Originally a wartime propaganda piece, I can perceive numerous reasons to reintroduce this short animated piece! Alternative viewing on Bitchute: Chicken Little 1943 (bitchute.com) Martin comments: The presenter wonders of this is really suitable for kids? I say “absolutely”, Teach our kids how to discern propaganda and deception and think […]

Oh, the irony! I’m sure it’s lost on the Disney execs, but Lucas would get the irony of the symbols of Police State tyranny and oppression in the Star Wars galaxy acting as ‘fun police’ in America’s favorite amusement park. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/star-wars-stormtroopers-disney-springs-social-distancing

Through disturbing symbolism, the video “In My Bed” by Disney star Sabrina Carpenter is a blatant celebration of MKULTRA and the sick culture of the occult elite By Vigilant Citizen on August 17, 2019 Sabrina Carpenter is one of the many child stars who grew inside the Disney system who […]

The same company that claimed it fired Roseanne Barr for “racist” Tweets, has a history of hiring convicted pedophiles and giving them access to children. By Jack Burns – June 1, 2018 The cancellation of the series “Roseanne,” and the public firing of Roseanne Barr have created a media firestorm, […]

Personally I feel sorry for all those workers behind the scenes on “Roseanne” who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I suspect that this whole cancellation deal could have been engineered in order to sabotage a family oriented “blue collar” show. Here’s Mark Dice’s take on the […]

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