An easy to understand explanation and answers to FAQ about HAARP for Newbies and the Technically Challenged. Part One of a two part blog. by Martin Harris When coffee table discussions turn to “conspiracy theories”, there are always a “top three” that that folk want to discuss: Aliens (Roswell; Area […]

A very handy resource shows the surprising proliferation of human artificially triggered or generated earthquakes around the world. While you will not find anything as controversial as HAARP or Scalar Weapons mentioned here, there are a surprising number listed as having been caused by “research”! (Sure hope my research isn’t […]

China is reportedly in the process of creating three “artificial moons” that would light up the south-western city of Chengdu, saving $240 million in annual electricity costs. 18 October 2018 China is reportedly in the process of creating an “artificial moon” that would be bright enough to replace the streetlights […]

Here’s a few samples of the insane weather battering the globe right now.,44.89,271/loc=-42.692,4.561 It’s FEROCIOUS Friday! Storm Callum brings travel chaos with flights, trains and ferries CANCELLED on Eugenie’s big day as 70mph gales and torrential rain pound UK -Storm will bring 6.3in (160mm) of rain to south Wales […]

A new technology in which insects are used to genetically modify crops could be converted into a dangerous, and possibly illegal, bioweapon, alleges a Science Policy Forum report released today. Naturally, the organization leading the research says it’s doing nothing of the sort. by George Dvorsky, Gizmodo The report is […]

384 dead at the time of posting this info. Tragic. An initial tsunami warning was lifted following the 7.5 mag, 10km depth ‘quake: Big mistake. Nothing learned from 2004? Indonesian earthquake: At least 384 killed after 7.5 magnitude quake causes tsunami …a picture that needs no words… […]

This is practically a planet-wide alert, don’t be caught napping! Don’t panic, just be prepared. Pack of clothes, torch, some basic supplies. I’ve been there so I know. Martin I’ll let Dutchsinse do the talking: Thanks Rose for the alert and link UPDATE 10/9/18 6.9 Kermedec plus several shallow […]

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