT health.

Next, guidelines for the production, processing, labeling and marketing or organic foods will be on the docket.  This will be a battle about whether the US will be allowed to weaken organic standards yet more.

And then there is the labeling of foods which are genetically modified.  The US is trying to force down the world’s throat, quite literally, the concept that it shoudl be FORBIDDEN to label GMOs.  The rest of the world is not very happy with this assault on truth and consumer protection.  But that’s what Big Biotech has managed for itself in the US and it wants the same, despite crop failures and major health hazards emerging.

So who is going to make video reports, do radio interviews, write daily updates and fill you in on what’s going on there if we are not there for you?  No one.

Take a look at the calendar: if you want us there for you, it is time to make your donation, large or small, to send us there.

Click here ( to make that donation now.  If you are a US tax payer, it is fully tax deductible.

And thanks!


Dr. Rima Recommends

Rima E. Laibow MD

European Alert: Vitamin E Attacked

Our friends at asked us to pass this important story, because the intent of the globalists who want to control your body, and ensure that you are ill, in a profitable way, have the same thing in mind for everyone in the world that they are now implementing in Europe:

“A new Japanese study suggests that tocotrienols which is part of the vitamin E ‘family’ of nutrients, exert their anti-cancer benefits through their accumulation in cancer cells. In fact the Japanese study shows that accumulation in tumour cells is critical for the anti cancer activity of tocotrienols.

This is VERY important because the EU Food Supplements Directive, passed into law in 2002 and upheld by the European Court of Justice in 2005, will implement the first phase of the directive later this year and physically remove nearly two thirds of currently available vitamin supplement substances from the shelves throughout Europe. And yes, you’ve probably guessed it, that removal includes nearly the entire spectrum of natural vitamin E ‘family of nutrients,’ including gamma tocopherols and these very same tocotrienols. But hold on, because of earlier trade agreements signed by Canadian and U.S., Codex will eventually create the same problem for domestic manufacturing and sales even in non-European countries.

To read the rest of this article, please click here:

Natural Solutions Green Portal
and Nano Silver…


Introducing the Natural Solutions Green Portal! You already know that Natural Solutions Foundation is “More than just words….” Now it’s about supporting your needs when you shop and our Foundation, all at the same time.

You buy things.  Why not have each purchase put a small donation – automatically, at no added charge to you, in our coffers at the same time?  Great idea, right?  here’s how:

Watch my short video about the Green Portal:

I want what I am about to share with you to be wrong.  I want the intense preparation we are receiving to make a Pandemic seem inevitable, even normal, to be nothing more than officialdom gone idiotic. I want the widespread publicity which our blasts bring to information like this to exert enough push-back to make this horrific event, if it is planned, be cancelled.

But the recent apparent failed attempt through Baxter to create an Avian Flu Pandemic AND a market for its almost-approved Avian Flu vaccine in Europe makes it look very much like the Powers That Be (PTB) are really serious about killing off a whole lot of us while receiving humongus amounts of money for the priviledge of doing so.

Read more of this urgent article…

Major false flag events like 9/11, the London Bombings and the Madrid Bombing were all accompanied by “Security Training Exercises” which paralleled the real events …

So when we learned that FEMA has scheduled an Avian Flu outbreak exercise on April 29th in Akron OH

Read more of this urgent article…

…and a biological false flag attack was forestalled in September of 2008.

We may never know for sure but please, God, please keep us protected enough to be wrong forever on this kind of genocidal event.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission will meet in Geneva from June 30-July 4

June 16, 2008


Please take the time to read this long, and very important Health Freedom eAlert

To Subscribe to Health Freedom Alerts Click here

In this eAlert:

1. Codex meeting in Geneva
2. Weaponizing Food

3. Moma Bear goes to Codex

4. "Darth" Codex

5. GM Foods fit Codex to a "T"

6. NY Compulsory Vaccination Threat

7. What’s the Answer? YOU are!

8. Natural Solution: Sustainability

Click ( ) to make your tax deductible donation to cover airfare, hotel, food, etc.  We’ll be there to tell you what is really happening there: not the official story and not the white-washed story.

In fact, we will be reporting live from Geneva to let you know the real facts on who, and what, is impacting your food and your health.  We will be talking with Alex Jones’ and Jeff Rense live from Geneva.  Check out their schedules to hear these updates.

Early in June, General Stubblebine and I did two shows with Alex Jones on susccessvie days and a two hour show with Jeff Rense.  They don’t pull any punches, and neither do we.

But you already know that if you’ve been a subscriber to the Health Freedom eAlert for several months or more. You know that Codex is an international commission created at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry…

To read the rest of this eAlert, please go to:

Our latest eAlert was too long for the system we use to communicate with the subscribers, so here is the full eAlert (only a summary was emailed to the list)… Not only do the threats "never sleep" but there are so many about which we need to tell you, that we have to ask you to please read this entire important message!

Some of the important links in the main body of this eAlert include:

1. Vaccine Exemption eBook:

2. Message from Kathy Greene about Community Organizing and the new Community Organizer’s eManual:

3. International Decade of Nutrition and the Panama Demonstration Project:

To read the rest of this eAlert, please go to:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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