Please send this video to the Department of Defense (DoD). The NOAA weather satellite (goes 16 and 17) are both showing military locations of facilities, troops, and even ships / subs in the ocean! Not good. This video is rated PG13 for slight language. I tried telling everyone in […]

Without fanfare, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US) recently published a weather modification reporting document. See for yourself what is listed therein! Much thanks to Dutchsinse for the heads-up on this find. Dutchsinse reports: “In case you didn’t hear the news, NOAA admitted that electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) can […]

Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden has passed away, and his website has been deactivated, or taken down! His company, energetic productions, sent this DVD to me directly, unsolicited, with a hand written note: “Michael, Wasn’t sure if you had seen THIS ONE of Tom’s—- Tahri Energetic Productions 1988 lecture about Russian […]