Prefer facts to Political Correctness? Try this: Paul Craig Robertspaulcraigroberts.orgTue, 12 Mar 2019 Things that used to be true before political correctness set in: More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States Before sending ignorant hate mail, consider these Wikipedia […]

As I write this, it’s Thursday the 12th. Quite a significant number, 12. 12 witches in a coven, 12 Apostles. For UFO enthusiasts, there’s MJ12 (Majic 12). Here’s some more examples: Meaning of the Number 12 In fact once one gets into multiples of 12, such as 12×12 (144) it […]

Great documentary. well narrated. Must watch! Disclosed TruthTV Published on May 31, 2018 Our history is not what we think! Over the past few thousand years, someone or something has warped our own history. Our versions of the past has been mistranslated, changed, altered, and skewed to fit someone […]

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