The following blog was originally published in January. Six months, one pandemic lockdown and subsequent riots and protests later, it has acquired fresh relevance. It is the author’s opinion that the George Floyd incident was the trigger that pushed the narrative into it’s next phase. This doesn’t mean I think […]

Since both Cameron and May are Deep State fronting Remainers, They handed the file to Corbyn in 2017, after destroying the Conservative ability to deliver Brexit. On the basis that Brexit had to somehow be approved after the Referendum result. Which is a lie. by G Squared 16/11/19 Westminster has no authority […]

“A new, if unclear, path” reports the Washington Post. Therein lies the problem. Surely before embarking on a direction, one has a plan? What’s the deal? Or perhaps there’s a “plan” that isn’t being shared with us. In which case it is a conspiracy. Perhaps the “plan” (or conspiracy) depends […]

Syria missile strikes: based on what evidence? Open letter to EU boss, Jean-Claude Juncker: yes, break up the US by Jon Rappoport May 24, 2018 “There is a line that governments cross. When they reach a certain size, and when they are exerting enough control, they turn around and tell […]

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