Absurdity beyond belief. This is madness. I’m off for a spot of cycling. Hope the cop-chopper doesn’t follow me! MH (And note that one can leave one’s home once per day, which means choosing between exercise or a trip to get essential groceries). Received from Pam Vernon at EWR: from […]

Seemingly a uniquely French phenomenon: The burning of Notre Dame just the tip of the iceberg as anti-Christian groups and Satanists desecrate and vandalize places of Christian worship. Jeanne Smits – Life Site News July 17, 2019 French churches have been targeted by various anti-Christian groups for some time now. […]

Earthquakes struck today at opposite (antipodean) global locations, both in areas not accustomed to strong seismic activity: France and Western Australia. By Martin Harris 21/6/19 http://ds.iris.edu/seismon/? Coincidence? There is actually data to suggest that large earthquakes can “telegraph” to mirror events within 30 degrees of their antipodean (as is the […]

A group of French cattle farmers is suing the state over the mysterious death of hundreds of cows, which they believe are the victims of harmful electromagnetic fields. Henry SamuelTelegraphFri, 26 Apr 2019 Local vets are at a loss to explain the deaths. Stéphane Le Béchec, 51, a Breton farmer […]

You’ve all seen the dramatic images on mainstream media. The magnificent and world famous Notre Dame cathedral disintegrating in a hellish inferno. For this author, it all echoes of the destruction by earthquake of so many churches here in Christchurch, especially the iconic Anglican Cathedral. By Martin Harris 16/4/19 Was […]

A study claims that up to a quarter of the French population not only believe in a conspiracy of “elites” but also think those same elites are using mass migration to replace European populations. Chris Tomlinson – Breibart.com Feb 7, 2019 The study, released by Jean-Jaurès Foundation and Conspiracy Watch, is […]

France, one of Europe’s two nuclear powers, said on Tuesday that it had fired a nuclear-capable missile from a fighter jet, while the US and Russia feud over the death of a nuclear treaty that saw Europe purged of most of its weapons of mass destruction during the hair-triggered days […]

Is this another sign that the NWO is close at hand? The Daily Star reports “EU” armoured vehicles at the scene of French Yellow Jacket protests! Rachel O’Donoghue – The Daily Star Dec 8, 2018 Riots have been raging across the city for the last few weeks as anger about […]

95 per cent of speed cameras in one area of France have been completely destroyed as part of the ‘yellow vest’ anti-government protest movement. By Paul Joseph Watson on December 8, 2018 According to Le Point, almost all speed cameras in Puy-de-Dôme, a region in central France, have been taped […]

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